So you have $1000 to spend and you need a portable computer and accessories.

MacBook Air - Default Laptop

The MacBook Air is the laptop of choice for people who want a solid platform which they can count on. Versatile, powerful and highly customizeble, it is a weapon of choice for creators and consumer a like. The MacBook Air has recently been upgrade with M1 series chip and the review has been stupendous. Tech reviewers are stumped how Apple make their laptops more powerful than the Intel counterpart while having longer batter like. Like Arthur C. Clake one said, technology that is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic and the MacBoook Air almost fits that bill.

Things that you have to watch out for in this selection that it is not the best screen, it won’t be as good has having a pencil if you are into drawing stuff and the sound system could be better. Nevertheless, the MacBook Air is a solid performer.

iPad Pro 12.9" - Professional

The iPad Pro 12.9" is Apple attempt to redefine what is the computer means. With a screen as large as a proper laptop, it odes well form a content consumer device to a content creating devise. Early criticism was the iOS software crippled what otherwise be a viable platform as a laptop replacement. Since then, Apple never stop working on the iPad Pro by branching the iOS into iPadOS with distinct features that separate them from their iPhone cousin like their unique multi-tasking windowing solution, Picture in picture and most recently, mouse support. With ProMotion, the iPad has the most responsive screen of any Mac or iPad.

Things that you have to watch out is despite Apple stride and progress in iPadOS, the software can be considered a crippled version of the powerful macOS. Time will tell if Apple improves the iPadOS to be on par with the macOS cousin. Developing software still remains a hope for many.

  • iPad Pro 12.9" starts at $999 - Amazon

iPad Lineup

iPad is the ultimate content consuming device. The iPad line up has been updated in September 2021 and made the best selling tablet in the world even stronger. The new iPad Mini is the new powerhouse of the iPad lineup.

iPad Pro 11" + Apple Pencil - For Artist

The Apple Pencil 2 is considered the most advanced stylus ever made. With the iPad Pro which features a ProMotion screen, the experience is as good as writing on real paper. Some artist added a layer to the screen to simulate the roughness of actual paper. The iPad Pro 11" is as good as the 12.9" but in a smaller, compact form.

The thing you have to watch out that this solution is naked, you might want to invest in a good case like the Smart Folio to complete the look.

  • iPad Pro 11" starts at $799 - Amazon
  • Apple Pencil 2 - $129 - Amazon

iPad Air 4 + Smart Folio + AirPods Pro - Good Balance

The iPad Air 4 is reviewed at the iPad Pro killer. Had the same look and form factors and only take out features that people willing to live without like FaceID (replaced with Touch ID), ProMotion, 2 less speakers and a slightly less powerful chip. However, with the saving gained, you can put that money to a proper cover / keyboard combo and a decent sound system which happens to have noise canceling to help you focus on the task at hand. The A14 chip is no slouch, since it can actually run faster than actual desktop chip. A famous Youtuber has demoed how a iPhone 12 Mini running the A14 chip exports a 4K video faster than an i9 iMac despite giving the iMac a head start.

The thing you have to watch out is that you might be tempted to upgrade to the more powerful iPad Pro when you discovered the amount of things you can actually get done on the iPad.

  • iPad Air 4 Starts at $599 - Amazon
  • Smart Folio 11" - $99 - Amazon
  • Airpods Pro - $249 - Amazon

iPad Air + Magic Keyboard + Apple Pencil - True Laptop replacement?

This solution might be the same as above, but the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil 2 is a game changer for the iPad. Instead of relying on your fingers as your stylus, you have an actual trackpad and an actual stylus to draw things around. This is Apple’s strongest challenge yet from the iPad to replace laptops around the world. The Magic Keyboard changed the iPad experience considerably when you have a mouse pointer around iPadOS.

The things that you have to watch out is the Magic Keyboard is quite a heft and most of the weight of this system is on the iPad, so there is a tendency for things to tumble down. Although the Apple Pencil 2 is magnetically connected with the iPad, it can slide away if it is not properly handled.

  • iPad Air 4 Starts at $599 - Amazon
  • Apple Pencil 2 - $129 - Amazon
  • Magic Keyboard - $299 - Amazon

iPad + Apple Pencil + AirPod Max + Smart Case - Best Sound

The AirPod Max is one strange headphones. It is higher priced than its competitors, but does not really compete with audiophile gear at this level. Nevertheless, the Apple faithful has buying the headphones that demand outstrips supply. Reviewer said that it is the best in luxury listening, except for the case. This solution is that you want the best audio while enjoying the iPad as a content consumer device. While cannot match the screen of the iPad Pro brother, the screen is beyond decent and the sound provided by AirPod Max makes up for the lack in screen quality. The Apple Pencil can record your music and the Smart Case will help protect that expansive screen.

The thing that you have to watch out for is once the AirPod Max does it jobs, you might want to consider to upgrade to the Pro or Air models in the future. Yes, we would love to ensure that we get the best of everything.

Accessories to consider

After getting that $1000 laptop, here are a few accessories that might complete the experince.

  • USB-C charger - 100W - Amazon
  • Apple USB-C 20W charger - Amazon
  • Anker USB-C to Lighting Cable - Amazon
  • Apple Pencil
    • Version 2 for iPad Pro 2018 / 2020 or iPad Air 4 - Amazon
    • Version 1 for iPad - Amazon
  • Magic Keyboard
    • For 11" iPad Pro and iPad Air 4 - Amazon
    • For 12.9" iPad Pro - Amazon
  • Smart Folio
    • For 11" iPad Pro 2018 / 2020 or iPad Air 4 - Amazon
    • For 12.9" iPad Pro - Amazon
  • Smart Cover - Amazon
  • AirPods


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