Spring is approaching in the Northern hemisphere and things are beginning to thaw. Out from winter, we expects things will grow out from the ground. Of the them is Apple products from the Steve Jobs Theather in Cupertino. Historically, Apple does not send out invitations until 1 week before the event happens. You’ll get more hint based on the event card that Apple send out. But since there’s no card at press time, here are the rumors that are circulating:-

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New M1 chip

The M1 which was released on Nov 2020 only updated the lowest end of the Mac and MacBook line up. Those Macs was basically a field experiment to test the validity of the new M-series platform. Reviews have been raving and minds has been blown and now we can’t wait what’s cooking next.

The next M1 chip is rumored to be named M1X. Cpu-monkey has published supposedly benchmark of the new Chip which suppose to feature 12-cores (instead of 8) and double amount of cores for graphic based on the number of execution unit. The RAM support suppose to be doubled to 32GB instead of 64GB but we know Hynixx, the supplier for the current M1 chip also has 32GB module potentially allow memory support up to 64GB. This new M1X chip will power the new redesigned devices that Apple supposely will launch.

New iMac

Alleged new iMacs leaked by Jon Prosser

The rumor that is circulating around that the iMac will be redesigned featuring the new M1X chip. The current designs was first released in 2012 with screen and internals periodically updated throughout the years. The rumors that is circulating is that the new iMac will better match the Apple Display Retina XDR styling suggesting that it will be more blocky instead of chamfered like the current design.

Another rumor suggesting that the iMac will for the first time since the original iMac launch back in 1998 will feature new sets of colors for the iMac.

New MacBook Pro

The other rumor that is going on that the next MacBook Pro will be released as a new design instead of on the current platform which was introduced in 2016. The current one has gone a few revision such as the keyboard has been replaced and the introduction of the escape key. The new model is expected to fix the complaints about the current MacBook design such as the keyboard, deletion of ports and MagSafe and the introduction of Touch Bar. Some rumor sites said that some the new form factor will introduce 16″ and 14″ MacBook Pros.

The rumor that is going on with the New MacBook Pro is that it will reintroduce MagSafe connector, HDMI port and SD card reader. The MagSafe has made a comeback as a induction charger surrounded by magnets. Do expect the new magsafe will be charge using induction tech also.

New Mac Mini

The first wave of Mac Updates only updates the lower end version of the Mac Mini. The silver colored Mac Mini while letting the higher end space gray Mac Mini intact. Analyst expects that the Mac Mini will be updated with the new M1X chip that is featured in the new iMac and MacBooks Pros. There is no rumors that the new Mac Mini will be in a new form factor.

Other rumors

AirTags - Apple’s tagging solution has come and go. There are rumors that Apple is working on a tags which allows the tags to be tracked by Apple other devices. Apple manuvers indicate there is some truth to this rumors. The app ‘Find My iPhone’ has been renamed to ‘Find My’. U1 chip has been introduced in iPhone 11 which allow to detect nearby devices that hold the same U1 chip. Competitors has jumped on this rumors and launched their own tagging solution such as the Galaxy SmartTag.

Mac Pro Mini - There’s the rumor that Apple will introduce a new Mac Pro that sits between the current Mac Pro and the iMac. It will have the same design ques of the current Mac Pro but will be in shorter height and less ports.

iPad Pro - there’s rumors about the iPad Pro will be updated with the M1 chip to bring the performance levels higher than ever before. Currently, all iPad uses A-series chip which the iPad Pro is a modified version of the base A-series chip that is used on the iPhone line. Usually it the same chip but with more graphic cores and higher RAM support. Currently, the M1 is running on a fanless chassis just like the iPad Pro on the MacBook Air and the results has been impressive. So Apple should have no issue in handling the heat generated by the M1 chip in a iPad Pro chassis.


With the introduction of M-series chip in Nov 2020, all eyes on Apple to update their higher end models. I for one is excited to see what Apple will bring to the table in 2021. Hopefully 2021 will be the year of recovery and healing.


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