Mac Mini

The first Mac Mini was released in 2005 to encourage people to try the macOS system. It was the lowest cost Mac to own and it does not come with any other periperhals. You have to use your own mouse, keyboard and monitor. While not the best selling Mac by any strech, it has it’s legions of avid fans who love the form factor, use it as a Home Theather PC, love the ability to customize your setup instead of using Apple’s pre-built config like the iMac and use it as a render / server farm for various high-performance-computing solution.

Apple updated the Mac Mini on the Apple October 2021 event with the theme “unleashed”.


The Chip

Form Factor


Thermal Management

It is worth it?

Upgrading from …

…2020 Mac Mini M1 You will love the extra ohmp and the form factor. But otherwise, it’s still a Mac Mini.

…2018 Mac Mini The 2020 M1 Mac Mini can already punch a $6,000 Mac Pro around, so expect this new M1X Mac Mini will run circles around the 2018 Mac Mini. I can understand that some workloads might require more RAM than the M1 Mac Mini can provide, so Apple has address these concerns. If your work revolves around the Mac Mini, this upgrade is a huge step up from the previous version.

… older Mac Mini More RAM, more computing power, larger storage, less power comsumption. Do I need to say more?


The beauty of the Mac Mini that it’s small and relatively powerful computer that is good for a base system, but strong enough to customize to do proper work like streaming, video editing, music production, gaming (yes, on a Mac) and of course, programming. See our guide for more inspiration.

Tech Specs

Features Mac Mini 3rd Gen Mac Mini 4th Gen
CPU Apple M1 / Up to Intel i7-8700B
GPU Apple M1 / Intel UHD 630
RAM (GB) 8-16 / 8-64
Storage (GB) 256 - 2048 / 512 - 2048
USB-C ports 2 / 4
USB-A ports 2
Ethernet Yes, 10G built to order option
WiFi 6 / 802.11ac
Bluetooth Yes