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Pro iPhones Compared: From iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 15 Pro

One of the criticisms of Apple is they seem to be selling the same iPhone year after year. The designs are the same! The camera is just 12MP! Even the colors are not much different between this generation and the next. While on the surface, those people are right to a degree, Apple’s designs are subtle from year to year and many people will notice. However, just like evolution, those small changes over the generations will add up over time.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 15: What Difference 3 Years Makes

One of the criticisms about Apple is they basically release the same products every year with hardly any real changes to it. And yet, millions and millions of people bought their products. In fact, it’s so much that they are the most valuable company on Earth. Why it is so? We take a look at the changes from this year’s iPhone 15 and compare it with the base iPhone from 3 years ago, the iPhone 12, and see how those small changes become substantial over generations.

iPhone 15 Lineup

Apple finally launched the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro at their annual September special event. Here is what you need to know about Apple’s best-selling device. iPhone 15 / iPhone 15 Plus What’s new Colors: The iPhone 15 comes in 5 new colors: black, blue, green, yellow, and pink. The colors are somewhat muted instead of popping up. Dynamic Island: Dynamic Island comes to the base iPhone. USB-C: Due to an EU law which will take into effect by 2024, the iPhone has finally switched from a Lighting port to USB-C.

Apple September 2023 Event Recap

There is no doubt that the iPhone is Apple’s most important product. When looking at the revenue graph, the money that comes from the iPhone is like a mountain compared to other Apple products. So there’s no reason to believe that Apple pulled all the stops to ensure their September product reveal would be the best of the entire year. Just in time for the holiday shopping season. And this year, things are no different.

Evolution of iPhone Boxes

For many manufacturers, the box that you ship your product serves only two purposes: to protect your product on the way to the hands of the customers and to help advertise your product when displayed in stores. Apple, being the more detailed-orientated company has put a lot more thought into the packaging box. For Apple, the packaging box is not just a mere vessel, but a statement of what the company represents.

Apple's CPU History

A few years ago, Apple did something very significant: they launched their line of CPUs that power their Macs. Because instead of being like other PC manufacturers that rely on Intel, Windows, Nvidia, et al to build the final product, Apple has vertical integration in their desktops and laptops. But this move has been a long time coming for Apple. We review Apple’s history of CPU usage to reveal that Apple carving its own path is the most logical path for Apple.

How to Copy Text From Image on iPhone

Images often consist of some very informative and useful data in the form of text. There can be instances when you want to copy such data from images on your iPhone. For example, if you want to share only a specific part of text from an image and not the whole picture. You can approach this type of situation in different ways. The most common way of copying text from an image is the use of Optical Character Recognition technology.

Apple 2023 Product RoadMap

Apple 2023 Product Roadmap As 2022 comes to a close, let’s turn the page and look forward to 2023. Although the economic outlook for 2023 doesn’t look good right now, life goes on and work still needs to be done. Although there’s a round of layoff in the tech sector, which to a degree affects companies like Apple, this doesn’t mean that Apple is going to slow down in their product announcements: products need to be updated, research is still being done on the next big thing and and in general, updates are coming.

Apple 2023 Product RoadMap

Apple 2023 Product Roadmap As 2022 comes to a close, let’s turn the page and look forward to 2023. Although the economic outlook for 2023 doesn’t look good right now, life goes on and work still needs to be done. Although there’s a round of layoff in the tech sector, which to a degree affects companies like Apple, this doesn’t mean that Apple is going to slow down in their product announcements: products need to be updated, research is still being done on the next big thing and and in general, updates are coming.

Apple 2023 Product RoadMap

Apple 2023 Product Roadmap As 2022 comes to a close, let’s turn the page and look forward to 2023. Although the economic outlook for 2023 doesn’t look good right now, life goes on and work still needs to be done. Although there’s a round of layoff in the tech sector, which to a degree affects companies like Apple, this doesn’t mean that Apple is going to slow down in their product announcements: products need to be updated, research is still being done on the next big thing and and in general, updates are coming.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro: in-depth review

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, as of September 2022, is the latest smartphone from Apple and will, without a doubt, the best selling product from Apple in history. Here’s a deep dive about the latest and greatest iPhone and if you should upgrade to Cupertino’s latest moneymaker. iPhone 14 The iPhone comes in midnight, blue, starlight, purple and (PRODUCT)Red Since 2017, Apple has embarked in releasing the iPhone in two flavors: “high and low”.

Apple September 2022 Event Recap

The stage is set, everybody comes in and when the time comes, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple comes in and shouts “GOOD MORNING!!” And the crowd roars. Now the light pops up and the video starts. Yes, the lesson learned from the pandemic is it’s better to do the entire presentation in a pre-recorded video format than a live presentation. As usual, September is the most important event for Apple because it’s when they reveal their cash cow product and this time is no different.

It is worth it? Buying a Used iPhone 12

The smartphone revolution, which began when Apple unveiled the incredible first iPhone, has bought us a super device which basically became an extension of our lives. Years of stiff competition between Apple and Google (through Android OS and partners) with the occasional disruption by Microsoft has given us the promise that there will be new tricks, more shiny features, and above all, unmatched performance every year. Now, as we enter the 15th year of the smartphone revolution, we ask the question: have we reached peak smartphone?

Apple September 2022 Event Preview

September is the most important month of the year for Apple and the tech industry. Why? Because it’s the month where Apple invites and unveils Updates to Apple’s most important product to date: the iPhone. Some critics have said that we’re reaching the peak smartphone era, but it still doesn’t stop Apple from making mountains of money. Here’s a preview of what we can expect from Apple in September. iPhone 14 Of course, the one product that everyone is anticipating is the new iPhone.

WWDC 2022 Preview

WorldWide Developers Conference is an Apple event primarily directed at developers that work on Apple’s platform. It’s an event for Apple to showcase and market its upcoming features, their software direction for the next 12 months and also a place where Apple developers can talk directly with Apple engineers itself on how best to use Apple APIs. Traditionally it is held in the early June every year, at the midpoint of Apple events.

Apple March 2022 Event Recap

The neon lights start flashing in a dazzle of colors, the background hipster music blares giving an upbeat mood. More dazzle of neon colors goes around and the camera zooms out to reveal the Apple logo and a figure appears dress in bright blue with a yellow Apple Watch band. That person is the CEO, Tim Cook, and he as always, begins with his signature move: “Good Morning !!”. “Peek Performance” show has started and it is the first Apple event of the year.

iPhone: 15 years later. a Retrospective

On January 9th 2007, during an Apple event, Steve Job talked about Apple introducing three new devices: a new iPod, an telephone and internet communication device. In fact, it was actually one device and it was called the iPhone. It was one of a kind device and it captured the world’s imagination. 15 years since then, the iPhone has not only transformed Apple from a company that just came back to life support to an unstoppable technological behemoth, it also changed the modern world, for better or worse.

Christmas 2021 Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year where we exchange presents. Sometimes walking into the store you will be facing a mountain of choices and got lost on everything that you see. We’re here to help. Disclaimer all links shown here are amazon affilate links. A portion of the sale will go to me, it would not cost you extra. Prices are correct when i wrote it. Daily update until Boxing Day.

iPhone 13 vs Older iPhones

The iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the most technologically advanced smartphone that Apple ever make to date. The technologies that is packed in the Pro lines are class leading and in some cases, ahead of the competition. That being said, let’s not discount the “base” iPhone models. While Apple does not release sales figure by model types, but it is safe to assume that being at the lower price point than the Pro models, it’s a sales leader in Apple’s line up.

iPhone 13 Setup Guide

The iPhone 13 has just come out and the next thing you want to do after buying it is to accessorize your phone. Some might opt for a case and call it a day, but the iPhone can be more than just a smartphone. It can be your professional tool, an extension of you or your life recorder. Find out how to make the best of your brand new iPhone 13.

iPad Mini vs iPhone Pro Max

California Streaming, Apple September event came and went. In its wake, Apple unveil 4 product updates, the iPhone 13 line up, Apple Watch Series 7 line up, an updated iPad and redesigned iPad Mini. What is most curious is that the iPad Mini has been redesigned to be a closer iPad Air and sports the same chip that runs the iPhone 13 Pro. Now, it is curious to see, how does the iPad Mini compare with iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Techtember 2021: Apple September 2021 Events Preview

Update: Apple has sent out invitation to the September event with the tagline “California Streaming”. The online-only event is scheduled at 10am PDT, 14th September 2021. Apple logo is in neon white and color themes indicates dark blue, sunset red / pink. Update: Apple has updated their website to the event. If you have an iPhone, you can click on the event page and it will launch an AR page.

iPhone 13 Rumors Round Up

September is a very busy month for the tech communicy. This is the time where every major tech company will announce and release new product to be shipped globally before Christmas shopping season begins. Except for 2020 because of COVID-19, Apple has announced the new iPhone for the past 10 years. It is expect 2021 Apple will continue on this tradition. The hall darkens, the stage lit up, Tim Cook walks up and shouts 'Good Morning!

MagSafe: Past, Present and Future

MagSafe is Apple elegant solution to the charging problem. It an epitome of Apple design and attention to detail. Attacking even the smallest and banest solution to the everyday problem to make life and the experience of using their devices better, which in the end, give the best possible experience for their device. Plug: Audiable allows you to listen to your favourite books while on the go. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial.

French Repairability Index Explained

French began required smartphone makers to include repairability index on their devices to be displayed on January 2021. The importance and impact of this move can not be understated to consumer who wish to keep their devices for a long time. It is hoped that the momentum of this law will gain EU-wide recognition and move on to other large, well developed markets like US, Japan and China. We explore what this law requires and how it will impact future iPhones in particular and consumer electronics in general.

Why Apple Don't Build Their Own Stuff

It is the paradox of Apple. Apple is one of the largest seller of smartphones in the world, but Apple does not directly own any factory that makes. A few people wondered why Apple buys it screens from Samsung, LG and Sharp which are competing in the smartphone space. This is because Apple is in business of selling iPhone and the Apple ecosystem, not screens. The iPhone 12 Pro Max could have around 1000 individual components that are built from a dozen vendors and manufactured by a single vendor.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung S21 Ultra

It’s the age old question, iPhone or Android? 12 Pro or S21 Ultra? Freedom or Ecosystem? England or France? It’s hard to answer these despite both of them are going to celebrate 15 years helping running the world together next year. Take a look at what the best Cupertino and Seoul has to offer. Executive Summary: Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple’s flagship phone of 2020 Samsung S22 Ultra is Samsung flagship phone of 2021 Samsung S22 Ultra has a larger and brighter display Apple iPhone 13 has a better software / ecosystem, and is smaller The iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple flagship that was just released in Oct 2020, delayed to their typical timeline because of that weird way 2020 happen.

What Does the iPhone 13 Is Going to Look Like?

The iPhone 12 despite being delayed, launched with great fanfare. New design! New colors! 5G! LiDAR! But after the dust has settled, curiousity about the new iPhone has surface. First, will it be iPhone 12s or 13? What will it look like? Most likely what the iPhone 12 is going to look but in different color. Most likely, the colors will be blue and yellow. How do I know this? Trends.

Why iPhone Ships With Ultra Wide Lens

Making ultra wide is a higher technical hurdle than making telephotos lens and artistically, it gets better photos than telephone lens. It is more apparent on small sensor cameras like phone cameras than on full size camera like DSLRs. Technical challenges iPhone 12 7-element ultra wide lens. First, the technical challenges. One would think that if you slap a few lens and you’ll get an ultra wide right? Wrong! The problem with ultra wide lens or any lens construction is making a sharp, color consistent picture and it’s get harder the wider you go.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE

iPhone SE is the “budget” starter iPhone. It has been updated in early-2020 and expected to be on the market for the next 4 years. iPhone 12 Mini is the miniaturized version of the iPhone 12. For the iPhone 12 Mini The iPhone 12 Mini was launched because there was a perceived demand that users wanted something that is more compact in size as flagship phones grow larger and larger over the years.

MagSafe Stands

MagSafe is making a comeback through the iPhone lineup. It is Qi standard compatible, but added around 12 thin magnets around the charging coil to ensure a good and precise fit. Apple does not make an official MagSafe stand, but there are a few 3rd party vendors that makes them. Here are a few that we found on Amazon. Wallshell is a decent stand with rubber bottom and TPU (plastic) body.

Macbook Air vs Iphone Pro Max

This is an interesting idea since flagship phones are now at default laptop level prices. It used to have a distinction between phones and computers, and now with capabilities and usability are closer between them, it’s a legit good question. We take what once a ridiculous comparison into an investigation. iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Pocket Rocket. For this study, we take both the flagship iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the default laptop, the Apple Macbook Air M1.

Is iPhone 6s Relevant in 2021?

I still using the iPhone 6s as my children’s gaming phone. Slap a new battery and I believe I can still use the phone for daily use. What’s amazing is that it still support the latest iOS update (iOS 14) despite it was released in 2016. I cannot think of any andriod phones that was released in 2016 what is still being supported by the manufacturer, let alone being relevant. That all being said, I believe that are better alternatives on the market if one is looking for a new budget iPhone.

Will Apple Release Foldable iPhone?

Since September 2019, Samsung has released a smartphone with a foldable screen called the Galaxy Fold. Competitors like Motorola with their RAZR fold and Levono with their X1 Fold. Apple has been conspicuously silent on this product segment. But that does not mean that Apple is not looking into foldable displays. In fact, Apple has been thinking and playing with foldable display for almost 10 years now. Based on the patent filing tracked by Patently Apple, we do know that Apple has been working on foldable display for a long time.

Why There Is No Apple Foldable Screen Phones?

Samsung is one of the first companies to release a phone with a foldable screen with their Galaxy Fold. A few companies have fielded their foldable screen phones. The technology has been on the market for over two years now and Apple has been totally absent from the scene. Is Apple behind the curve? However that is not the case. Apple is focusing on best-in-class, not first-in-class. Another reason is foldable phones is nice and cool technology but has many drawbacks and what it is worth.

Durability in Electronics

The question that i got is how Apple cannot make iPhone maintenance cost cheaper or less prone to damage in other words, more durable. Apple is making the iPhone more durable but in doing so, cost of replacing said item would be more expensive. And exchanging the iPhone has the added benefit of being recycled instead of ending up in a landfill. Progress Above is the video that launched Unbox Therapy.

How to Take Better Pictures With Your iPhone

The iPhone camera is one of the most capable phone camera ever. It has essentially replaced the compact camera market. Now, more than 3 billion people carrying their cameras everywhere they go because the smartphone is basically the camera. Everyone takes snapshots with their camera. But with a little more knowledge, practice and insight, one of the best photos will be taken by iPhone. As a photographer’s adage goes, “The best camera is the one you take it with you”.

iPad Mini vs iPhone Pro Max

Update: In light of iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6 update, we have updated our comparison to reflect the new changes. You can read the comparison between the new generation iPhone and iPad Mini here They both has almost the same screen size, iPad Mini is 7.9" and iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.7". Just around 1.2" of difference or 3.05 cm for those in SI units. But yet they both like live in different planet.

How to Backup and Reset Your Iphone

Your iPhone is one of the most important and personal tools that you have in your possesion. Usually it will contains your photos of all the special events in your life, your personal and business contacts, your schedules, your business plans and notes and in many occasions, it is how you entertain yourself. Keeping a backup copy is important as keeping your personal data. How to back up your phone Using iCloud The easiest way to backup your iPhone is using iCloud.

Most Popular iPhone Color

Black and White will be the default choice for everyone getting any iPhone in the past, present and future. Why? Because black and white is the safest choice in choosing color. Disclaimer: I don’t have first hand iPhone sales data and Apple never release them, so my answer is based on pure speculation. iPhone now is a tool for business and businesses buy phones for their employees. What color does business like to choose?

Is Apple ProRAW Worth It?

Apple ProRAW is file format by Apple that contains minimally processed data from the sensor of the camera. Current supported camera is the iPhone 12. There were some third party apps that do capture RAW data from the iPhone camera. The difference is ProRAW include computational info like depth field, tone map and such. ProRAW contains more information like 12-bit depth for dynamic range instead of 10-bit for HEIF and 8-bit for normal jpeg.