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iPad Mini vs iPhone Pro Max

California Streaming, Apple September event come and went. In its wake, Apple unveil 4 product updates, the iPhone 13 line up, Apple Watch Series 7 line up, an updated iPad and redesigned iPad Mini. What is most curious is that the iPad Mini has been redesigned to be a closer iPad Air and sports the same chip that runs the iPhone 13 Pro. Now, it is curious to see, how does the iPad Mini with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iMovie in iPad vs Macs: Differences that will make your head scratch

One of the selling points and key features of Apple ecosystem is that they have a slew of common apps in every device they have sold. And if you register all your devices in iCloud, the apps can be synched up with every device you have and act in a certain way. This is pretty much true for Apple’s utility apps like Messages (with iMessage), photos, Shortcuts (coming to Monterey Bay), FaceTime, Stocks and others.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro

On April 2021 special event, Apple surprised everyone by updating their new iPad Pro not only with their first MiniLED screen which rivals their top of the line display, but by putting a chip that was meant for laptops and desktop on a tablet. Enter the iPad Pro M1. The previous version of the iPad Pro was known as a powerhouse, and yet, Apple decided to up the ante to stratospheric levels by putting a laptop chip on a tablet.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro, the most powerful tablet in the market has been updated on April 2021 with the M1 chip, thus sealing the fate of their competitors. It will be interesting how Samsung, Qualcomm and Microsoft is going to scramble to catch up to the iPad Pro. There is no doubt that this will be one powerful tablet, but the question is will Apple update the software so power users can unleash the power?

Apple April 2021 Event Predictions vs Actual (Updated)

No matter how exotic human civilization becomes, no matter the developments of life and society nor the complexity of human/machine interface, there always come interludes of lonely power when the course of humankind, the very future of humankind, depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals. from the Tleilaxu Godbuk Predicting the future is a tough business especially when the outcome of the future we are talking about depends on actions of a single company.

What to Expect in Apple March 2021 Event

Spring is approaching in the Northern hemisphere and things are beginning to thaw. Out from winter, we expects things will grow out from the ground. Of the them is Apple products from the Steve Jobs Theather in Cupertino. Historically, Apple does not send out invitations until 1 week before the event happens. You’ll get more hint based on the event card that Apple send out. But since there’s no card at press time, here are the rumors that are circulating:-

The Evolution of the iPad

Back in 1983 Steve Job was giving a speech at Center for Design Innovation. Back then, Apple has just released Lisa and working on an all-in-one which later be the Macintosh. He had a vision of what the computers of the future will be:- Apple’s strategy is really simple. What we want to do is we want to put an incredibly great computer in a book that you can carry around with you and learn how to use in 20 minutes.

The $1000 Laptop Challenge

So you have $1000 to spend and you need a portable computer and accessories. MacBook Air - Default Laptop The MacBook Air is the laptop of choice for people who want a solid platform which they can count on. Versatile, powerful and highly customizeble, it is a weapon of choice for creators and consumer a like. The MacBook Air has recently been upgrade with M1 series chip and the review has been stupendous.

Best Stylus for iPad

Since Apple introduce the iPhone, there were concentrated effort to put stylus on the device. There are a few use cases where a stylus is more desirable. One of them is drawing. Finger drawing while possible, does put a strain on those flangers whereas a stylus is more precise and refined to draw. Apple later introduced the iPad which makes a serious competitor to the drawing block. Artist has been using the iPad to draw on even before Apple entered the game with the Apple Pencil on 2015.

iPad Mini vs iPhone Pro Max

Update: In light of iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6 update, we have updated our comparison to reflect the new changes. You can read the comparison between the new generation iPhone and iPad Mini here They both has almost the same screen size, iPad Mini is 7.9" and iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.7". Just around 1.2" of difference or 3.05 cm for those in SI units. But yet they both like live in different planet.