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Apple October Event Recap

The set begins with a guy in a garage, that looks like a homage to Apple first office. Placing a first0generation iMac, adjust the microphone, hit record and turn on the iMac. The recognizable hum glared and the microphone caputre it. And using Logic Pro, the sound is synthized and turn into a C major key. More items are recorded: the HomePod Mini, the click of an AirPods case, MagSafe 1 click, the iPhone keyboard, the iPod click wheel and many more.

Techtember 2021: Apple September 2021 Events Preview

Update: Apple has sent out invitation to the September event with the tagline “California Streaming”. The online-only event is scheduled at 10am PDT, 14th September 2021. Apple logo is in neon white and color themes indicates dark blue, sunset red / pink. Update: Apple has updated their website to the event. If you have an iPhone, you can click on the event page and it will launch an AR page.

Airpods Max vs Airpods Pro

AirPods Pro and AirPods Max is two different products aimed at two different market. Most of the functions between the Pro and Max do overlap, but there is certain segments that each product occupy. Common themes Both are active noise cancelling headphones. It uses the a series of microphones to create a ‘negative’ sound wave to produce the active noise cancelation. Of course, with the biggest size, the Max is able to produce a better noise cancellation experience.

Is Airpods Max Worth It?

Here’s what differs the AirPods Max and other $500 wireless headphones on the market:- It has two H1 chips on each side of the ear. Imagine this is a “smart” headphones. Each H1 handles 6 microphones on each side of the headsets, process that signal so it can produce a negative waveform for a better noise canceling. It also allow microphone beam forming to be a better microphone when taking calls or saying “Hey, Siri”