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Apple M3 Max vs Nvidia Rtx 4090 Mobile

lede Apple updated their apple silicon lineup for 2023 holidays nvidia, the king of the hill carry on with the RTX 4090 mobile. M3 Max differences in approach -> shows difference in solution unlike nvidia, Apple approach is more holistic. GPU and CPU are integrated and share the same memory built on latest 3nm TSMC manufacturing process -> apple bought TSMC entire manufacturing lines, so they going to have first mover advantage for some time 40 GPU cores, support up to 128GB and dynamic caching first time -> hardware accelerated mesh shading / ray-tracing.

How Nvidia and AMD Use AI to Improve Gaming Performance

GPU manufacturers have found a unique solution to enhance gaming performance. They are using AI to make low-spec hardware run modern AAA titles. The technology also makes 100+fps 4K gaming possible on large displays. AMD and Nvidia are not the sole developers of this technology. Intel, with their latest Arc GPUs, also features XeSS. AI-based frame addition and resolution upscaling methods make gaming accessible to everyone. Gamers and professionals can evaluate the performance impact of individual AI technology through benchmarking.

M2 Ultra vs Nvidia RTX 4090

The M2 Ultra and the RTX 4090 represent flagship products from Apple and Nvidia, each bringing their best performance to the table. However, the approach from each company couldn’t be any more different. Nvidia is what one considers the “old school” of thinking where you specialize in doing one thing and doing it very well, by any means necessary. This means bumping up the clock speed and power consumption to the limit that components might melt from the heat.

M2 Max vs Nvidia 4080 RTX Mobile

Apple and Nvidia updated their latest graphic offerings for 2023 in January. Nvidia has finally released their highly anticipated RTX 40-series graphic chips while Apple has finally spec-bumped their critically acclaimed M2 “professional” chip. Nvidia, the performance crown, has doubled down on making huge leaps of performance at the cost of power consumption while Apple, which has been criticized for having underpowered graphics compared to their peers managed to bump performance while maintaining power consumption.

M1 Ultra vs Nvidia RTX 3090

In Apple’s March “Peek Performance” Event, Apple revealed to the world their latest and greatest Apple Silicon to date: the M1 Ultra in, for the first time in over a decade, a brand new Mac, the Mac Studio. During the presentations, Apple made many bold claims such as astounding 800 MB/s memory bandwidth and performance that may beat top of the line cards like the Nvidia’s GTX 3090. As Arthur C.