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Mac Studio vs Mac Mini: Which one gives the best value?

After months of speculation, Apple finally updated the Mac Studio during WWDC ‘23 and thus, unveiled the new M2 Ultra chip. With the Mac Pro sporting the M2 Ultra chip, it completes the transition from Intel to its own Apple Silicon. Now we have the entire desktop line-up, which gives the most value for your money? The basic Mac Mini? The Mac Mini with the M2 Pro? Is the M2 Ultra overkill for power users?

Choose the right Mac Mini: Mac Mini M2 vs Mac Mini M2 Pro

The Mac Mini is one of Apple’s best product. Small, value for money, and low barrier to entry. Apple updated the Mac Mini in January 202 and made a lot of improvements. Apple not only spec bump the Mac Mini to include the M2 chip, but also lowered the base price by $100 to $599. If you are a student, you can even get a $100 discount making the Mac Mini a sub $500 computer which can do 8K video editing.

Mac Mini M2 Pro vs Mac Studio M1 Max

When reviewing the Mac Mini, MKBHD, a top Youtube tech review went on record that the Mac Min M2 Pro is faster in both single and multicore performance than the $5,999 Mac Pro. What a time to be alive to how fast things change in tech. Screen grab from MKBHD where the CPU performance of the M2 Pro outpaces a base Mac Pro. While the M2 Pro Mac Mini starts at $1,299, you can easily spec the unit to match the $1,999 price of a base Mac Studio featuring a M1 Max.

Apple September 2022 Event Preview

September is the most important month of the year for Apple and the tech industry. Why? Because it’s the month where Apple invites and unveils Updates to Apple’s most important product to date: the iPhone. Some critics have said that we’re reaching the peak smartphone era, but it still doesn’t stop Apple from making mountains of money. Here’s a preview of what we can expect from Apple in September. iPhone 14 Of course, the one product that everyone is anticipating is the new iPhone.

Apple March 2022 Event Preview

It starts with the picture of the sky, or a scene of the apple orchard in Apple Park. With impressive technical special effects wizardry, we are transported into the Steve Jobs theater where the hall is dimmed and the stage is lighted up. Tim Cook comes to the stage with rigor, shouts “Good Morning!”. And the show officially starts. Apple would hold an event every season to showcase their latest and greatest product or service.

Mac Pro Setup Guide: The Bests are All In

One of the most anticipated Mac transitions from Intel to Apple Silicon would be Apple’s ultimate expression of the Mac: the Mac Pro. Since the introduction in WWDC 2019 to its release in late 2019 to today, there are many supporters and detractors of the Mac Pro. Some say that it is unnecessary, expensive and over engineered. Others lauded for its expandability and usefulness. Rack mounted Mac Pro We are here to support the notion that while the Mac Pro is a niche and expensive product, it is a necessary tool for professionals to do the work.

Apple 2022 Product Roadmap

For the 2023 Product Roadmap, please refer to the link here As 2021 is coming to close, we take a look back at what is happening in the computing world in general and Apple in particular. So far, 2021 brings us ups and downs for everything ranging from a contested election, the emergence of a variant of COVID-19 that partially stops the world again to people adjusting to a new normal of working in new ways.

Mac Mini

The first Mac Mini was released in 2005 to encourage people to try the macOS system. It was the lowest cost Mac to own and it does not come with any other periperhals. You have to use your own mouse, keyboard and monitor. While not the best selling Mac by any strech, it has it’s legions of avid fans who love the form factor, use it as a Home Theather PC, love the ability to customize your setup instead of using Apple’s pre-built config like the iMac and use it as a render / server farm for various high-performance-computing solution.

Techtober 2021: Apple October 2021 Preview

Apple dropped the invite on 12th October for an October event with the tagline “Unleashed”. The poster shows that you are about to go into hyperspace like in Star Wars or Star Trek and jumping off to another part of the galaxy. The invite has a lot of things that is different about Apple. The event is on a Monday (usually they do it on Tuesdays or Wednesdays), the turnaround time is just around 6 days (usually around 2 weeks) and they do it, relatively speaking, quitely (the Apple webpage is barely changed, still trying to promote the iPhone 13).

Mac Mini Setup Guide from Noob to Pro

When Steve Job first unveiled the Mac Mini, one of the byline that he presents is the BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display Keyboard and Mouse) Mac. Unlike every other Mac that is usable right out of the box, this is a headless unit aimed at customizers and those who wanted a taste of Mac. The original launch price was $499. When counted for inflation, the original Mac Mini was $697 in 2021 dollars and today, you can basically get the base spec Mac Mini at $699 (before discounts).

Mac Mini vs iMac: Which one is the right one for you?

At the glance, the M1 Mac Mini and the newly redesigned M1 iMac 24" looked they are two completely different product that cater to two different Apple user demographics. In most cases, you will be right, but now both the Mac Mini and iMac is pretty much running with the same hardware but with different accessories, one would wonder how similar or different the Mac Mini and the iMac if both of them are similarly priced?