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Apple Invisible AI products

The biggest tech buzzword for 2023 is Artificial Intelligence. We are bombarded by news that we are getting closer to the holy grail which is general artificial intelligence. Through keywords like transformative model, large language model, tensor matrix, and supervised machine learning we got things like Google Bard chatbot, OpenAI’s infamous ChatGPT chatbot, and Stable Diffusion image generator. One famous name that seems to be absent in all of these is Apple.

How Nvidia and AMD Use AI to Improve Gaming Performance

GPU manufacturers have found a unique solution to enhance gaming performance. They are using AI to make low-spec hardware run modern AAA titles. The technology also makes 100+fps 4K gaming possible on large displays. AMD and Nvidia are not the sole developers of this technology. Intel, with their latest Arc GPUs, also features XeSS. AI-based frame addition and resolution upscaling methods make gaming accessible to everyone. Gamers and professionals can evaluate the performance impact of individual AI technology through benchmarking.