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Security: Free Password Managers Compared

According to a report, hackers leaked around 721 million passwords in 2022. That means, for every second, 23 passwords are leaked onto the internet which can compromise your security. Why is this important? If we reuse passwords for our account, a breach in one account and lead to a breach in other accounts. So one way to mitigate this is to use a password manager service. How Password Manager Works A password manager works by how you think it works: by managing your password in a centralized location.

AGI Explained: Artificial General Intelligence Explained and why pursue it despite the Risks.

OpenAI created a big buzz by releasing ChatGPT to the world, an automated chatbot that gives a very convincing answer. Some argued that this is the beginning where things take off exponentially and we finally will get the holy grail: Artificial General Intelligence. But what is Artificial General Intelligence or AGI and why some experts are afraid of the potentially deadly consequences of AGI on society, nations, and the human race?

ChatGPT-4 Explained

OpenAI, the company that take over the world by storm six months ago with the launch of ChatGPT-3 has announced that they have launched the updated version of their chatbot creatively named ChatGPT-4. Here are the things that you should know about the updated ChatGPT-4 and how it could help you (or replace your job). What is ChatGPT-4 It’s an updated chatbot: As the name suggests, GPT-4 is the fourth version of the automated chatbot developed by OpenAI, which has attracted investment from celebrities in the industry and most recently, $1 billion from Microsoft.

Google Search vs ChatGPT - Why ChatGPT sends Google the chills

In early 2023, OpenAI updated one of their project, ChatGPT, one of their many AI projects that specifically generates text that respond to a human prompt. From there, ChatGPT capture the public imagination. With a single question, ChatGPT can make a sonnet, scripts for a YouTube video or a blockbuster movie, and even write complete codes to make useful programs. Such is the response, the story goes, that the klaxon alarms in Google headquarters started to ring and the management team has gone into defensive mode.

Apple Ecosystem vs Google Ecosystem

One of the earliest ideas of the internet is having an information superhighway where the greatest commodity in the modern world, information, will be available at your fingertips. Of course, the internet has evolved vastly since we started making computers talk to each other in the 1960s and what started as a military secret, is now what is considered the ultimate fashion statement. When one thinks of Apple, naturally people will think of Macs, iPhone and lately AirPods and Apple Watches.

Google I/O 2022 Recap

Every year, Google will have an event which will focus on developers that are using the Google platform. Traditionally, the event will be focused heavily on the software side of Google, but this year is a little different where almost half of the time spent is focused on new hardware. And the hardware that is presented ranges from something that is coming out in weeks ahead to something that is coming in 2023.

Google Ecosystem Explained

For the past few years, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) has been quietly building up the Android and ChromeOS software to have some ecosystem features. Google saw what Apple did and found out that the Ecosystem ™ is a very effective tool to keep users locked in with all the conveniences that the ecosystem provides. We explored what Google bought into their ecosystem play and do they match up against the king of ecosystem: the Apple Ecosystem.

Google Tensor vs Apple A15 and Others

Before we start, I would like to share two stories. When Google acquired Android way back in 2005, Google had the foresight that the next era of computing which started with mainframe, then minicomputers, then personal desktop and later desktop would be miniaturized to the smartphone. Google had a product ready only to be stopped by the first iPhone launch in 2007, which proved to be so ground breaking that Google had to go back to the drawing board and redesign Android to be more like iOS.

Where Are the Smartglasses?

Google first announced the smart glasses in 2013. The project started in mid-2011 by Google X, an out of box think tank by Google to explore far out ideas without worrying too much about R&D cost. The computer would project images on your eyes, and transfer sound through your bone. It was a really breaking technology. That being said, it was a spectacular failure and Google kill the project in early 2015, around 2 years after launch.