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Apple Watch Ultra

Apple newest product that caters for the humans who are pushing the edge of what is possible.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple newest product that caters for the humans who are pushing the edge of what is possible.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro: in-depth review

Exploring in-depth about the brand spanking new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro and how it stack up with previous iterations.

Apple September 2022 Event Recap

Apple's biggest event of the year has come. It was a whirlwind tour and now the dust has settled, we will see what's in store for us in the near future: iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8 (with Pro), new AirPods Pro, and others

It is worth it? Buying a Used iPhone 12

With iPhone 14 on the horizon in a few days, is buying a used iPhone 12 a good idea? We show you the many ways why a used iPhone 12 is still relevent in 2022

Apple September 2022 Event Preview

Eyes on the world when Apple hosts its most important event of the year: the September Event. Here’s what to expect from the fruit company just in time for the holidays.

Macbook Air M2 vs Base Macbook Pro M1 Pro

A decent MacBook Air M2 config is $1,600. How does it stack up against the base 14-inch MacBook Pro M1 Pro?

Battle of the MacBook Air: 2022 M2 vs 2020 M1

Apple updated the MacBook Air with the M2 but still selling the M1 MacBook Air. Is the 2020 model still worth it?

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Apple in 2022

2021 was a time where a lot of things happens, and a lot of things didn't happen. We chronicle Apple moments in 2021

Apple 2022 Product Roadmap

2021 went by very fast for most of us, and as the year going into the end game, we take a look behind and see what's in front of us.

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Apple M2 vs 12th Generation Intel i7 and i5 HX

Apple Silicon basically comes in two flavors. The first, the will get everyone excited is the professional version. This is the one that Apple puts on the MacBook Pro, the Mac Studio and one day, the Mac Pro. The one with the most I/O, the best graphic card and usually put in the best Macs Apple offers. The other is the “consumer” Apple Silicon. This is where Apple put in the MacBook Air and the iPad Pro.

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M2 Macbook Air vs M2 Macbook Pro

Apple is a company not only known for technological innovation and design, but also known for making controversial choices. The insistence of the lighting port when everyone is going USB-C, the deletion of the headphone jack, new computers that do not come with USB-A ports and new devices that do not come with power adapters. However, the most recent controversial design Apple made in recent memory is introducing the new M2 MacBook Pro with the exact same design and price and the unveiling of the new M2 MacBook Air with pricing difference of just $100, a minuscule sum in the greater scheme of things.

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Apple M2 vs Apple M1 Pro: Newer is better?

When Apple unveiled a completely redesigned MacBook Pro in 2022, it also unveiled a brand new SOC dubbed the M1 Pro and M1 Max. There were a few differences between those two “professional” SOC, but they are the most powerful laptop chip that Apple had at the time. The redesigned MacBook Pro debuts the M1 Pro and also M1 Max Apple recently unveiled the 2nd generation Apple Silicon creatively named M2 together with a redesigned MacBook Air and a repurposed MacBook Pro.

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Apple M2 vs Intel Core i9 12th Generation

When Apple announced in WWDC 2020 that they are moving away from Intel to their own solution called Apple Silicon, there were doubters about how good the new chips will be. Sure, the iPhone and iPads are pretty good, but to take on the master at their own game, which is Intel in laptops and desktops, that is a tall order. M1 came and actually “beat” the flagship at that time, the Core i9-10900HK which surprised the industry.

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