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  • Why cPanel Is Best Control Panel for Your Website

    When you become a website owner, the work with your website is not limited by its mere creating and uploading to your web hosting server. Instead, there are many more things to solve and much work to do. For this reason, there are various applications that can help you in this regard, a popular one of which is the cPanel control panel. In the following, we are going to look at the advantages of cPanel VPS and why it’s the best control panel for your website.

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    Should You Get the Macbook Pro M2?

    When Apple introduced M2 SOC sometime in mid-2022, it was introduced in their two best-selling laptops: the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Air was updated with an all-new design and introduced new technologies. The MacBook Pro, meanwhile, basically had the same design from 2016 and except for the internals, nothing is changed. So why Apple is still selling the MacBook Pro M2 with a price difference of $100 against the MacBook Air?

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    ChatGPT-4 Explained

    OpenAI, the company that take over the world by storm six months ago with the launch of ChatGPT-3 has announced that they have launched the updated version of their chatbot creatively named ChatGPT-4. Here are the things that you should know about the updated ChatGPT-4 and how it could help you (or replace your job). What is ChatGPT-4 It’s an updated chatbot: As the name suggests, GPT-4 is the fourth version of the automated chatbot developed by OpenAI, which has attracted investment from celebrities in the industry and most recently, $1 billion from Microsoft.

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    Developing on the iPad Pro

    Imagine this scenario: you are on vacation, and you only bought your iPad Pro since you are expecting to “decompress” from your work. Then, your boss is calling in that one of your codes is buggy on production and is affecting user experience and needs to be fixed now. Luckily it is a small fix but you didn’t bring your work laptop. What do you do? Challenges of Developing on iPad Pro There are a few things to know when developing on the iPad Pro

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    What We Know - Mac Pro 2023

    As of March 2023, the Mac Pro is the only Apple product that behaves in a very un-Apple way. It is the only product that Apple makes that at the heart does not run on an Apple-designed chip. It is the only Apple product designed to be user-replaceable internal components. It is the only product that Apple designed not for consumers, but as a professional tool. Despite being the anomaly in the range of Apple products, it is considered to be the pinnacle and ultimate expression of what an Apple product should be.

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    Moonshot Projects Explained

    Over the years, we would hear about projects, so big, so consequential, that they are called “moonshot” projects. Projects that company’s said that they bet the farm, in which if they failed, the company that initiated the project might also go under. We explore where did the term come from and what are corporate-level “moonshot” programs that companies made and what is the effect to their bottom line and technology in general.

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    Choose the right Mac Mini: Mac Mini M2 vs Mac Mini M2 Pro

    The Mac Mini is one of Apple’s best product. Small, value for money, and low barrier to entry. Apple updated the Mac Mini in January 202 and made a lot of improvements. Apple not only spec bump the Mac Mini to include the M2 chip, but also lowered the base price by $100 to $599. If you are a student, you can even get a $100 discount making the Mac Mini a sub $500 computer which can do 8K video editing.

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    What Productivity Apps to Install in Your Mac

    Thinking about productivity, all apps should be good because they boost it. However, we’re going to list the best productivity software for Mac and Apple in 2023 in general. Hopefully, this list is going to give you something good to work with. Task Management Task management software should be a must for anyone’s professional desktop or laptop. It’s not time-efficient when the tasks aren’t managed well. We’re talking about not wasting your time, of course.

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    M2 Max vs Nvidia 4080 RTX Mobile

    Apple and Nvidia updated their latest graphic offerings for 2023 in January. Nvidia has finally released their highly anticipated RTX 40-series graphic chips while Apple has finally spec-bumped their critically acclaimed M2 “professional” chip. Nvidia, the performance crown, has doubled down on making huge leaps of performance at the cost of power consumption while Apple, which has been criticized for having underpowered graphics compared to their peers managed to bump performance while maintaining power consumption.

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    Mac Studio 2022 vs MacBook Pro 2023

    One of Apple’s greatest moves in recent years was Apple’s decision to move away from Intel processors for the Mac and transition to their own solution called Apple Silicon. The masterstroke is not only that we have new powerful Macs, but Apple also manages to streamline their entire technology stack to their own solution, which is uniquely Apple. Now, we are at the final legs of the transition, the Mac technology stack has become clearer than ever, but there are gaps that need to be answered.

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