Why cPanel Is Best Control Panel for Your Website

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When you become a website owner, the work with your website is not limited by its mere creating and uploading to your web hosting server. Instead, there are many more things to solve and much work to do. For this reason, there are various applications that can help you in this regard, a popular one of which is the cPanel control panel. In the following, we are going to look at the advantages of cPanel VPS and why it’s the best control panel for your website.

What is cPanel for?

cPanel is a control panel, a special tool used for the administration of your website. In particular, cPanel covers the following tasks:

  • managing email accounts
  • managing domain names
  • managing databases
  • managing files
  • administering security
  • creating backups
  • and many others

Besides that, cPanel has an extremely transparent and easy-to-use interface where all the necessary components are easy to reach. With cPanel you’ll be able to perform a variety of server management tasks, such as creating email accounts, installing applications, monitoring website statistics, and more.

You can also manage your security features in different ways, including password-protected directories, IP blockers, and SSL certificates.

It’s worth knowing that cPanel doesn’t cover the entirety of tasks that have to do with website management. cPanel is usually paired with WHM (Web Host Manager) and it compliments cPanel, being more aimed at system administrators while cPanel is rather a tool for site owners.

WHM is used to manage the overall server configuration and account management for multiple cPanel accounts. It provides access to server-level settings and configurations, such as server security, DNS settings, and server software updates. WHM also enables you to create, modify, and suspend cPanel accounts, as well as set resource limits, manage backups, and monitor server performance.

Together cPanel and WHM are a powerful tandem that makes the management of a website easy and efficient at the same time.

Why cPanel is the best control panel?

cPanel is not the only control panel available. Nevertheless, it can be considered the most popular one, offered by the majority of hosting providers – in spite of the fact that it’s not a free solution. This popularity is for a reason and the reasons are as follows:

Simple interface

The interface of cPanel is simple and intuitive, consisting of icons each having an obvious purpose, so anyone can surely find what they need. Even if you haven’t had any experience in server administration, mastering cPanel won’t be a daunting task for you.

Flexible Management

cPanel allows you to manage a variety of aspects of your website. You can create email accounts, manage domains, create and manage databases, set up FTP accounts, and more. Furthermore, you can install various applications such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more with a single click.

Enhanced Security

Security is not only responsible for the content and the functions of your website but also for such an important aspect as security. cPanel will help you protect your website from hackers and malicious attacks offering password-protected directories, IP blockers, and SSL certificates to ensure that your website is secure.

Easy Backup and Restore

Backups are crucial if you want your website to live a long and happy life. cPanel helps you here as well, making it easy to back up and restore your website. You can create full or partial backups of your website with just a few clicks. You can also restore your website to a previous version in case of any issues.

Support and Documentation

In case of any technical issues, it’s crucial to have resources and ways to quickly solve any problems. cPanel does here well by offering an extensive documentation library that provides users with detailed information on how to use the control panel. If you run into any issues, cPanel also has an active community forum where you can ask for help or get support from other users.


cPanel is a powerful tool for the administration of your website that is easy to use and accessible even for persons who have no special technical background. It will allow you to configure various aspects of your website with a handy interface that is transparent and logical, allowing you to perform various tasks with one click. Paired with WHM, cPanel is a comprehensive solution to set up almost any parameter relevant to website administration. With this, cPanel is considered the best control panel for good reason.

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