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Mac Studio 2023 vs Macbook Pro 2023

Apple annouced updates to their Mac line during WWDC ‘23. Among them is the new 15-inch MacBook Air and the anticipated Mac Studio, and finally, the long-awaited Mac Pro. Now the dust is settled, and you are now in the market for getting a professional Mac to augment your workflow. What would be the better way to spend your multi-thousand-dollar budget? The MacBook Pro or the Mac Studio? Mac Studio The Mac Studio is Apple’s high-end desktop slotted below the recently updated Mac Pro.

Apple M2 vs 12th Generation Intel i7 and i5 HX

Apple Silicon basically comes in two flavors. The first, the will get everyone excited is the professional version. This is the one that Apple puts on the MacBook Pro, the Mac Studio and one day, the Mac Pro. The one with the most I/O, the best graphic card and usually put in the best Macs Apple offers. The other is the “consumer” Apple Silicon. This is where Apple put in the MacBook Air and the iPad Pro.

M2 Macbook Air vs M2 Macbook Pro

Apple is a company not only known for technological innovation and design, but also known for making controversial choices. The insistence of the lighting port when everyone is going USB-C, the deletion of the headphone jack, new computers that do not come with USB-A ports and new devices that do not come with power adapters. However, the most recent controversial design Apple made in recent memory is introducing the new M2 MacBook Pro with the exact same design and price and the unveiling of the new M2 MacBook Air with pricing difference of just $100, a minuscule sum in the greater scheme of things.

Mac Mini vs iMac: Which one is the right one for you?

At the glance, the M1 Mac Mini and the newly redesigned M1 iMac 24" looked they are two completely different product that cater to two different Apple user demographics. In most cases, you will be right, but now both the Mac Mini and iMac is pretty much running with the same hardware but with different accessories, one would wonder how similar or different the Mac Mini and the iMac if both of them are similarly priced?

Unsung Heroes of Open Source

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizen can change the world; indeed it’s the only thing that ever has - Magaret Mead I was inspired by this XCKD comic where almost a lot of modern web infrastructure is built upon free and open sourced software which some are maintained by a single person for years without any payment or support. In this scenario, if the maintainer decided to quit and a bug is found and not fixed, the consequences could be catastrophic.

MacBook Air vs Pro: Which M1 Laptops Should You Buy?

On WWDC 2020, Tim Cook announced to the world that Apple is making major changes on their Macs. They announced that they Macs will moving away from Intel CPU to their own CPU dubbed Apple Silicon. Couple months later and they introduce the M1 chip which ship on the lower end Macs namely the Mac Mini, MacBook Air and the lower end MacBook Pro 13". People are mind-blown by the M1 performance.

Apple M1 vs Intel i7 11th Gen

On June 2020, during WWDC, Apple announced that the will move their entire platform away from Intel to their own Apple Silicon with the first product coming before the end of 2020. By November 2020, Apple launched their first Apple Silicon for Mac with updated versions of their lowest end offerings: the base Mac Mini, the base MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air. Everybody mind was blown away by the performance not only in terms of raw power but also battery life.

Adobe Alternatives

In design world, Adobe is basically the lingua franca of the trade. It is not by luck but because they are that good. However, over the years, Adobe products become extremely mature that it is hard to justify the monthly cost of maintaining it. Here are some alternatives for your consideration Plug: Try Audible Plus for 30-days free. Click the link below:- Pixelmator Pro - Adobe Photoshop Pixelmator Pro is one of the best editing tool I ever use.

Macbook Air vs Iphone Pro Max

This is an interesting idea since flagship phones are now at default laptop level prices. It used to have a distinction between phones and computers, and now with capabilities and usability are closer between them, it’s a legit good question. We take what once a ridiculous comparison into an investigation. iPhone 12 Pro Max. The Pocket Rocket. For this study, we take both the flagship iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the default laptop, the Apple Macbook Air M1.

iPad Mini vs iPhone Pro Max

Update: In light of iPhone 13 and iPad Mini 6 update, we have updated our comparison to reflect the new changes. You can read the comparison between the new generation iPhone and iPad Mini here They both has almost the same screen size, iPad Mini is 7.9" and iPhone 12 Pro Max is 6.7". Just around 1.2" of difference or 3.05 cm for those in SI units. But yet they both like live in different planet.