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  • The drawbacks of Apple M1

    Drawbacks of the Apple M1 is there, but there’s a few at this point. For most people, it’s not really that important, but for some, it’s a deal breaker. It’s a first gen product. This will be the slowest, least powerful M-series chip that Apple is going to make. Things will get a lot faster when they optimize the chip and the software exclusively to Apple Silicon. Right now, Apple needs to maintain two separate build for its software: Intel and Apple Silicon

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    Apple M1 Roadmap

    Update Cpu-monkey has reported the emergence of ‘M1X’ chip that featured 12-core CPU and 16-core GPU. Original story: In WWDC 2020, Apple announced that it is transitioning from Intel to their own Apple Silicon. On the November 2020 event that featured the new M1 chip, it had been said that M1 will be the first of many in a family of SOC that will powers the future Macs. Now, predicting the future is a tough business since predictions can easily go wrong, but you can guess what Apple is working on based on the current line up.

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    M1 the Game Changer

    The M1 chip is a game changer for the desktop / server segment for the PC industry as a whole, but it is just the last bastion for Intel and x86 in a world where RISC / ARM reign supreme. The war on x86 The secret ‘war’ on x86 platform has been going on for years. The war has change considerably since 2007 when a guy named Steve Jobs shows this small communication device called the iPhone.

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    Extending Spotlight

    This short guide will show you the amazing capabilities of one of macOS underated features: Spotlight. What is Spotlight? Spotlight is a desktop search feature on the built-in on the macOS. It indexes all the local files in your system and present an app to you to quickly search all the files in your system. However, Spotlight has grown to be more powerful than a simple desktop search application. Spotlight has been integrated into the macOS and allow snippet with other macOS first-party apps.

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    The War on x86

    The “war” on Intel has been going on longer than most people think and 2020 is the year when the war on desktop computing begins. The war has actually has been won on other fronts but the PC / Server market will remain the last bastion of Intel dominance, which will contested starting 2021. Phone / Tablet space The year is 2005 and Steve Jobs, CEO and Founder of Apple at that time was embarking on a secret project that will eventually be the first iPhone.

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    Upgrading Your Old PC With SSD

    The question if an SSD upgrade is worth it? If you are coming from a conventional disk platter hard disk, then the answer is yes, absolutely. Do it now. I have a Lenovo T410 (like the one above) that I’ve about from corporate fire sale which cost $50. Yes, this laptop is from 10-years ago where Intel started to market their processor by i3, i5 and i7 cores. Spent another $50 for a 512GB SSD and install Linux on it, the computer is blazing fast.

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    Pros and Cons of Apple Running ARM on Macs

    Apple announced that they are moving away from Intel to their own Apple silicon in WWDC 2020 (mid-2020) with great fan fare. Now, it’s end-2020, Apple has released it’s 3 entry-level macs with their first M1 chips. They are the base Mac Mini, Macbook Air, and the base Macbook Pro 13″. Reviewers is astounded by how it performs especially on the Macbook Air where it’d handily beat out a full desktop iMac despite that Macbook Air doesn’t have a fan.

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    macOS Is Now Available on AWS

    Amazon Web Services launched their first macOS instance available on their EC2 cloud computing platform today. The instances are available at select locations in USA, Europe and South East Asia. To launch the instance, you need to have a AWS account (registration is free) and create the instance at the AWS console here. The machines can be accessed via remote desktop (VNC) or secure shell (SSH). At this moment you’ll have access to the entire machine (32GB, Intel Core i7 CPU), so the price will be significant.

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    Apple M1 vs Intel Core i9 10th Gen

    It will sound ridiculous, but it will be very interesting to see how a $699 system vs a $600 processor. You can buy the microprocessor, just the Intel chip which is the Intel Core i9–10900k at Amazon for over $600. It comes with 10 cores, and has hyper threading to make it look like 20 cores. Remember, this is just the processor without hard drive, motherboard, memory, chassis, the power supply to make a base PC.

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    Why Apple Stopped Using Intel Chips

    The same reason why Apple left Power PC for Intel back in 2005. the Apple A12X is now quite as powerful as most notebooks in the market. It’s amazing that you can edit a few streams of 4K video on fanless thin tablet. So performance per watt on the A12 is much more than on intel chips. Imagine all this on 15w TDP and scale up on 45w like the one used in a MacBook Pro.

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