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  • Apple in the Gaming Industry

    Apple has already entered the gaming market since the first day of the Macs. Apple went big in gaming sice it allowed 3rd party developers to hawk their apps on the App Store in 2008. Since Angry Birds came into the scene, mobile gaming has exploded into it’s own solar system. In fact, Apple is now the 4th largest gaming platform on the planet. We explore how the mobile gaming has turn the gaming world upside down.

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    Best Note Taking App

    One of the main abilities that separate humans and other living organisms is record keeping to keep our thoughts in our oversized brain organized. We cannot remember everything so we write them down, and writing things down clarifies our thought process and brings us ideas that were not there in the first place. A good note-taking app is as useful as a knife in the woods or a saw in a workshop.

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    Will Apple Release Foldable iPhone?

    Since September 2019, Samsung has released a smartphone with a foldable screen called the Galaxy Fold. Competitors like Motorola with their RAZR fold and Levono with their X1 Fold. Apple has been conspicuously silent on this product segment. But that does not mean that Apple is not looking into foldable displays. In fact, Apple has been thinking and playing with foldable display for almost 10 years now. Based on the patent filing tracked by Patently Apple, we do know that Apple has been working on foldable display for a long time.

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    Why M1 Macs Need Less Ram

    Apple M1 macs has shown that with only 8GB, it can out perform PCs with double or even quadruple the RAM size. The answer to the mystery of how this is possible is Apple stance to optimize the marriage of software and hardware to reach the common goal: process as much I/O as possible. However, there is a limit to all the optimization in large dataset, but for most common tasks a typical user will face, it is surprising what Apple M1 macs can do away with just 8GB of RAM.

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    Enter the Keyboard: macOS Keyboard Shortcuts

    Mastery of keyboard shortcuts will cut you time spent looking for commands to do what you need to do in macOS. The keyboard shortcuts will allow you to work more efficiently by removing the need of moving you hand to reach for the mouse and navigate around. It also another way to impress your peers by moving around macOS without using a mouse. All keyboard shortcuts is the combinations of the modifiers keys and the normal keys.

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    Best Stylus for iPad

    Since Apple introduce the iPhone, there were concentrated effort to put stylus on the device. There are a few use cases where a stylus is more desirable. One of them is drawing. Finger drawing while possible, does put a strain on those flangers whereas a stylus is more precise and refined to draw. Apple later introduced the iPad which makes a serious competitor to the drawing block. Artist has been using the iPad to draw on even before Apple entered the game with the Apple Pencil on 2015.

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    Why Apple Products Are Expensive

    It is a fine assumption that Apple is selling the same products and services as everyone else so most people would not understand the “Apple Tax” that was imposed on their product. This has a silver lining of the truth, but the whole truth is much more than that. Just like why people buy expensive tools when there are cheaper alternatives, there’s a reason why people buy Apple’s “expensive” products.

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    What to Expect From Apple 2021

    As 2020 comes to a close and we put that challenging year in the rear view mirror, 2021 is filled with hope that things will be back to what we consider normal. The expectation that people will go back to travel, having events and going back filling up restaurants and bar without fear of getting infected. The tech world moves on and Apple is no different. These are the things that we expect Apple will come and release in 2020:-

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    How to Afford Apple Products

    There’s a few ways that a lot of People can afford Apple laptops despite commanding a premium price. And no, you do not need to sell your kidney to get any Apple products. You just have to be smart about it. Executive Summary: Apple product are always on the premium side of things, but there is ways to own it without breaking the bank The best way to own the latest and greatest Apple product is to use the Apple products as tools.

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    Why There Is No Apple Foldable Screen Phones?

    Samsung is one of the first companies to release a phone with a foldable screen with their Galaxy Fold. A few companies have fielded their foldable screen phones. The technology has been on the market for over two years now and Apple has been totally absent from the scene. Is Apple behind the curve? However that is not the case. Apple is focusing on best-in-class, not first-in-class. Another reason is foldable phones is nice and cool technology but has many drawbacks and what it is worth.

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