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Apple's CPU History

A few years ago, Apple did something very significant: they launched their line of CPUs that power their Macs. Because instead of being like other PC manufacturers that rely on Intel, Windows, Nvidia, et al to build the final product, Apple has vertical integration in their desktops and laptops. But this move has been a long time coming for Apple. We review Apple’s history of CPU usage to reveal that Apple carving its own path is the most logical path for Apple.

Laptop chip shootout: M2 Pro / M2 Max vs Intel 13th generation Core i9

January 2023 was an exciting month for the tech community in general. Intel launched their new 13th generation Core processor, which is expected. And unexpectedly Apple dropped their next generation professional mobile Apple Silicon, the M2 Pro, and M2 Max. Granted, based on analysis, the M2 Pro and M2 Max were scheduled to be released in late 2022, but for various reasons, Apple delayed such a move. Now, we are at the start of 2023, we have in our hands a brand new generation of mobile chips.

Apple M2 vs Intel Core i9 13th Gen

For the article on Apple M2 Pro / M2 Max against the latest Intel i9-13980HX, read here. When Apple released the first Apple Silicon, the M1, way back in 2020, it caught Intel by surprise. Something that was meant to be entry level, and require no more power than a night light has beaten their top of the line laptop processor by a huge margin. Since then, Intel has gone back to work and pulled out all of the stops to ensure performance superiority, at all costs.

Dude, Where's My Mac Pro?

When Apple announced that they are moving away from Intel to their own solution called Apple Silicon, they promised that the transition will take them around 2 years. The first Apple Silicon hit the streets in December 2020 with the introduction of the M1 on the Mac Mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. As we are closing December (and 2022), Apple managed to update all their Macs to Apple Silicon save for two: the Mac Pro and the space gray Mac Mini.

M2 Macbook Air vs M2 Macbook Pro

Apple is a company not only known for technological innovation and design, but also known for making controversial choices. The insistence of the lighting port when everyone is going USB-C, the deletion of the headphone jack, new computers that do not come with USB-A ports and new devices that do not come with power adapters. However, the most recent controversial design Apple made in recent memory is introducing the new M2 MacBook Pro with the exact same design and price and the unveiling of the new M2 MacBook Air with pricing difference of just $100, a minuscule sum in the greater scheme of things.