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Apple's Student Discount: What Products Should You Spend It On?

Apple offers a student discount on many of their products, and it can be tough to know which ones are the best deals. In this blog post, we will break down all of the different discounts that Apple offers students, and tell you which products are the best deals! What is Apple’s discount program and how do I qualify for it? Apple’s program is a great way for students to save on the latest Apple products.

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra is Apple’s newest product since the Mac Studio was unveiled in March 2022. The Apple Watch Ultra is a iPhone companion product which fits nicely in their ecosystem. What is it? Apple Watch on steroids: Imagine an Apple Watch. Now imagine that the Apple Watch went to the gym and hung out with very active people. People who are always on the move, off-grid or going to the edges of the planet whether deep down in the sea or high up in the sky.

Apple September 2022 Event Recap

The stage is set, everybody comes in and when the time comes, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple comes in and shouts “GOOD MORNING!!” And the crowd roars. Now the light pops up and the video starts. Yes, the lesson learned from the pandemic is it’s better to do the entire presentation in a pre-recorded video format than a live presentation. As usual, September is the most important event for Apple because it’s when they reveal their cash cow product and this time is no different.