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MacBook Pro battle: M3 Pro vs M3 Max. Is It Worth It?

The starting price for a M3 Pro MacBook Pro is $1,999. The starting price of the M3 Max MacBook Pro is $2,999. From the outset, you can’t tell a difference if this 14" MacBook Pro has M3 Pro or M3 Max chip. And in some cases, you can’t even tell if it has the base M3 chip but we are not talking about that. What we want to know is if it is worth it to invest an extra $1,000 to get that M3 Max on the MacBook Pro?

MacBook Pro M3 vs MacBook Pro M3 Pro: Is The $400 Difference Worth It?

During the October “Scary Fast” event, Apple unveiled their latest chip powering the flagship laptop, MacBook Pro. Instead of dripping out new chips every few months, Apple decided to rip the band-aid this time and unveil an entirely new line from the get-go. The biggest change in the MacBook Pro lineup is the M3 has moved its shell from the MacBook Pro with the TouchBar to the newer chassis that was introduced in 2020.

M3 Family

The M3 family of Apple Silicon was announced at Apple’s “Scary Fast” October event. Unlike previous events where Apple drips the introduction of Apple Silicon over a year, we get the top 3 most used Apple Silicon in one single shot. Considering that Apple just introduced the M2 Pro and M2 Max earlier this year, it is a surprise move from Apple. General Improvements Here are the general improvements that the M3 family has:

Macbook Pro M3

Apple updated the MacBook Pro during their October “Scary Fast” event. Apple updated the MacBook Pro to the M2 Pro and M2 Max chip earlier this year, so the update is ahead of schedule. Here’s what you need to know in regard to the updates:- M3 Family The star of the show is the introduction of the M3 family and Apple decided to update unleash the most popular M3 chips right out of the gate.

Apple October 2023 Event Recap

Right before Halloween, Apple dropped some product updates with the theme “Scary Fast”. The drops are a bit unusual for Apple because it’s the first time that they dropped at 5 pm (usually it’s 10 am in California) and historically quite late (usually by mid-October). The event unfolded in a record time of 30 minutes (usually it’s over an hour of product showcase extravaganza). So here’s what you need to know from Apple’s October Event of 2023.