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Apple M2 vs Intel Core i9 12th Generation

Can Apple repeat the feat of introducing the basic SOC that can beat the Intel flagship?

Apple M2 vs Intel Core i9 12th Generation

Can Apple repeat the feat of introducing the basic SOC that can beat the Intel flagship?

Apple M2 vs Apple M1: Deep Dive And the Battle of the Apple Silicon

The first Apple Silicon, the M1, smashed the idea that you can only choose between excellent power consumption or good performance. Can the M2 be revolutionary? A deep dive on the new M2 SOC

Macbook Air M2

Apple has updated the best laptop in the world. Meet the new 2022 MacBook Air running on the new M2 SOC

WWDC 2022 Recap

Dub-Dub DC 2022 brings a lot of things on the table from new hardware to major ecosystem updates. Let’s unpack things together.

Microsoft ARM Efforts

During Build 2022, Microsoft unveiled Project Volterra, a Mac Mini-like desktop that targeted on developers with one key difference: it runs an ARM processor from Qualcomm instead of X86 from Intel

WWDC 2022 Preview

WorldWide Developers Conference is coming in early June as always. This year’s theme would be ‘Swiftly Approaching’. Take take a sneak peek of what we expect will come out of WWDC 2022.

Google I/O 2022 Recap

Every year, Google hosts Google I/O as a showcase of what is coming from Google. It's an hour-long feast on Google accomplishment so far in 2022 and what is coming for the rest of the year.

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Apple in 2022

2021 was a time where a lot of things happens, and a lot of things didn't happen. We chronicle Apple moments in 2021

Apple 2022 Product Roadmap

2021 went by very fast for most of us, and as the year going into the end game, we take a look behind and see what's in front of us.

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Shopping Apple Devices and others on a Budget

If you are reading the news in the United States in mid 2020, there is a lot to be concerned about: high-inflation which leads to high prices. There’s a war on the edge of Europe which allegedly makes gas prices higher, which in turn leads to higher prices of goods. Businesses are laying off people to cut costs. However, in any crisis like this recession, there are a lot of opportunities.

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Apple Self Service Repair Review

In 2021, in the face of the right-to-repair movement that is gaining momentum in the USA and around the world, Apple announced that they will introduce self-service sometime next year. Now, it’s 2022, and right on the heels of Earth Day, Apple finally but quietly announced the Self Service Repair program without much further ado. But, what it is that Apple has actually announced and what devices that Apple covers in the Self Service Repair (SSR) program?

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AirPods Lineup

AirPods is a series of smart wireless bluetooth earphones or headphones made by Apple. First launched in September 2017 together with the iPhone 7 as a companion product. There were skeptics about the quality and usefulness of the AirPods in the beginning but all doubts were erased when the AirPods became a runaway success. Today, wearables which includes Apple Watch, HomePods and Airpods contribute around $38 billion to Apple’s bottom line in 2021.

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Mac Studio Compared: M1 Ultra vs M1 Max

The M1 Ultra, to date, represents the pinnacle of Apple’s effort to carve their own way in the chips department for the Macs, vis-a-vis Apple Silicon. But the barrier for entry is quite high at the moment. The M1 Ultra is only available for their desktop offering with a “base” level specs that sets you back for $4,000. The Mac Studio however, has a cheaper version that features the binned version of the M1 Max, starting at only half the price.

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