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Mac Mini

The first Mac Mini was released in 2005 to encourage people to try the macOS system. It was the lowest cost Mac to own and it does not come with any other periperhals. You have to use your own mouse, keyboard and monitor. While not the best selling Mac by any strech, it has it’s legions of avid fans who love the form factor, use it as a Home Theather PC, love the ability to customize your setup instead of using Apple’s pre-built config like the iMac and use it as a render / server farm for various high-performance-computing solution.

Techtober 2021: Apple October 2021 Preview

Apple dropped the invite on 12th October for an October event with the tagline “Unleashed”. The poster shows that you are about to go into hyperspace like in Star Wars or Star Trek and jumping off to another part of the galaxy. The invite has a lot of things that is different about Apple. The event is on a Monday (usually they do it on Tuesdays or Wednesdays), the turnaround time is just around 6 days (usually around 2 weeks) and they do it, relatively speaking, quitely (the Apple webpage is barely changed, still trying to promote the iPhone 13).