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MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro is Apple’s top-of-the-line laptop and perhaps the best selling Mac Apple makes, right after the MacBook Air. While the MacBook Air is aimed at casual or light users of the macOS platform, the MacBook Pro has been a workhorse for people who make a living using a laptop. In 2018, Apple showcase an ad featuring the MacBook Pro named “Behind the Mac” showing all the accomplish professional working on their next big thing on a MacBook Pro.

iMovie in iPad vs Macs: Differences that will make your head scratch

One of the selling points and key features of Apple ecosystem is that they have a slew of common apps in every device they have sold. And if you register all your devices in iCloud, the apps can be synched up with every device you have and act in a certain way. This is pretty much true for Apple’s utility apps like Messages (with iMessage), photos, Shortcuts (coming to Monterey Bay), FaceTime, Stocks and others.

Mac Mini Setup Guide

When Steve Job first unveil the Mac Mini, one of the by line that he presents is the BYODKM (Bring You Own Display Keyboard and Mouse) Mac. Unlike every other Mac that is usable right out of the box, this is a headless unit aim at customizer and those who wanted a taste of Mac. The original launch price was $499. When counted for inflation, the original Mac Mini was $697 in 2021 dollars and today, you can basically get the base spec Mac Mini at $699 (before discounts).

MagSafe: Past, Present and Future

MagSafe is Apple elegant solution to the charging problem. It an epitome of Apple design and attention to detail. Attacking even the smallest and banest solution to the everyday problem to make life and the experience of using their devices better, which in the end, give the best possible experience for their device. Plug: Audiable allows you to listen to your favourite books while on the go. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial.

Things Apple Should Bring Back

Apple is known for some beautiful industry design that were trend setting at the time of introduction. The Mac which sets the way all-in-ones should be designed. The iMac which sets how computers should be viewed at, a work of art instead of just a tool. The iPhone designed, despite being mocked by competitors, sets the tone for the rest of the industry. There were some times that Apple has outdo everyone else and decided to cut off the products for various reasons, mostly economics or technological advancements.

Great macOS Exclusive Apps

Apple makes great hardware. And what takes it to the next level is the software that Apple and 3rd party developers makes for the Mac. These are the few macOS exclusive software that justifies the cost of owning a Mac. Final Cut Pro - Apple Source: Apple One of the major players in video editing, Final Cut Pro has help visionaries created a lot of videos from ads to Hollywood movies.