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Web3 Explained

There’s a new movement that is going around on social media and tech websites. It is on everyone’s lips but there’s no clear indication of what it is. It is called web3. The term web3 has been thrown around for some time but there is no clear indication of what it actually is. So, what is web3? How do we access this web3? What does it mean for the future of the internet?

State of Crypto Currency 2021

Supporters of cryptocurrency (crypto for short) will say crypto is not only the future of money, but the entire human civilization. Money no longer controlled by any government, which is the case since the first civilizations, so the true value of money will be finally unlocked. Meanwhile, professional economist, which some of the won actual Nobel prizes dismiss such notion about crypto, specifically Bitcoin will be the accepted form of money in the future.

NFTs: What is Non-Fungible Tokens? Explained and dissected.

Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter put up his earliest tweets for sale. It is handled by a platform called “Valuables by Cent”. This tweet, shown below, now is open for bidding as of 8-Mar-2021, the highest bid is $2.5 million. What? just setting up my twttr — jack⚡️ (@jack) March 21, 2006 A drawn picture of a rock can be bought for 10,000 ETH tokens or $31.4 million dollars as of January 2021.

Bitcoin, block chain and other cryptocurrency explained

On February 16 2021, Bitcoin hit $50,000 in cryptocurrency exchange. This means, one unit of Bitcoin is worth more than a shiny new BMW 3-series in the USA. But what this really means? What is Bitcoin? Why people says that it is the future of currency? We explore in details the technical aspect of bitcoin, why it is worth $50k in the market and what it means to you. Disclaimer: This is article is for information purpose only.