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Why Apple Won't Focus on Foladables

Like all technologies that arrive at the consumer’s doorstep, foldable displays are not new technologies. They have been around since the mid-2000s. There was a dream about having displays rolled around like a scroll and unfolded when they needed to be used. Early patents for foldable display apparatus were unveiled in 2014. Most smartphone manufacturer believes that folding displays are the next evolution in devices that we bring everywhere. And it is rightly so.

Apple Vision Pro Reviews

The Apple Vision Pro has finally hit the streets. During launch day, it was estimated that Apple sold around 200,000 units of Vision Pro and expected to hit 500,000 units by the end of the year. Quite impressive considering it is a $3,500 device, one of the most expensive devices that Apple makes. Right now Vision Pro is only available in the USA and new markets like Europe, China, and Japan will be rolled out by the end of the year.

Apple Vision Pro vs Meta Quest

The Apple Vision Pro is finally coming to market in the US in early February after being shown at WWDC 2023. After months of anticipation, the new Apple product is here. However, is the new $3,500 spatial computer can unseat the king of VR, the Meta Quest or more specifically, Meta Quest 3? We dig deeper to find out. Meta Quest Meta Quest is a product by Meta that is bringing VR headsets to the masses.

How To Try Apple Vision Pro Today

Apple announced the [Vision Pro] for [WWDC 2023] with an eye-watering price tag of $3,500. The price is a very high barrier of entry to many, but rest assured, you do have alternatives if you just want to try out the new visionOS but do not want to spend the dough. The trick is basically to run visionOS (the operating system that runs the Vision Pro) in the Simulator and test out visionOS to your heart’s content.


An operating system is a special kind of software that sits on your computer. The most basic function is to act as the interface between your computer hardware and computer software. Examples of operating systems on the market are Microsoft Windows which runs on PCs and Apple, macOS which runs on Macs, iOS which runs on iPhones, iPadOS which runs on iPads, and watchOS which runs on Apple Watch

Vision Pro

Virtual Reality is not a new technology. It was first demoed back in the 1960s. For years, the technology remains decades away from general use. Only in the 2020s, the technology finally caught up to make virtual reality, well, a reality. Back in 2005, Steve Jobs remarked that there’s no good headphones-type device for your monitor displays. Like how good headphones can replicate some really good speakers, but there’s no equivalent for monitor displays.