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Pro iPhones Compared: From iPhone 11 Pro to iPhone 15 Pro

One of the criticisms of Apple is they seem to be selling the same iPhone year after year. The designs are the same! The camera is just 12MP! Even the colors are not much different between this generation and the next. While on the surface, those people are right to a degree, Apple’s designs are subtle from year to year and many people will notice. However, just like evolution, those small changes over the generations will add up over time.

iPhone 12 vs iPhone 15: What Difference 3 Years Makes

One of the criticisms about Apple is they basically release the same products every year with hardly any real changes to it. And yet, millions and millions of people bought their products. In fact, it’s so much that they are the most valuable company on Earth. Why it is so? We take a look at the changes from this year’s iPhone 15 and compare it with the base iPhone from 3 years ago, the iPhone 12, and see how those small changes become substantial over generations.

It is worth it? Buying a Used iPhone 12

The smartphone revolution, which began when Apple unveiled the incredible first iPhone, has bought us a super device which basically became an extension of our lives. Years of stiff competition between Apple and Google (through Android OS and partners) with the occasional disruption by Microsoft has given us the promise that there will be new tricks, more shiny features, and above all, unmatched performance every year. Now, as we enter the 15th year of the smartphone revolution, we ask the question: have we reached peak smartphone?