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  • Online IDEs Compared

    Most often, a programmer can simply program away in a computer by launching a notepad or text editor and launching a terminal to launch services or compile the code. Of course, a few moments later, some programmers create their tools to help create programs and that tool is now called Integrated Development Environment (IDE). And those tools help build the internet and just like almost everything else, the tools are slowly moving to the special kind of internet we call The Cloud.

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    Intel Meteor Lake What We Know

    There is an old saying which stated imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. A few years ago when Apple launched its Apple Silicon, Intel responded by saying that Apple is a “lifestyle brand and we have to be that good.”. What difference 3 years has made. Apple introduced Intel Core Ultra, which is based on their latest architecture core codenamed Meteor Lake and from their presentation, it seems it was a major shift from Intel in how they do things.

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    How Nvidia and AMD Use AI to Improve Gaming Performance

    GPU manufacturers have found a unique solution to enhance gaming performance. They are using AI to make low-spec hardware run modern AAA titles. The technology also makes 100+fps 4K gaming possible on large displays. AMD and Nvidia are not the sole developers of this technology. Intel, with their latest Arc GPUs, also features XeSS. AI-based frame addition and resolution upscaling methods make gaming accessible to everyone. Gamers and professionals can evaluate the performance impact of individual AI technology through benchmarking.

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    Apple A17 Pro: Everything we know.

    Apple launched the iPhone 15 Pro during their annual September event. Together with their new smartphone, Apple also launched a new mobile processor inside the flagship smartphone called the A17 Pro. While there are a lot of factors that give a very warm response to the iPhone 15 Pro such as the new titanium body, new camera system, and USB-C port, the A17 Pro is perhaps one of Apple’s most recent groundbreaking technologies.

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    Apple September 2023 Event Recap

    There is no doubt that the iPhone is Apple’s most important product. When looking at the revenue graph, the money that comes from the iPhone is like a mountain compared to other Apple products. So there’s no reason to believe that Apple pulled all the stops to ensure their September product reveal would be the best of the entire year. Just in time for the holiday shopping season. And this year, things are no different.

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    Evolution of iPhone Boxes

    For many manufacturers, the box that you ship your product serves only two purposes: to protect your product on the way to the hands of the customers and to help advertise your product when displayed in stores. Apple, being the more detailed-orientated company has put a lot more thought into the packaging box. For Apple, the packaging box is not just a mere vessel, but a statement of what the company represents.

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    How to Create an Efficient Study Environment With Apple Devices

    The life of an average student in the age of technology and constant innovations can be quite challenging and time-consuming. Just think about virtual classrooms, artificial intelligence to check grammar and readability, or all the helpful apps that are constantly used to verify facts and create automatic summaries. Ultimately, the creation of an efficient study environment comes down to the set of tools and technical solutions. People behind Apple Inc. have always been in the vanguard of technology and education as they worked hard to provide modern learners with helpful devices that stir creativity and help to achieve numerous tasks much easier!

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    Apple's CPU History

    A few years ago, Apple did something very significant: they launched their line of CPUs that power their Macs. Because instead of being like other PC manufacturers that rely on Intel, Windows, Nvidia, et al to build the final product, Apple has vertical integration in their desktops and laptops. But this move has been a long time coming for Apple. We review Apple’s history of CPU usage to reveal that Apple carving its own path is the most logical path for Apple.

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    How to Make Phone Calls on Your Mac

    We make 13.5 billion phone calls every day, with the average person making or receiving around eight phone calls daily. These numbers look insanely impressive, agree? But in today’s interconnected digital world, the ability to seamlessly transition between devices has become a hallmark of convenience. If you own Apple devices, then you’ll be happy to know that your Mac can do more than just handle spreadsheets and presentations. It can also serve as a platform for making and receiving phone calls.

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    5 Best Data Recovery Software for MacOS Sonoma

    Apple’s macOS Sonoma is the latest and best version of Mac’s Operating Systems. It comes with several optimizations and additional features. But it does not prevent you from losing data in whichever way. That said, you must take care of all your files to safeguard them from loss and overwrite. But in case you lose data from the new version of Mac, you should not worry as there are still many ways to recover it.

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