This buyer’s guide provides is our attempt to provide the best recommendation of all Apple products. The intent of this page is to get the best knowledge of current Apple product so you would not be in a situation where you are buying an Apple product at the end of the lifecycle.

Please check out our Product Roadmap to help plan your purchase. The last thing you want to do is to spend a lot of your money to buy an Apple product only to see it updates a week later.


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iPhoneiPhone SE 3iPhone 15 / iPhone 15 PlusiPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Pro Max
FeaturesA15 chip, TouchID, 4.7" LCD ScreenA16 Bionic chip, FaceID, 6.1" / 6.7" Liquid Retina Display, Dynamic Island, 2 lens camera systemA17 Pro chip, FaceID, 6.1" / 6.7" Liquid Retina Display, Dynamic Island, 3 lens camera system
LaunchedMarch 2022September 2023
Launch PriceFrom $429iPhone 15 - $799 / iPhone 15 Plus - $899iPhone 15 Pro - $999 / iPhone 15 Pro Max - $1199
Best FeatureThe priceAll around value. You get a lot for a smartphone and you don't really care about the pro features.Pro features are really pro. ProRAW for photos, Log for videos, Spatial video recording, 5x zoom. Those features are worth the price of admission.
VerdictWhen you can own the phone from $5/month when you use a phone line plan, it's the cheapest way to get an iPhone. It has all the basic features that you need without any excess. If you just need a phone without thinking much about it, this one is the bestWith trade-ins from Apple and cellular carrier, you probably could own these for next to nothing. The iPhone is now a mature product that upgrading is more like a every 2-3 years affair.With trade-ins from cellular carrier, you probably could own these for next to nothing, so if you want all the pro features that Apple can put inside in the palm of your hand, these are the best iPhone Apple makes for now.
Next Expected UpdateSeptember 2024September 2024

The iPhone is Apple’s best selling product. It is a smartphone which literally help changed the world together with the Android platform. First introduced in 2007, the iPhone has grown from just a internet communicator, a phone and an iPod. Current iPhone line features a triple camera system in the rear, the front camera, retina display with HDR capabilities, Dolby Atmos sound, wireless charging and 5G.

The iPhone line-up has been updated last on a Apple special event in September 2021 and expected to be updated again in September 2022.

Current iPhone

iPhone 14 and the iPhone Pro is the most current iPhone on the market.

Apple introduced these new features for the iPhone 14:-

  • Crash Detection: Will help notify first responders if the iPhone detects that you are in a vehicle crash.
  • Emergency SOS via Satellite: Service only available in USA/Canada. In situation where you are in the middle of nowhere, you can alert rescuers by pointing to a satellite in the sky.
  • New Plus size: the Mini has been dropped in favor of a larger display size.

The iPhone 14 Pro has the added features:-

  • Brand new camera sensor which is larger than the iPhone 13 Pro models.
  • 48 MP sensor for the main camera. The final image will be downsized to 12MP, but picture quality especially in low light situation should be improved with higher sensor density.
  • Digital Island: The “notch” has been redesigned to be a “punch out”. Apple redesigned the UI to cleverly incorporate the “punch out” as a UI element.

But there’s other features of the iPhone that make it one of the greatest product in human history:-

  • Ceramic Shield: A tougher glass to prevent cracking
  • Ecosystem: The iPhone is a tool or one of Apple’s tentacle. If you have a lot of Apple products like having a Mac, iPad and Apple Watch, you’ll be suprised how well all the things work together.

The next iPhone

For the past 10 years, new iPhone always comes out around in the September month. The exception was in 2020 when there was a global pandemic that basically restrict almost every human movement. Expect 2021 will be back on the same time table. Rumors about new iPhone features get louder and louder as September comes and we will update as we hear it. You can keep track of all Apple rumors in our convenient page.

Rumored features on iPhone 14:-

  • New design. More like the iPhone 4, one of the greatest design.

iPhone Accessories

While not a requirement when using the iPhone, having these accessories will greatly enhance your experience when using the iPhone.


AirPods Max

While Apple removed the 3.5mm headphone jack since the iPhone 7, Apple does provide a Lighting-to-3.5mm connector if you wish to listen to a wired headphone. If you planning to listen to Lossless Audio on the Music App, you will need to use the connector for a full listening experience.

AirPods is a line of bluetooth earphones or headphones. Each of them have a specialized W-series chip to ensure fast connection to your Apple devices while act as a DAC to convert the digital signals to analog that you can view. The basic AirPods just provide wireless music. AirPods Pro has noise canceling feature and the AirPods Max is a full-blown headphones with a digital crown for volume control.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch is the ultimate companion tool for your iPhone

The Apple Watch is a great companion to your iPhone. Furthermore, you need to use an iPhone to use Apple Watch’s functionality. The Apple Watch act as an extra screen for your iPhone and allows you to do tasks like answering messages, call people, track your workout session without opening up your phone. It can also work in conjunction with AirPods so you can control music (for example) by using your Apple Watch. Another scenario is you are wearing your AirPods and you can answer the phone with using your Apple Watch with out lifting your phone.


MagSafe is not only a new way to charge your phone, but also a new way to accessorize your phone.

MagSafe is a new technology that is first introduced in the iPhone 12. Basically it is a series of magnets built around a charging coil. However, Apple added some communication component in the coils. There are a series of accessories both sold by Apple and third party that uses this new appendage. As expected, you can securely charge your phone using the MagSafe charger, attach a wallet or even a battery pack.


The iPhone case can be an ultimate expression of personalization.

Of course, cases will not only protect your iPhone from falls and scratches, it also a way to personalize your phone to show to the world that while there are many iPhones in this world, this one is mine. 3rd party cases runs from the gamut from cheap $10 clear-coat to the $1000 Louis Vuitton Eye-Trunk.

Apple also produce their own cases that is made from various material like silicone to leather depending on your preferences.

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iPad versioniPad (10th Gen)iPad MiniiPad AiriPad Pro
FeaturesA14 chip, TouchID, 10.9" screen, USB-C connectorA15 chip, TouchID, 8.3" screen, Apple Pencil 2 supportM2 chip, TouchID, 11"/13" screen, SmartConnect, Apple Pencil 2 / Apple Pencil Pro supportM4 chip, FaceID, 11"/13" screen, Multiple lens camera system, LIDAR scanner, flash, Retina XDR display, SmartConnect, ProMotion, Apple Pencil 2/Apple Pencil Pro support, upto 2TB of internal storage.
Launch DateOctober 2022September 2021May 2024May 2024
Launch PriceFrom $449; Revised to $329 in May 2024From $499From $599From $999 for 11", From $1299 for 12.9"
Best FeatureThe new standard iPad, at the new price.The size. Great book reader. Same chip as the newly launched iPhone 13.It's has around 80%-90% of iPad Pro features at half the priceFaceID and the best screen in Apple's iPad line up. Once you go ProMotion, you'll never go back
VerdictThe gold standard of iPads. Good enough for the kids or content consumption. With the new price of $329, can't find fault with the iPadiPad Mini was updated in September 2021 and it was a major upgrade. However, the price bump to $499 will deter potential buyers, but it is the most powerful iPad after the Pro at this junctureIt's good if you want the iPad Pro form factor and most of the features without paying all the premium price. Although iPad technology is so overpowered that a 2018 iPad Pro is not a bad proposition eitherApple's attempt as a laptop replacement. At launch, it has the most powerful processor in Apple's lineup. CPU performance even matching M2 Max despite a 5.1mm thin tablet. iPadOS is holding it back though

The iPad is Apple’s line of table computers that was first introduced in 2007. The original iPad bought many firsts for Apple: first tablet, first custom chip, first mention of iOS (was first on the iPhone 4, but was redesigned for tablet in mind). Now the tablet has morphed into 3 distinct lines. The consumer is called the iPad or iPad Mini which means a content consumer device. The middle-tier is the iPad Air which has some of the features of the Pro models but a more approachable price. The top tier is the iPad Pro which is intended to be a laptop replacement device. The iPad Pro has many features that are not even available on the MacBook line up such as LIDAR scanner or MicroLED screen and is competitively priced against their own MacBook line. The iPads run on a special operating system called iPadOS which at the moment has features that are present in both iOS and macOS.

Current line up

iPad lineup as of May 2024. Far most simplified and clear-cut

Since inception, Apple has basically cornered the tablet market. For the most part, the tablet form factor is the perfect form factor for content consumption. Apple does indeed push the boundaries of what a tablet can do with the Pro series, but for the most part, iPads now are so overpowered over what most people use it for: media consumption, mobile games and drawing. The real Achilles heel of the iPad (especially the overpowered M2 Pro) is that iPadOS is basically a neutered version of macOS. With mouse, external monitor support (with stage manager), the iPad (even the new basic 10th Gen running on A15) can do so much more.

Update cycle:-

  • iPad Pro (last update: Q2 2024, next expected update: Q2 2026)
  • iPad Air (last update: Q2 2024, next expected update: Q2 2026)
  • iPad (last update: Q4 2022, next update: Q1 2025)
  • iPad Mini (last update: September 2021, next update: Q1 2025)

You can read the latest rumors in one convenient page here.

iPad Accessories

Apple accessories range for the iPad include the Magic Keyboard which has a trackpad and keyboard to give a more laptop feel and the Apple Pencil which is a stylus that is very handy for drawing tasks.

Although not a requirement to run any program in iPadOS, having accessories like a keyboard or pointing device can significantly enhance your experience using the iPad. You will also notice that some tasks like drawing are much easier with a pointing device like the Apple Pencil.

Since iPadOS 13, iPadOS has included mouse support. They are labeled as assistive devices but Apple on the other hand sells Magic Keyboard with built-in trackpad. Mouse and trackpad is not a requirement to use any of the iPadOS program, but just like the Apple Pencil, they contribute to a better overall experience when using certain programs.

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iPad Lineup

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iPad Mini vs iPhone Pro Max

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Mac lineup
Mac line up as of March 2022. Not shown: Mac Pro.
MacMacBook Air; M3 MacBook ProMac Mini / iMacMacBook ProMac Studio / Mac Pro
FeaturesM3 chip; 13.6-inch / 15.3-inch Liquid Retina Display, TouchID Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, Air cooled design

M3 chip; 13.3-inch Display, TouchBar with TouchID, Active cooling
Mac Mini:
- M2 Chip, 2x Thunderbolt ports, 2x USB-A ports, HDMI, Ethernet (10G optional); Memory up to 24 GB, storage up to 2 TB;
- M2 Pro Chip, 4x Thunderbolt 4 ports, 2x USB-A ports, HDMI 2.1, Ethernet (10G optional), Memory up to 32 GB, Storage up to 8 TB;

iMac: M1 Chip, 4.5K 24" Monitor, 4x USB-C ports (2 or Thunderbolt), Ethernet
14" and 16" Model Entry level: 14" M3 with 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports; 8GB, 16GB, or 24GB of memory. 512GB to 2TB of storage;

Mid-Tier Level: 14"/16" M3 Pro with 3 Thunderbolt 4 Ports. 18GB or 36GB of memory. 512GB to 4TB of storage;

High-End Level: 14"/16" M3 Max with 3 Thunderbolt 4 Ports. 32Gb, 48GB, 64GB, 96GB or 128GB of memory. 512 to 8TB of storage;
Mac Studio: M2 Max / M2 Ultra chip.

Mac Pro: M2 Ultra. 24 compute cores: Upto 76 GPU cores, up to 192 GB RAM. Up to 8TB internal storage. 6x PCIe slots.
Launch DateM3 13"/15" MacBook Air: March 2024
M3 MacBook Pro: Nov 2023
M2 Mac Mini: January 2023
M2 Pro Mini: January 2023
M3 iMac: Nov 2023
M3/M3 Pro/M3 Max MacBook Pro: October 2023
M2 Max / M2 Ultra Mac Studio: Jun 2023
M2 Ultra Mac Pro: Jun 2023
Launch PriceFrom $1099 for 13" MacBook Air; From $1299 for 15" MacBook AirMac Mini: From $599; iMac: From $129914" M3: From $1,599; 14" M3 Pro: $1,999; 16" M3 Pro: $2,499Mac Studio: From $1999; Mac Pro: From $6999
Best FeatureMacBook Air: brand new design that is thinner, bigger screen, air cooled

MacBook Pro: active cooling for sustained workload
iMac: Design. Will look good in your kitchen.

Mac Mini: Cheapest Mac in the lineup, but the most capable Mac due to sheer possibility of putting accessories to the mix. For the power user, the $1,599 base Mac Mini M2 Pro is a lot of bang for your buck.
MacBook Pro has the most powerful chip in Apple's arsenal right now. You can configure from the base M3 (which has improved graphics) all to the mobile monster with M3 Max that supports 128GB of memory.The $1299 M2 Pro Mac Mini can deliver the same performance if you are not a graphic intensive user (programmer / music creator). However, if you need some graphic heavy lifting, Apple has you covered with the M2 Max / M2 Ultra Mac Studio. For $1999, there is a lot of value with the M2 Max. The $3999 M2 Ultra is quite steep for most people and unless your workflow requires large amount of memory, you can get away with the M2 Max

Mac Pro: Ultimate Mac. Customization. The people who are in the market for a $6999 Mac Pro are serious people with serious business. Pros have been begging for a Apple Silicon Mac Pro and Apple delivered. The only gripe is the upper memory limit is "only" 192 GB, but very few people need more than that much memory. Perhaps Apple will amp up the configuration with the need arises?
VerdictMacBook Air: If you are looking for everyday laptop, this is the best laptop in the world. If you strapped for cash, Apple still sell the M1 MacBook Air for $999.

MacBook Pro: M2 with air cooling gives best in class performance if you can't afford the proper M1 Max MacBook Pro.
iMac is one solid all-in-one desktop. It's a no-worries computing solution.

The Mac Mini is powerful enough to do anything and the beauty of it you can accessorize it to your liking
Standard work horse for professional on the go. Can't go wrong with this one.Mac Studio: If the M2 Pro Mac Mini is limited, the M2 Ultra is the last word in performance for many.

Mac Pro: For the true professional that is a part of a serious production house. If you think the entry price is too high, this one is not for you.

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Mac stands for Mouse Activated Computer and is one of the earliest Apple product. Continuously on sale since the 1980s, Apple together with Microsoft and Intel has been shaping the personal computing world and has not been stop doing ever since. The personal computer in Steve Jobs words is “bicycle for the mind”. You can certainly do more with Macs and other PCs and now supplement, and sometimes replaced, by other devices like iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch, you can certainly do more today than just 5-6 years ago.

Since re-taking over the Apple company in the late 1990s, Steve Jobs have trimmed the Mac line up into just 4 product categories. The only modification is there is two consumer desktop offerings: the iMac and the Mac Mini. Since then, the Mac product line up has not change much since early 2000.

Mac product matrix made by Steve Jobs in the late 1990s
Usage vs Target MarketConsumerProfessional
LaptopMacBook AirMacBook Pro
DesktopMac Mini / iMacMac Studio / Mac Pro


MacBooks occupy at the premium segment of the laptop market. Contrary to popular belief, they are quite cost competitive compared to their peers. If you are looking something that is capable but at a lower budget, my advice is to look for iPad as a lot of the tasks that can be accomplish on the Mac can be done on the iPad. Software development, multi-user environment and enterprise software is one of the few domains that the Macs still have an edge over the iPads.

Since the introduction of the M1 chips, the MacBook has shown to be a good value proposition since they can match or even beat the best from Intel or even AMD. As of now, the major difference between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro is sustained workload handling. While the MacBook Air has passive cooling, which means that under heavy workloads, the MacBook Air will thermal throttle itself after around 10 minutes of workload while the MacBook Pro will carry on.

Apple updated the MacBook Pro to an all new design featuring a 14" and 16" form factor. It introduce new M-series chips dubbed M1 Pro and M1 Max which rivals desktop class chip that is even more power efficient that the Intel own powerful chips. Truly a unique product in the market.

Update cycle

  • MacBook Air (last update: Q3 2022, next expected update: unknown, possibly Q4 2023)
    • 15" MacBook Air introduce in Q3 2023
  • MacBook Pro (last update: Q3 2022 for the base 13", Q1 2023 for 14" and 16" , next expected update: ~Q1 2024)

Where to buy?


Desktop Mac runs from the gamut that is the basic $599 Mac Mini which does not comes with anything to the $50,000 Mac Pro that find its home in large production houses that makes $200 million movies. Both the Mac Mini and the Mac Pro are customizer’s delight. You can basically personalize the Mac to fit your needs. The iMac is an all-in-one desktop solution that is well made and capable.

Update Cycle

  • Mac Mini (last update: Q1 2023, next expected update: ~Q1 2024)
  • iMac 24" (last update: Q2 2021, next expected update: ~Q2 2022)
  • Mac Studio (last update: Q3 2023, next expected update: ~Q3 2023)
  • Mac Pro (last update: Q3 2023, next expected update: ~Q3 2024)

Where to buy?

Mac Accessories

Except for the Mac Mini and Mac Pro, all the Macs can be use straight from the box without additional items. However, you can add accessories to increase your Mac capabilities and also personalize your Mac.

Magic Keyboard with TouchID

Starting with Apple Silicon, Apple release Magic Keyboard (that’s the name) with TouchID where you can unlock your supported Mac using your finger print. The TouchID can also be use to authenticate purchase and logins. iMac now come in shrunk keyboard that does not have a numpad. If your work environment requires you to punch in a lot of numbers, having a numpad can be extremely useful.

Magic Mouse 2

Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are Apple pointing devise. The iMac comes with the Magic Mouse by default although you can spec your build to include a Magic Trackpad. There is numerous article talking about the design and comfort of those input device.

Apple Pro Display XDR

The Retina Pro Display XDR is a high end monitor from Apple. And it is the only monitor that is built and sold by Apple. It’s a 6K display monitor with HDR capabilities that meant to bridge the gap between color accurate monitor that cost around $3,000 to $4,000 to reference monitor used by studio that cost around $30,000 to $40,000. So far the review has been mixed that it is over priced for the $3,000 but not as good as the $30,000 reference monitor.

Industry standards interface means you can personalize your Mac to suit your needs

Since the PC is a very mature platform, there is a plethora of products that can and will work with the Mac. Macs and increasingly iPad Pro has been using industry standard connections like USB-C, ethernet, 3.5mm headphone jack, WiFi and Bluetooth standard to work with 3rd party devices. There’s no reason not to choose 3rd party products if they are useful to you.


The iMac has been updated for 2021 featuring new design, colors, M1 chip and many other features to make this a compelling and possibly the best all-in-one computer ever made.

Macbook Air M2

Apple has updated the best laptop in the world. Meet the new 2022 MacBook Air running on the new M2 SOC

Mac Lineup

Macs has been a foundation of Apple company since inception. This article explore the current offerings in 2020 and show the differences between each tier of Mac.

Apple Silicon Evolution (vs Top Competitors) over the years

Apple came a long way from a simple chip that powers the first iPad. Here a general look how Apple Silicon fare over the years

Apple Watch

Apple WatchApple Watch SEApple Watch Series 9Apple Watch Ultra 2
FeaturesS9 and U1 chip; 50m water resistant; Aluminum or Stainless Steel finish; Silver, Space Gray or Gold color; 40mm or 44mm size;S9 and U1 chip; 50m water resistant; always on display, ECG and blood oxygen app, Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Titanium Finish; 41mm or 45mm size; Nike or Hermes editions; 5 colors for Aluminum finishes and 3 colors for Stainless Steel Finishes. Display up to 2000 nits brightness.S8 chip; Titanium Body. 49mm size. Dual band GPS for more accurate reading. 60 hour between charges. 100m water resistance and up to 40m recreational dive. Dive Computer. Redesigned compass app. New Modular watch face. Display is up to 3000 nits brightness. Dual band GPS for more precision.
Launch PriceFrom $279From $399 to $1499 for Hermes Edition$799
Best FeatureThe priceThe Hermes Edition is the most stylish smartwatch anybody makesDesign for toughness
VerdictThe bare minimum to give to your kids. But with discounts, the series 6 or used series 5 is not a bad proposition either.Latest and greatest. Do note that there are a few versions of this flagship, from the Apple to Hermes. Functionally, they are identical compared to the base edition but have exclusive bands and watch face. Bands can be purchase separately.Basically created for professional or prosumers, the Ultra offers more for the people who demands more from their Apple Watch

Apple Watch lineup

Apple Watch is Apple’s line of smartwatches. Introduced in 2014, the feature set has grown from a simple companion computer of the iPhone to a capable fitness monitor and communicator. You will still need to pair it to an iPhone (minimum requirement as of now is the iPhone 6s) to make it work. Read more in our writeup to lear more about the Apple Watch Series 6 features.

Current features of the Apple Watch 6 include blood oxygen monitor, ECG / heart rate monitor, altimeter, cellular capabilities, bluetooth connection to connect with your wireless earphones and many others.

Apple Watch has two version, the main series which are numbered and the SE version which is the lower cost option.


Update Cycle

  • Apple Watch (Last update: September 2022, next update: Q3 2023)
  • Apple Watch SE (Last update: Q3 2020, next update: unknown)
  • Apple Watch Ultra (Last update: Q3 2022, next update: unknown)

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Apple’s foray into the music world begins with the introduction of the iPod, the popular music player in the early 2000s which help Apple raise up from the brink of death. Later, Apple has introduced digital music distribution called the iTune store, updated the iPod with a new interface first featured in the iPhone, and later expand to Music streaming service and a line of popular earphones. Apple has bought over Beats by Dre, a popular headphones company in 2014 which they are still selling in their stores. Apple also introduced a line of smart speakers called HomePods which feature integration with Siri, Apple digital voice assistant.


You can take a detail look at the line up here.
WiredBudgetBest SportLuxury
AirpodsEarpods with Lighting ConnectorAirPodsAirPods ProAirPods Max
FeaturesWired earphones. Used to come with every iPhoneH1 chip; Wireless bluetooth earphones; Hey Siri; Wired or wireless charging case;H2 chip; Wireless bluetooth earphones with Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency; Hey Siri; Sweat resistant; Wireless charging case with MagSafe support; USB-C port; Lossless audio support;H1 chip; Wireless bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Cancellation; Hey Siri; leather case; aluminum and mesh finish; large 40mm drivers; 9 mics; Digital crown for volume control; 5 colors; The cup can be bought separately;
Launch Price$29From $179$249$549
August 2021 PriceFrom $13From $115-From $499
Best FeatureDecent sound. The wired click button is handy.Works well with all your Apple devicesNew and improved for September 2022Sound quality
VerdictUsed to come with every iPhone. It was not the best but it was decentIt was quite popular that when I went to Manhattan in 2017, I thought they were standard issue for every New YorkerANC works great and sound quality is not bad. But like other AirPods, they usually have a lifespan of aorund 2 years before things start to break and they are basically irreparableSound quality is good. But at this price point I'd rather have a wired + DAC setup. Best wireless Apple headphones to date. Looks more repairable than the other AirPods

The original AirPods was launched together with the iPhone 7. Apple first created a problem: the removal of the headphone jack in the then new iPhone 7 and come up with a solution: AirPods, Apple wireless bluetooth headphone solution. And then, a new Fortune 500 company is born. The AirPods was a resounding success: the revenue come this product line alone rival Adobe entire earnings. So Apple comes with more improvements which further expand Apple bottom line, the Pro (AirPods with active noise canceling) and the Max (wireless headphones with active noise cancellation). Overall, the products are of high quality but the major complaint is the lack of repairability for such an expensive product.

Update cycle

  • AirPods - (last update: Q1 2019, next expected update: circa 2022)
  • AirPods Pro (last update: Q4 2019, next expected update: circa 2022)
  • AirPods Max (last update: Q4 2020, next update: unknown)

Smart Speaker

MiniFull Size
HomePodHomePod MiniHomePod
FeaturesA10 chip; U1 chip; smaller and more affordable size; Can link up 2 HomePods Mini for stereo sound; Hey Siri; Temperature / Humidity SensorS7 chip; Can link up 2 HomePods for stereo sound; Hey Siri; Temperature / Humidity Sensor. Matter compatible.
Launch Price$99$299
August 2021 Price--
Best FeatureSounds good for $99. Apple Ecosystem integration. You can tap the thing using your iPhone and immediately can control the HomePod MiniBest sounding smart speaker. Can get very loud and crisp
VerdictPrice competitive and Siri is not as bad as everyone says. Apple ecosystem integration is what set it apartBest sounding smart speaker ever. Unfortunately, that is not what people are looking for in a smart speaker. That and the price.

The HomePod line is Apple entry to the smart speaker market. The first one is the HomePod which was engineered primary for sound that happens to have Siri. The two biggest downfall for the original HomePod was the price ($349 at launch) and Siri not be nowhere near good as the competition. Furthermore, the roll out was limited so it does not have the same market reach like the competitor.

The next HomePod, the HomePod Mini was more competitive with a $99 price and new features that compliments the Apple Ecosystem. Siri, despite vastly improved since the launch of the first HomePod is still nowhere near the competition, Alexa of Amazon and Google Assistant. We will be watching this space closely.

Update cycle

  • HomePod (last update: Q2 2017, next expected update: None. Discontinued in March 2021)
  • HomePod Mini (last update: Q4 2020, next expected update: unknown)

Music Player

Update cycle

  • iPod Touch (last update: Q2 2019, next expected update: circa 2023)

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Since Apple shifted focus towards online services in 2019, Apple offerings and revenue stream in service has increased by leaps and bounds. Please read our article on services for a more detailed overview of Apple services offerings.

Streaming and subscription:-

  • iCloud service and drive - Online storage and services
  • Apple Music - Music streaming
  • Apple News+ - Newspaper and Magazine streaming
  • Apple TV+ - TV and Movie streaming
  • Apple Fitness+ - Fitness show
  • Apple Arcade - Games subscription

Purchase and online services

  • iTunes Store - Music purchase
  • App Store - App download and purchase
  • Apple Pay - Payment platform
  • Apple TV - TV and Movie rental or purchase

Bundle Services

Apple introduced bundle package to allow you to save money. Bundle include most popular services such as music, TV+ and Arcade. The premier version includes News+ and Fitness+

  • Apple One Individual (50GB, iCloud, Music, TV+, Arcade)
  • Apple One Family (200GB iCloud, Music, TV+, Arcade)
  • Apple One Premier (2TB iCloud, Music, TV+, Arcade, News+, Fitness+)

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Apple’s first spatial computer. It can be a VR headset, but this is not a VR headset. It’s a computer like your Mac, but something that you wear it.

Vision Pro
Model NameVision Pro
  • M2 chip + R1 chip: M2 handle processing for the apps in Vision Pro while R1 will handle projection / immersion processing.
  • Eye-sight: when you are not in immersive mode, the device will project your eye outside of the glass.
  • Digital Crown: controls how immersive your experince will be.
  • visionOS: the operating system behind Vision Pro that will make or break the device
  • Apple ecosystem: It will run iPadOS apps right from the box on day 1. It will use first party app like iMessage, FaceTime and FreeForm on day 1. This is the actual strength of the Vision Pro.
Launch DateJune '23. Delivery set at early '24
Launch Price$3,499
VerdictIt's too early to tell since it's not out in public yet, but judging from people who had a preview of it:
  • It's price is hefty, but it's one of a kind of device. Despite efforts from others, Apple is above from the competition
  • Just talking about the specs, it is an order of magnitude more powerful than what the competitors offers. Others offer less than 2K for each eye, Apple offers more than 4K for each eye.
  • Apple is leveraging on the strength of its ecosystem to make the device as successful as possible

Other Apple Products

Other than the mainline products which are the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Watch and Music, Apple has other products which help expands their ecosystem. Apple TV is Apple’s streaming box and micro console device. Other products include a 6k monitor which is called Apple Pro Display XDR which is a companion monitor for their top of the line Mac product, the Mac Pro. Apple also designs and sells other computing accessories such their Magic keyboard, Magic trackpad and other dongles.


Apple locator beacons enabled by Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC.

Apple TV

Update cycle

  • Apple TV HD (last update: Q3 2017, next update: unknown)
  • Apple TV 4k (last update: Q3 2017, next update: unknown)


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