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WWDC 2022 Preview

WorldWide Developers Conference is coming in early June as always. This year’s theme would be ‘Swiftly Approaching’. Take take a sneak peek of what we expect will come out of WWDC 2022.

WWDC 2022 Preview

WorldWide Developers Conference is coming in early June as always. This year’s theme would be ‘Swiftly Approaching’. Take take a sneak peek of what we expect will come out of WWDC 2022.

Google I/O 2022 Recap

Every year, Google hosts Google I/O as a showcase of what is coming from Google. It's an hour-long feast on Google accomplishment so far in 2022 and what is coming for the rest of the year.

Shopping Apple Devices and others on a Budget

Recessions are hitting hard in the near future. This means budgets are tightening, pockets are shallower. However, this also means companies are giving discounts at unbelievable rates.

Apple Self Service Repair Review

Apple has finally launched the Self Service Repair program that was promised since 2021. Is it good enough to please the Right-To-Repair advocates? Is the program actually beneficial to consumers?

AirPods Lineup

When first launched, the AirPods are meant with skepticism and ridicule. Today, it is a runaway hit and seals the deal that Apple is no longer a computer company or a smartphone company, but a lifestyle company. We dig down in detail about the AirPods current lineup and what the future may hold.

Mac Studio Compared: M1 Ultra vs M1 Max

The M1 Ultra is currently the most powerful Apple Silicon on the market and commands a premium of up to $2000 over the base Mac Studio. Is the extra power worth it for your use?

Mac Studio vs Macbook Pro

Apple has put the professional desktop and laptop Macs at the same price. We investigate what you will lose or gain from choosing each base setup. We were surprised by the change of value dynamics when we moved up a tier on each line.

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Apple in 2022

2021 was a time where a lot of things happens, and a lot of things didn't happen. We chronicle Apple moments in 2021

Apple 2022 Product Roadmap

2021 went by very fast for most of us, and as the year going into the end game, we take a look behind and see what's in front of us.

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Mac Studios Setup Guide

With much fanfare, Apple unveiled a new Mac at Apple’s March “Peek Performance” event: the all-new Mac Studio. As everyone would know, the potential specs are quite impressive: a brand new Apple Silicon called M1 Ultra which essentially stitches two M1 Max and act as a single die with double of everything, up to 128 GB memory support, 8 TB storage, 10 Gigabit ethernet as standard, up to 6 Thunderbolt 4 ports which means each port has a bandwidth of 40 gigabit per second, and a HDMI 2.

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Studio Display

When Apple first released the Pro Display XDR in WWDC 2019, maybe was impressed by the professional grade monitor but was shocked by the $5,000 price tag and there was an audible collective groan when they announced the $1,000 stand that you need to purchase separately. For the Mac Studio, a semi professional Mac that was unveiled during “Peek Performance” event in March, Apple also unveiled the Studio Display, a semi professional display.

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M1 Ultra vs Nvidia RTX 3090

In Apple’s March “Peek Performance” Event, Apple revealed to the world their latest and greatest Apple Silicon to date: the M1 Ultra in, for the first time in over a decade, a brand new Mac, the Mac Studio. During the presentations, Apple made many bold claims such as astounding 800 MB/s memory bandwidth and performance that may beat top of the line cards like the Nvidia’s GTX 3090. As Arthur C.

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M1 Ultra: Everything we know and the NeXTSTEP for Apple

The March surprise Apple bought in their March “Peek Performance” event is the introduction of M1 Ultra and the Mac Studio that goes along with it. It is a surprise because one would expect such a chip and machine to be presented during the developer’s conference in June and many were expecting a new M2 SOC to be presented. It is, however, a pleasant surprise since Apple is releasing their most powerful SOC to date.

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