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Amazon Black Friday 2021 offers

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States every fourth Thursday of November and this year it falls on 25th November. It’s a time where the entire population moves around to go back to their hometown and gather around being thankful for the past year and hoping for the best for the next year. Traditionally, there’s a Black Friday event in the morning after which everybody wakes up in the small hours of the day, lining up at big box stores to get the best deals of the year.

French Repairability Index Explained

French began required smartphone makers to include repairability index on their devices to be displayed on January 2021. The importance and impact of this move can not be understated to consumer who wish to keep their devices for a long time. It is hoped that the momentum of this law will gain EU-wide recognition and move on to other large, well developed markets like US, Japan and China. We explore what this law requires and how it will impact future iPhones in particular and consumer electronics in general.

Where Are the Smartglasses?

Google first announced the smart glasses in 2013. The project started in mid-2011 by Google X, an out of box think tank by Google to explore far out ideas without worrying too much about R&D cost. The computer would project images on your eyes, and transfer sound through your bone. It was a really breaking technology. That being said, it was a spectacular failure and Google kill the project in early 2015, around 2 years after launch.

Snapdragon 888 vs A14 Bionic Comparison: Architecture, Benchmark and Ecosystem

Update: We added coverage on the new A15 chip and compared it to the SnapDragon 888. You can read about it here. Since the dawn of the smartphone age, Apple has been the company that everyone wants to beat. And for good reason: despite having only having arond 30% of the smartphone market share, it holds over 60% of smartphone profit share. Apple chip devision which powers the iPhone helps in this regard.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max vs Samsung S21 Ultra

It’s the age old question, iPhone or Android? 12 Pro or S21 Ultra? Freedom or Ecosystem? England or France? It’s hard to answer these despite both of them are going to celebrate 15 years helping running the world together next year. Take a look at what the best Cupertino and Seoul has to offer. The iPhone 12 Pro Max Apple flagship that was just released in Oct 2020, delayed to their typical timeline because of that weird way 2020 happen.

Great Android Phones With Ultra Wide Lens

An ultra wide lens presents new opportunities for mobile photography. The ability to get closer to a subject and exaggerate the perspective brings new interesting photos in your gallery. iPhone created a buzz by providing ultra-wide lens as standard instead of telephoto, but as usual, android is always the first in class by the release of LG V60 way back in 2016 with a 12mm lens. But Apple is never about first in class, but always best in class.

Running iOS on Android Phones

While it would be nice to see iOS on a Samsung or Xiaomi phones, don’t expect that will happen anytime soon or even in your lifetime. There are several reasons why, but it boils down to Apple is not Microsoft and iOS would not be as great on Android as it would be on iPhone. Would be nice, but not going to happen. Apple is not Microsoft Apple to phone is totally different from Google’s approach.

Taking a deep journey into technology

This is the Tech Journeyman. We will posting guides and such to help you get the most out of your personal computing without the complications. We mostly cover Apple, but we give Windows and Linux some love too.