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Samsung Galaxy S22 vs Apple iPhone 13

On February 2022, Samsung has unveiled their latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy series S22. Just like last year, they come in three guise: the regular S22, the S22+ and the high end S22 Ultra. And just like last year, they bought in new chips and features that aim to compete with Apple and other android phones to be the best smartphone on the market. Let’s see how they fare against their ultimate opponent: the iPhone 13 series.

AirTags vs the Competition

Apple launched the new AirTags during the April 2021 special event. It was one of the three new products that it presented and Apple spend around 20 minutes talking about it. For Apple, it is a brand new product category, something to make their ecosystem lusher, but for others, it is the new kid on the block. bluetooth tracker has been on the market at least since 2013 and Apple just entered an already established market.