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  • How We Use Superconductors Today

    Sometime in late July 2023, three South Korean scientists released a paper that claimed that they had created a material that is a superconductor at room temperature and at ambient pressure. Of course, such extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, which shows a series of videos that shows the material levitates and some graph showing nearly zero resistance at room temperature. Of course, if this is true, experts are claiming that it will bring a new scientific and engineering revolution that will usher in a new technological age.

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    Security: Free Password Managers Compared

    According to a report, hackers leaked around 721 million passwords in 2022. That means, for every second, 23 passwords are leaked onto the internet which can compromise your security. Why is this important? If we reuse passwords for our account, a breach in one account and lead to a breach in other accounts. So one way to mitigate this is to use a password manager service. How Password Manager Works A password manager works by how you think it works: by managing your password in a centralized location.

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    M2 Ultra vs Nvidia RTX 4090

    The M2 Ultra and the RTX 4090 represent flagship products from Apple and Nvidia, each bringing their best performance to the table. However, the approach from each company couldn’t be any more different. Nvidia is what one considers the “old school” of thinking where you specialize in doing one thing and doing it very well, by any means necessary. This means bumping up the clock speed and power consumption to the limit that components might melt from the heat.

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    Battle of M2 Ultras: Mac Studio 2023 vs Mac Pro 2023

    Apple finally updated the Mac Pro in WWDC 2023, thus completing the transition from Intel processors to their own Apple Silicon. In the same event, Apple also updated the Mac Studio lineup to feature the M2 Max and for the first time, M2 Ultra. What’s surprising is Apple released a Mac Pro which is essentially an M2 Ultra Studio but with PCI-Express slots. Everything else is basically what you get in the Mac Studio: the memory and storage options, the graphic options, and no option for upgradability.

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    How To Try Apple Vision Pro Today

    Apple announced the [Vision Pro] for [WWDC 2023] with an eye-watering price tag of $3,500. The price is a very high barrier of entry to many, but rest assured, you do have alternatives if you just want to try out the new visionOS but do not want to spend the dough. The trick is basically to run visionOS (the operating system that runs the Vision Pro) in the Simulator and test out visionOS to your heart’s content.

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    Unlocking Online Freedom: Complete Guide to Internet Privacy and Security on Mac

    Securing your computer may seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Just a few simple actions can protect your Mac from common threats without affecting its functionality. There is no limit to perfection in terms of digital privacy protection, but for most people, basic protection is sufficient. Here we provide tips to help you protect your online privacy and improve the security of your device. What Is Internet Privacy? Internet privacy is a paramount concern for individuals living in today’s digital age.

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    M2 Ultra vs Intel 13th Generation Core i9-13900KS

    From the 80s to the 2010s, Intel was the king of the hill in building microprocessors. Their manufacturing process is cutting edge, their performance was ahead of the class and there are no competitors nearby. Today, things are way different. Intel is now in a marathon race and its position as the leader of the pack is in danger. Competitors like AMD, TSMC, Samsung, and even Apple who used Intel chips in their Macs are closing in and in some cases, beating Intel in its own game.

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    Mac Studio vs Mac Mini: Which one gives the best value?

    After months of speculation, Apple finally updated the Mac Studio during WWDC ‘23 and thus, unveiled the new M2 Ultra chip. With the Mac Pro sporting the M2 Ultra chip, it completes the transition from Intel to its own Apple Silicon. Now we have the entire desktop line-up, which gives the most value for your money? The basic Mac Mini? The Mac Mini with the M2 Pro? Is the M2 Ultra overkill for power users?

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    Mac Studio 2023 vs Macbook Pro 2023

    Apple annouced updates to their Mac line during WWDC ‘23. Among them is the new 15-inch MacBook Air and the anticipated Mac Studio, and finally, the long-awaited Mac Pro. Now the dust is settled, and you are now in the market for getting a professional Mac to augment your workflow. What would be the better way to spend your multi-thousand-dollar budget? The MacBook Pro or the Mac Studio? Mac Studio The Mac Studio is Apple’s high-end desktop slotted below the recently updated Mac Pro.

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    WWDC 2023 Prediction & Recap

    Every June, Apple will host a special event called World Wide Developers Conference or WWDC. The keynote is what everyone will see and what news outlets will report the most, but the special event is weeklong instead an hour. It is where Apple showcases its software architectures, software & hardware developers can see and talk to Apple software engineers to discuss the details of the Apple ecosystem. And sometimes, there will be some new hardware announcements.

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