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Macbook Pro Setup Guide: From Noob To Pro-Pro

The new 2021 MacBook Pro is Appleā€™s return to form and a game changer. Not only is it the most powerful laptop on the market at launch, it retains the same power even when being on batteries, some feat that the competitors could not match at the time. The battery life extension was second to none, and for a lot of people, it was basically a brand new technology. Adding ports back means that the MacBook Pro is as versatile as it should be.

iPhone 13 Setup Guide

The iPhone 13 has just come out and the next thing you want to do after buying it is to accessorize your phone. Some might opt for a case and call it a day, but the iPhone can be more than just a smartphone. It can be your professional tool, an extension of you or your life recorder. Find out how to make the best of your brand new iPhone 13.

Mac Mini Setup Guide from Noob to Pro

When Steve Job first unveil the Mac Mini, one of the by line that he presents is the BYODKM (Bring You Own Display Keyboard and Mouse) Mac. Unlike every other Mac that is usable right out of the box, this is a headless unit aim at customizer and those who wanted a taste of Mac. The original launch price was $499. When counted for inflation, the original Mac Mini was $697 in 2021 dollars and today, you can basically get the base spec Mac Mini at $699 (before discounts).