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MacBook Pro M3 vs MacBook Pro M3 Pro: Is The $400 Difference Worth It?

During the October “Scary Fast” event, Apple unveiled their latest chip powering the flagship laptop, MacBook Pro. Instead of dripping out new chips every few months, Apple decided to rip the band-aid this time and unveil an entirely new line from the get-go. The biggest change in the MacBook Pro lineup is the M3 has moved its shell from the MacBook Pro with the TouchBar to the newer chassis that was introduced in 2020.

Are Apple Products Expensive?

Go ask anybody, a lot of people will agree that Apple products are expensive. Yet, we go down every place, there’s a lot of people using Apple products like AirPods, iPhone, Apple Watch (100 million people and counting) and iPhones (1 billion and counting). So naturally, we think to say Apple products are expensive is misleading because most people compare their products with lower quality products, which in turn costs less.