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  • Apple M2 vs Intel Core i9 12th Generation

    When Apple announced in WWDC 2020 that they are moving away from Intel to their own solution called Apple Silicon, there were doubters about how good the new chips will be. Sure, the iPhone and iPads are pretty good, but to take on the master at their own game, which is Intel in laptops and desktops, that is a tall order. M1 came and actually “beat” the flagship at that time, the Core i9-10900HK which surprised the industry.

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    Apple M2 vs Apple M1: Deep Dive And the Battle of the Apple Silicon

    When Apple release the first Apple Silicon, the M1, in the wild on November 2020, it erases all doubt about Apple’s ability to not only switch architecture (which is a tall order by itself) but Apple’s ability to create magic. The magic is to create a processor that is both low in power consumption but high in performance. The M1 chip, the first of Apple Silicon manage to outclass the best mobile chip of the day, the Intel i9-10900HK.

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    WWDC 2022 Recap

    Normally, WWDC would not generate a lot of buzz in the typical news cycle. Usually there is no new hardware announcement. It is a showcase of new software that will come to users in the next 3 months. But for Apple, WWDC is arguably the most important event for Apple, possibly only next to a new iPhone launch (which now the novelty has weaned off). Millions of people might buy a new MacBook Air or the new iPhone, but billions will use the new software to update the Apple showcase in WWDC.

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    Microsoft ARM Efforts

    Microsoft is a global software company that found its fortune in making operating systems and productivity software. Of course later it branched out into gaming and cloud computing, but there is no doubt that Microsoft’s most famous products are Windows and Office. And for the longest time, it supported only a single kind of hardware, X86 primarily made by Intel. Such a strong symbiotic relationship that they had, they have an unofficial name: Wintel.

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    WWDC 2022 Preview

    WorldWide Developers Conference is an Apple event primarily directed at developers that work on Apple’s platform. It’s an event for Apple to showcase and market its upcoming features, their software direction for the next 12 months and also a place where Apple developers can talk directly with Apple engineers itself on how best to use Apple APIs. Traditionally it is held in the early June every year, at the midpoint of Apple events.

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    Google I/O 2022 Recap

    Every year, Google will have an event which will focus on developers that are using the Google platform. Traditionally, the event will be focused heavily on the software side of Google, but this year is a little different where almost half of the time spent is focused on new hardware. And the hardware that is presented ranges from something that is coming out in weeks ahead to something that is coming in 2023.

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    Shopping Apple Devices and others on a Budget

    If you are reading the news in the United States in mid 2020, there is a lot to be concerned about: high-inflation which leads to high prices. There’s a war on the edge of Europe which allegedly makes gas prices higher, which in turn leads to higher prices of goods. Businesses are laying off people to cut costs. However, in any crisis like this recession, there are a lot of opportunities.

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    Apple Self Service Repair Review

    In 2021, in the face of the right-to-repair movement that is gaining momentum in the USA and around the world, Apple announced that they will introduce self-service sometime next year. Now, it’s 2022, and right on the heels of Earth Day, Apple finally but quietly announced the Self Service Repair program without much further ado. But, what it is that Apple has actually announced and what devices that Apple covers in the Self Service Repair (SSR) program?

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    Mac Studio Compared: M1 Ultra vs M1 Max

    The M1 Ultra, to date, represents the pinnacle of Apple’s effort to carve their own way in the chips department for the Macs, vis-a-vis Apple Silicon. But the barrier for entry is quite high at the moment. The M1 Ultra is only available for their desktop offering with a “base” level specs that sets you back for $4,000. The Mac Studio however, has a cheaper version that features the binned version of the M1 Max, starting at only half the price.

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    Mac Studio vs Macbook Pro

    One of Apple’s greatest moves in recent years was Apple’s decision to move away from Intel processors for the Mac and transition to their own solution called Apple Silicon. The masterstroke is not only that we have new powerful Macs, Apple manages to streamline their entire technology stack to their own solution, which is uniquely Apple. Now, we are at the final legs of the transition, the Mac technology stack has become clearer than ever, but there are gaps that need to be answered.

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