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Mac Pro Setup Guide: The Bests are All In

One of the most anticipated Mac transitions from Intel to Apple Silicon would be Appleā€™s ultimate expression of the Mac: the Mac Pro. Since the introduction in WWDC 2019 to its release in late 2019 to today, there are many supporters and detractors of the Mac Pro. Some say that it is unnecessary, expensive and over engineered. Others lauded for its expandability and usefulness. Rack mounted Mac Pro We are here to support the notion that while the Mac Pro is a niche and expensive product, it is a necessary tool for professionals to do the work.

Mac Mini Setup Guide from Noob to Pro

When Steve Job first unveiled the Mac Mini, one of the by line that he presents is the BYODKM (Bring Your Own Display Keyboard and Mouse) Mac. Unlike every other Mac that is usable right out of the box, this is a headless unit aimed at customizers and those who wanted a taste of Mac. The original launch price was $499. When counted for inflation, the original Mac Mini was $697 in 2021 dollars and today, you can basically get the base spec Mac Mini at $699 (before discounts).

Throttling Your Network in macOS

You can throttle your network speed on your macOS. Some situation may call for this, such as for testing purposes or you want to preverse speed for your entire home network. You will need Xcode and a Apple developers account for this (it is free and you can just use your icloud account for this). First, download Xcode. Each macOS has their own version of Xcode and the current one for Big Sur is Xcode 12