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WWDC 2023 Prediction & Recap

Based on pre-event announcements and what the rumors are saying, this year's World Wide Developers Conference could be the most groundbreaking yet from Apple.

WWDC 2023 Prediction & Recap

Based on pre-event announcements and what the rumors are saying, this year's World Wide Developers Conference could be the most groundbreaking yet from Apple.

Final Cut Pro: macOS vs iPadOS Versions

Apple finally release Final Cut Pro for the iPadOS. Here's what we know the difference between the macOS version that people love (and hate) and the iPadOS version

Safari Preferences and Settings Customize Your Browsing Experience

How to make your browsing experience on Safari for macOS better by customizing it

European Unions' Digital Services Act vs The Apple App Store

EU's new law is designed to reign in what tech giants like Apple can do with your data. Here's a closer look at how it will impact your digital lives.

Macbook Air vs Dell Xps 13

Business Executive Laptops Compared: MacBook Air vs Dell XPS 13 / 13 Plus

Roadwarrior's battle: Macbook Air M2 vs Lenovo T14

Ultra-light yet powerful laptop is the road warrior's best friend. We compare arguably the best road warrior laptops from the Mac and Windows world.

Cloning Your External Drive in macOS

A small guide on how to clone your external storage to another storage and expand the volume on the new storage to use all the capacity of the new storage.

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Apple in 2023

Tracking of Apple movements and reactions in 2023. This article is updated weekly and will get longer as the year progresses.

Apple 2023 Product RoadMap

2022 was a banner year for Apple despite massive tech layoffs and talk of economic recession in the US. Here's what we can expect from Apple in 2023.

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Apple Silicon Evolution (vs Intel Core i9) over the years

Apple came a long way from a simple chip that powers the first iPad. Here a general look how Apple Silicon fare over the years

Apple smartphone chips vs Qualcomm over the years

The 8th wonder of the modern world is the development of the powerful smartphone System-On-a-Chip (SOC). We track the development of Apple’s A-series SOC which is consistently on the bleeding edge and compare them to their biggest competitor, Qualcomm’s SnapDragon.

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AGI Explained: Artificial General Intelligence Explained and why pursue it despite the Risks.

OpenAI created a big buzz by releasing ChatGPT to the world, an automated chatbot that gives a very convincing answer. Some argued that this is the beginning where things take off exponentially and we finally will get the holy grail: Artificial General Intelligence. But what is Artificial General Intelligence or AGI and why some experts are afraid of the potentially deadly consequences of AGI on society, nations, and the human race?

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Will Apple Reality Pro Made It? Apple's next product explained

Apple recently announced that the World Wide Developers Conference, an annual event where Apple showcases new software features to be held between June 5 to 9, 2023 at Apple Park. What is intriguing is the poster that is accompanied by the announcement. Yes, usually there’s no correlation between what is announced at the event itself versus what is implied by the poster promoting the said event. But looking at the poster itself will make people speculate a lot about what Apple is going to unveil: new Virtual Reality Glasses.

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Why cPanel Is Best Control Panel for Your Website

When you become a website owner, the work with your website is not limited by its mere creating and uploading to your web hosting server. Instead, there are many more things to solve and much work to do. For this reason, there are various applications that can help you in this regard, a popular one of which is the cPanel control panel. In the following, we are going to look at the advantages of cPanel VPS and why it’s the best control panel for your website.

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Should You Get the Macbook Pro M2?

When Apple introduced M2 SOC sometime in mid-2022, it was introduced in their two best-selling laptops: the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air was updated with an all-new design and introduced new technologies. The MacBook Pro, meanwhile, basically had the same design from 2016 and except for the internals, nothing is changed. So why Apple is still selling the MacBook Pro M2 with a price difference of $100 against the MacBook Air?

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