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Techtember 2021: Apple September 2021 Events Preview

Update: Apple has sent out invitation to the September event with the tagline “California Streaming”. The online-only event is scheduled at 10am PDT, 14th September 2021. Apple logo is in neon white and color themes indicates dark blue, sunset red / pink. Update: Apple has updated their website to the event. If you have an iPhone, you can click on the event page and it will launch an AR page.

Apple and the Great CSAM Debate

Update: The Verge has reported that Apple delays the deployment of the CSAM detection feature after pushback from customers, advocacy groups and researchers. Apple has marketed themselves over the years that they are a privacy first company. They have tried to built up a company image that Apple would never collect data about you, sell data about you to a 3rd party or track your usage throughout your online presence.

Apple M1 vs AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

Imagine having the most powerful microprocessor in your hand. It has multilude of cores on a single die and each core can run two threads at the same. In some version of the same processor, it also has an integrated graphics so you can also run 3D software or even gaming on it. This is the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X processor, which is AMD’s flagship processor that is meant for gaming and high performance consumer computing.

MagSafe Battery Pack

MagSafe Battery pack on the back of the purple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini In July 2021, Apple launched the MagSafe Battery Pack. In a nutshell, it is an external battery that attached to your iPhone. Apple has done external battery before and this is Apple’s first external battery to feature a MagSafe connector. There's MagSafe imprints to show where to slap it to your iPhone How it Works You just slap the battery to your phone and that’s it.

Apple Ecosystem Explained

On WWDC 2021, Apple showcase new features and updates for the upcomming iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and macOS which is scheduled to be released in fall 2021. What is not shown nor mentioned is that the features that is demoed is available, one form or another, for the entire Apple Ecosystem. What is the Apple Ecosystem? It is something that Apple make but do not directly market it, feature it or even mentioned it by name.

How Apple Can Make iPadOS Better

The iPad was first introduced in 2010 which featured Apple first custom chip: the A4 which later grew into a powerhouse of performance and efficiency. After 9 years of development under the shadow of the iOS, the iPad finally got its own operating system in 2019 when the iPadOS debut in WWDC 2019 as a fork of the iOS development tree. Despite Apple attempts to make the iPad more ‘productive’ since the introduction of iPad Pro in 2015, there are consistent complaints from users about how iPad is too crippled to be use as a serious laptop replacement.

2021 iMac vs 2017 iMac Pro

When the iMac Pro was released in 2017, it was a stop gap measure between updating the trash can Mac Pro (released in 2013 and never updated) and the arrival of the newest Mac Pro (released in 2019). Now the iMac Pro has not been updated since it’s release and Apple announced that it is moving towards their own Apple Silicon starting from Nov 2020. Is the iMac Pro still a relevant machine and how does it stack up with Apple latest consumer PC, the new iMac?

iPad Pro vs MacBook Pro

On April 2021 special event, Apple surprised everyone by updating their new iPad Pro not only with their first MiniLED screen which rivals their top of the line display, but by putting a chip that was meant for laptops and desktop on a tablet. Enter the iPad Pro M1. The previous version of the iPad Pro was known as a powerhouse, and yet, Apple decided to up the ante to stratospheric levels by putting a laptop chip on a tablet.


On April Special event, Apple introduced their latest product: AirTag. It is Bluetooth / NFC enable tracker that utilized the Find My network to locate your items. One would see Apple newest product, others see a behemoth joining the competition, I see it is a technology demonstrator to get more people into their ecosystem. Plug: You can buy the AirTags at my Amazon affiliate link. Audiable allows you to listen to your favorite books while on the go.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro, the most powerful tablet in the market has been updated on April 2021 with the M1 chip, thus sealing the fate of their competitors. It will be interesting how Samsung, Qualcomm and Microsoft is going to scramble to catch up to the iPad Pro. There is no doubt that this will be one powerful tablet, but the question is will Apple update the software so power users can unleash the power?


On 20th April 2021, Apple unveil the highly anticipated iMac refresh. The new iMac has been completely redesign and for the first time since the original iMac, it comes with a variety of colors. This new iMac is not only a design refresh, but also a completely relaunch of the entire Mac line up and by extension, the Apple company. Plug: Audiable allows you to listen to your favorite books while on the go.

Apple April 2021 Event Predictions vs Actual (Updated)

No matter how exotic human civilization becomes, no matter the developments of life and society nor the complexity of human/machine interface, there always come interludes of lonely power when the course of humankind, the very future of humankind, depends upon the relatively simple actions of single individuals. from the Tleilaxu Godbuk Predicting the future is a tough business especially when the outcome of the future we are talking about depends on actions of a single company.

Apple Find My Network Explained

On April 2021, Apple has open up their Find My app for 3rd party manufacturers and developers. This allows them to use ‘Find My’ network, which in turn, allows the devices to be discoverable in Find My app. The Find My Network is a part of a larger initiative by Apple called ‘Made for iPhone’ where Apple certifies 3rd party product to be used with Apple product. This includes Lighting cable (a standard which Apple creates and controls), HomeKit, Apple CarPlay and AirPlay Audio.

Is Apple in the Software Business?

Apple is deep in the software business … to prop up their hardware business. Apple makes one of the best well designed and thought out software in the world, the only catch is that is mostly run on their own platform which they make the fat profit margins. But that does not mean that they tried to put some on other platforms too. Plug: Audiable allows you to listen to your favorite books while on the go.

Apple M1 vs Intel 11th Gen Core i9

The M1 chip, the first Apple Silicon, was released in November 2020 with much fan fare. It immediately blow people minds away as it is not only have lower power consumption, but higher performance than a lot of more expensive and more powerful chips offered by their competitors. What’s surprising is that the chip that was designed to be put in a fan-less laptop can compete with a desktop chip that is geared for gaming.

MagSafe: Past, Present and Future

MagSafe is Apple elegant solution to the charging problem. It an epitome of Apple design and attention to detail. Attacking even the smallest and banest solution to the everyday problem to make life and the experience of using their devices better, which in the end, give the best possible experience for their device. Plug: Audiable allows you to listen to your favourite books while on the go. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial.

Snapdragon 888 vs A14 Bionic Comparison: Architecture, Benchmark and Ecosystem

Update: We added coverage on the new A15 chip and compared it to the SnapDragon 888. You can read about it here. Since the dawn of the smartphone age, Apple has been the company that everyone wants to beat. And for good reason: despite having only having arond 30% of the smartphone market share, it holds over 60% of smartphone profit share. Apple chip devision which powers the iPhone helps in this regard.

Are Apple Products Expensive?

Go ask anybody, a lot of people will agree that Apple products are expensive. Yet, we go down every place, there’s a lot of people using Apple products like AirPods, iPhone, Apple Watch (100 million people and counting) and iPhones (1 billion and counting). So naturally, we think to say Apple products are expensive is misleading because most people compared their products with lower quality product, which in turn costs less.

How Big Is Apple?

In terms of revenue, Apple is the 4th largest company in the USA only trailed by Wal-Mart, Amazon and Exxon-Mobil. Such numbers is mind boggling huge. The problem with trying to figure out how big a large company like Apple is that they are everywhere. Maybe if they have private military, they would become countries on their own. So let’s go through the list how large they are:- If Apple has guns, it would be like the Dutch East India Company, has the ability to rule a large country.

Apple Acquisitions in 2020

Predicting the future is a very tough business and Apple is a large company with war chest that rivals nations. They regularly buy companies every year, some for the technology and some for the talent. Some of the acquisition will make billions for Apple, some might just fizzle out as the talent and technology is not compatible to Apple. Here are the acquisitions Apple made in 2020 and what we think will happen:-

Why Apple Made Their Own CPU

This is a very interesting question because making your own CPU and other chip is a very tough endeavor hence why there is no mass-produced PC maker does this. But Apple is not like other PC maker. “Think Different” and “Here’s to the crazy ones” was not just a marketing slogan, it is Steve Jobs (the founder of Apple Incorporate) fundamental approach to living and making a dent in the universe.

Apple in 2021

2020 will be a year remembered for decades and stories will be there for a long time. This page will attempt to chronicle everything that Apple did or happen to Apple in the year 2021. We will record product announcement and initiatives that we heard around the internet. The list will be in reverse chronological order. You can read our sister article, What To Expect from Apple in 2021 to read our predictions for the year 2021.

Apple in the Gaming Industry

Apple has already entered the gaming market since the first day of the Macs. Apple went big in gaming sice it allowed 3rd party developers to hawk their apps on the App Store in 2008. Since Angry Birds came into the scene, mobile gaming has exploded into it’s own solar system. In fact, Apple is now the 4th largest gaming platform on the planet. We explore how the mobile gaming has turn the gaming world upside down.

Why Apple Products Are Expensive

It is a fine assumption that Apple is selling the same products and services as everyone else so most people would not understand the “Apple Tax” that was impose on their product. This is has a silver lining of the truth, but the whole truth is much more than that. Just like why people buy expensive tools when there are cheaper alternatives, there’s reason why people buy Apple’s “expensive” products.

What to Expect From Apple 2021

As 2020 comes to a close and we put that challenging year in the rear view mirror, 2021 is filled with hope that things will be back to what we consider normal. The expectation that people will go back to travel, having events and going back filling up restaurants and bar without fear of getting infected. The tech world moves on and Apple is no different. These are the things that we expect Apple will come and release in 2020:-

How to Afford Apple Stuff

There’s a few ways that a lot of People can afford the Apple laptops despite commanding a premium price. And no, you do not need to sell your kidney to get any Apple products. You just have to be smart about it. The Professional Video Editing Suite These are people who are earning money through their laptops. The videographer / film maker. The photographer. The writer. The business people.

Apple Ecosystem Explained in 2020

Apple is well known for very well designed electronic devices like the iPhone and the AirPods. It also known for is how well and polished the user interface and software that runs those devices. But what makes the Apple devices more pleasant to use than the competition is how each of the devices works together in unison. This is the Apple Ecosystem and this article will explains it. What is the Apple ecosystem The Apple Ecosystem is a nickname given by people regarding how Apple devices work very well with other Apple devices.

Is Macbook Air M1 Good for Programing and Normal Use?

I used a 2011 MacBook Air in 2016 to launch my first start up. The start up failed not because the engineering doesn’t work, we don’t have enough budget for marketing and didn’t get traction for people to get on our platform. I also started a second project for a company using that same MacBook Air. The product is basically finished and at the last minute, the company decided to pull out from my venture.

Is Apple ProRAW Worth It?

Apple ProRAW is file format by Apple that contains minimally processed data from the sensor of the camera. Current supported camera is the iPhone 12. There were some third party apps that do capture RAW data from the iPhone camera. The difference is ProRAW include computational info like depth field, tone map and such. ProRAW contains more information like 12-bit depth for dynamic range instead of 10-bit for HEIF and 8-bit for normal jpeg.

Apple M1 vs Intel Core i9: A Deeper Look

It seems pitting Apple’s entry level CPU against Intel strongest is an unfair fight, like putting a small boy David vs the giant Goliath, but remember, David essentially bought a gun to a sword fight and Apple M1 is basically just that: the gun in a sword fight. Mindset Differences The architectural reflects the differences in the mindsets of both companies in developing their computing solution. Apple is an integrated systems developer that sells the final product directly to the customer.

How M1 Gets High Performance

The M1 speed up is not an overnight success story or concentrated efforts of a few engineers over a course of a year. It was over 10 years of research and development efforts by Apple because they see they are being held back by Intel. That cumulative efforts for 10 years results in a ultra portable laptop (Macbook Air) which can edit 3 streams of 4k video without a single fan onboard.

How Long Macbook Air M1 Can Last?

The M1 Macbook Air might be the longest lasting laptop because the only moving parts in that laptop would be the hinge and the keyboard. And the electronic components might last even longer since they are not being stressed at all. Now fans does not have a high failure rate since I got my MacBook Air and Mac Mini going into their 9th year and still running along. Hard drives usually have high failure rate after 100,000 hours (10 years) but now it’s all SSD, that failure rate is even higher.

Booting Linux on M1 and Beyond Challenge

If you referring to run in virtual environment? Yes, it does and Linux does have binaries compiled can you can pretty much run on virtual environment pretty much right now. If you thinking of replacing macOS with Linux, it is possible but hacky. If you thinking replacing macOS with Linux and everything works like the Touch Bar, Touch ID, power management and the camera, it won’t and it’s not coming for a long time.

Choosing Between the M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13-inch

The new Macbook Air with M1 Macbook Pro with M1 where launched at the same time and with basically the same specs that one would have a hard time determine which one to get. So the TLDR version is, the get MacBook Pro if you want a longer battery life, you need the Touch Bar, and if you are doing a lot of sustained heavy loads (like making a lot of music videos on 4K or color correcting thousand of 50MP photos after an event).

Is Airpods Max Worth It?

Here’s what differs the AirPods Max and other $500 wireless headphones on the market:- It has two H1 chips on each side of the ear. Imagine this is a “smart” headphones. Each H1 handles 6 microphones on each side of the headsets, process that signal so it can produce a negative waveform for a better noise canceling. It also allow microphone beam forming to be a better microphone when taking calls or saying “Hey, Siri”

PANTONE Color of the Year 2021

PANTONE has announced the color(s) of the year for 2021. Apparently we have two colors instead of one for 2021 because 2020 does not count. They are Ultimate Gray (PANTONE 17-5104) and Illuminating (PANTONE 13-0647). The two colors are both independent and uplifting one another, something the design feel that everybody needs for 2021: being independent and uplifting each other through what happened in 2020. “The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that color can hope to answer,” says Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute.

The drawbacks of Apple M1

Drawbacks of the Apple M1 is there, but there’s a few at this point. For most people, it’s not really that important, but for some, it’s a deal breaker. It’s a first gen product. This will be the slowest, least powerful M-series chip that Apple is going to make. Things will get a lot faster when they optimize the chip and the software exclusively to Apple Silicon.

Apple M1 Roadmap

Update Cpu-monkey has reported the emergence of ‘M1X’ chip that featured 12-core CPU and 16-core GPU. Original story: In WWDC 2020, Apple announced that it is transitioning from Intel to their own Apple Silicon. On the November 2020 event that featured the new M1 chip, it had been said that M1 will be the first of many in a family of SOC that will powers the future Macs. Now, predicting the future is a tough business since predictions can easily go wrong, but you can guess what Apple is working on based on the current line up.

M1 the Game Changer

The M1 chip is a game changer for the desktop / server segment for the PC industry as a whole, but it is just the last bastion for Intel and x86 in a world where RISC / ARM reign supreme. The war on x86 The secret ‘war’ on x86 platform has been going on for years. The war has change considerably since 2007 when a guy named Steve Jobs shows this small communication device called the iPhone.

Apple M1 vs Intel Core i9 10th Gen

It will sound ridiculous, but it will be very interesting to see how a $699 system vs a $600 processor. You can buy the microprocessor, just the Intel chip which is the Intel Core i9–10900k at Amazon for over $600. It comes with 10 cores, and has hyper threading to make it look like 20 cores. Remember, this is just the processor without hard drive, motherboard, memory, chassis, the power supply to make a base PC.

Taking a deep journey into technology

This is the Tech Journeyman. We will posting guides and such to help you get the most out of your personal computing without the complications. We mostly cover Apple, but we give Windows and Linux some love too.