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Techtober 2021: Apple October 2021 Preview

Apple dropped the invite on 12th October for an October event with the tagline “Unleashed”. The poster shows that you are about to go into hyperspace like in Star Wars or Star Trek and jumping off to another part of the galaxy. The invite has a lot of things that is different about Apple. The event is on a Monday (usually they do it on Tuesdays or Wednesdays), the turnaround time is just around 6 days (usually around 2 weeks) and they do it, relatively speaking, quitely (the Apple webpage is barely changed, still trying to promote the iPhone 13).

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro

On April 2021 special event, Apple surprised everyone by updating their new iPad Pro not only with their first MiniLED screen which rivals their top of the line display, but by putting a chip that was meant for laptops and desktop on a tablet. Enter the iPad Pro M1. The previous version of the iPad Pro was known as a powerhouse, and yet, Apple decided to up the ante to stratospheric levels by putting a laptop chip on a tablet.

MacBook Air vs Pro: Which M1 Laptops Should You Buy?

On WWDC 2020, Tim Cook announced to the world that Apple is making major changes on their Macs. They announced that they Macs will moving away from Intel CPU to their own CPU dubbed Apple Silicon. Couple months later and they introduce the M1 chip which ship on the lower end Macs namely the Mac Mini, MacBook Air and the lower end MacBook Pro 13". People are mind-blown by the M1 performance.

What to Expect in Apple March 2021 Event

Spring is approaching in the Northern hemisphere and things are beginning to thaw. Out from winter, we expects things will grow out from the ground. Of the them is Apple products from the Steve Jobs Theather in Cupertino. Historically, Apple does not send out invitations until 1 week before the event happens. You’ll get more hint based on the event card that Apple send out. But since there’s no card at press time, here are the rumors that are circulating:-

Macbook Alternatives

It might because of work reason. Or personal reason. Or you just prefer Windows over a Mac. It might because you love to game on the laptop and Windows is simply the better choice. Whatever, the reasons, it’s good to know that there are good Apple MacBook alternatives out there available for purchase. Here are my three favorite laptops that runs Windows. Before reading on, here is a plug: Please help grow this site by visiting my affiliate links below:-

The $1000 Laptop Challenge

So you have $1000 to spend and you need a portable computer and accessories. MacBook Air - Default Laptop The MacBook Air is the laptop of choice for people who want a solid platform which they can count on. Versatile, powerful and highly customizeble, it is a weapon of choice for creators and consumer a like. The MacBook Air has recently been upgrade with M1 series chip and the review has been stupendous.