I’ve worked in corporate environment in IT sector for almost 15 years. I was what they called jack-of-all-trades. The database administrator, system engineer, network troubleshoot guy, customer relationship manager and the software developer that make custom solution. After 15 years, decided to free-lance myself and see how far I can go.

So one thing I’ve notice that computers are getting faster and faster than what we humans can keep up. However, the experience and usage of is what I’ve think is not optimized. A lot of features is buried underneath layers of menus and config file and here I’m helping you to show how we can get the best out of our devices.

The computing and digital world is like fashion: it changes everyday. Thing changes everyday that it is sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes. I’m here to help see that you, dear reader, is aware of the changes and make the most of out it.