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Web3 Explained

There’s a new movement that is going around on social media and tech websites. It is on everyone’s lips but there’s no clear indication of what it is. It is called web3. The term web3 has been thrown around for some time but there is no clear indication of what it actually is. So, what is web3? How do we access this web3? What does it mean for the future of the internet?

World Wide Azure Part 2: Of platforms and services

Cloud computing has changed the IT world on its head. Today, to create an online business via a website or an app you no longer need to get a server, network equipments or even pay anything to get your venture started. It turns enterprise IT on it heads as there is an opportunity not to maintain any servers at their premise. Intro about cloud computing. Howver, looking at the product page of any establish cloud provider like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud, each with around 200+ products available and more popping up every omonth can be daunting.

World Wide Azure (Part 1)

Cloud computing has gone a long way from hosting website in Geocities to help run fully online Fortune 500 internet companies like Netlix, Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Cloud computing has existed in some form by providing some patchwork services since the first days of internet and took a sudden turn when Amazon decided to sell server time and storage space online in 2006. And the rest is basically history. Azure growth up to 2019 Azure is Microsoft entry into the cloud computing business.