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  • macOS Is Now Available on AWS

    Amazon Web Services launched their first macOS instance available on their EC2 cloud computing platform today. The instances are available at select locations in USA, Europe and South East Asia. To launch the instance, you need to have a AWS account (registration is free) and create the instance at the AWS console here. The machines can be accessed via remote desktop (VNC) or secure shell (SSH). At this moment you’ll have access to the entire machine (32GB, Intel Core i7 CPU), so the price will be significant.

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    Apple M1 vs Intel Core i9 10th Gen

    It will sound ridiculous, but it will be very interesting to see how a $699 system vs a $600 processor. You can buy the microprocessor, just the Intel chip which is the Intel Core i9–10900k at Amazon for over $600. It comes with 10 cores, and has hyper threading to make it look like 20 cores. Remember, this is just the processor without hard drive, motherboard, memory, chassis, the power supply to make a base PC.

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    Why Apple Stopped Using Intel Chips

    The same reason why Apple left Power PC for Intel back in 2005. the Apple A12X is now quite as powerful as most notebooks in the market. It’s amazing that you can edit a few streams of 4K video on fanless thin tablet. So performance per watt on the A12 is much more than on intel chips. Imagine all this on 15w TDP and scale up on 45w like the one used in a MacBook Pro.

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    Impact of M1 Chip to Intel / x86

    If what Apple is doing works, it will change the industry like how the iPhone changed the telco industry. A little history Some little back story. Back in the 80s, there is a young kid from Seattle, Washington started a company in a strip mall in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his best friend. That kid’s name is Bill Gates and that company is called Microsoft. Microsoft first HQ. The genius move that Microsoft did was to license DOS from IBM and recognizing a need and a trend: Computers need be in every home and every office.

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    Why Apple M1 Is Faster Than Intel

    Here’s a current 2020 Apple Macbook Air Apple sells them new, in two version. One is up to the Intel i7 Core Processor and and the other is using the Apple M1 chip. Other than the M1 has a nicer screen and the processor, everything about both Macbook Air is identical. And here’s some youtubers reviewing the Macbook Air:- Even Linus ‘I hate Apple’ Techtips was impressed by the laptop.

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