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Techtember 2021: Apple September 2021 Events Preview

Update: Apple has sent out invitation to the September event with the tagline “California Streaming”. The online-only event is scheduled at 10am PDT, 14th September 2021. Apple logo is in neon white and color themes indicates dark blue, sunset red / pink. Update: Apple has updated their website to the event. If you have an iPhone, you can click on the event page and it will launch an AR page.

M1 Desktops fight: Mac Mini vs iMac

At the glance, the M1 Mac Mini and the newly redesigned M1 iMac 24" looked they are two completely different product that cater to two different Apple user demographics. In most cases, you will be right, but now both the Mac Mini and iMac is pretty much running with the same hardware but with different accessories, one would wonder how similar or different the Mac Mini and the iMac if both of them are similarly priced?

2021 iMac vs 2017 iMac Pro

When the iMac Pro was released in 2017, it was a stop gap measure between updating the trash can Mac Pro (released in 2013 and never updated) and the arrival of the newest Mac Pro (released in 2019). Now the iMac Pro has not been updated since it’s release and Apple announced that it is moving towards their own Apple Silicon starting from Nov 2020. Is the iMac Pro still a relevant machine and how does it stack up with Apple latest consumer PC, the new iMac?


On 20th April 2021, Apple unveil the highly anticipated iMac refresh. The new iMac has been completely redesign and for the first time since the original iMac, it comes with a variety of colors. This new iMac is not only a design refresh, but also a completely relaunch of the entire Mac line up and by extension, the Apple company. Plug: Audiable allows you to listen to your favorite books while on the go.

Apple April 2021 Event Predictions vs Actual (Updated)

No matter how exotic human civilization becomes, no matter the developments of life and society nor the complexity of human/machine interface, there always come interludes of lonely power when the course of humankind, the very future of humankind, depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals. from the Tleilaxu Godbuk Predicting the future is a tough business especially when the outcome of the future we are talking about depends on actions of a single company.

Imagining the new iMac 2021

Apple first unveil the current slim unibody design in a October 2012 event. This design has more or less stay the same for 9 years, which means around 100 years in the IT world. Since those 9 years, the iPhone has gone around 8 iterations, the camera system has been improved by leaps and bounds, networking and processing power has managed to grow geometrically while the design has gotten more and more sleek.

What to Expect in Apple March 2021 Event

Spring is approaching in the Northern hemisphere and things are beginning to thaw. Out from winter, we expects things will grow out from the ground. Of the them is Apple products from the Steve Jobs Theather in Cupertino. Historically, Apple does not send out invitations until 1 week before the event happens. You’ll get more hint based on the event card that Apple send out. But since there’s no card at press time, here are the rumors that are circulating:-