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Snapdragon 888 vs A15 Bionic Comparison: Architecture, Benchmark and Ecosystem

Apple just updated their iPhone and iPad line up to the iPhone 13 and the introduction of the new iPad and iPad Mini. Just like every phone that Apple updates every year, it comes with a new processor that powers the phone. As always, Apple claims that this year is faster by a wide margin than last year’s processors and you will be able to do a lot more with all that power.

Snapdragon 888 vs A14 Bionic Comparison: Architecture, Benchmark and Ecosystem

Update: We added coverage on the new A15 chip and compared it to the SnapDragon 888. You can read about it here. Since the dawn of the smartphone age, Apple has been the company that everyone wants to beat. And for good reason: despite having only having arond 30% of the smartphone market share, it holds over 60% of smartphone profit share. Apple chip devision which powers the iPhone helps in this regard.