Why There Is No Apple Foldable Screen Phones?

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Samsung is one of the first companies to release a phone with a foldable screen with their Galaxy Fold. A few companies have fielded their foldable screen phones. The technology has been on the market for over two years now and Apple has been totally absent from the scene. Is Apple behind the curve?

However that is not the case. Apple is focusing on best-in-class, not first-in-class. Another reason is foldable phones is nice and cool technology but has many drawbacks and what it is worth.

Best In Class

As some critics would say, Apple did not invent anything. All the tech that Apple shown and marketed has been invented and used before. They are right. Apple’s talent is more on timing, releasing the tech when it’s ready and using it when it is refined.

Apple didn’t invent the computer, graphical GUI, the mouse, an OS for computers, mp3 music player, smartphone, tablet , smart watch or wireless earphones. However, they made the best stuff of those stuff until they are well know for these stuff.

Apple lineup
Apple never invented any of the above, but makes arguably the best of the above categories.

In the end, Apple did not release any devices with foldable screens because Apple does not believe foldable screen will meet Apple technological and usefulness standards.

Trend Setter, Not A Follower

A foldable phone is an interesting piece of technology. However right now it’s a trendy technology that may or may not change the smartphone game. Apple is known as a trendsetter and is laser focus in following its own path. 10 years ago, there was a trend to make cheap small laptops that called netbooks. Apple did not release a single netbook and people are asking why. One journalist asked Steve Jobs about chasing value proposition and Steve responded by saying ‘We just don’t ship junk’. Netbook was too small to be usable, quite under powered for its use and is not exactly a value proposition.

Years later, iPad is the cheap alternative for the computing experience. You can get one for under $350. Ultra books is more preferred than netbooks.

hp netbook computer
This was all the rage back in 2008 to 2012. Now, it’s all iPad and ultra books.

The Tech Is Not Ready Yet

Imagine having an iPhone size device in your pocket and it can expand to iPad size as you need it. This is one of the possibilities that a foldable iPhone can bring. But the tech is not ready for prime time. The screen is not as durable as the glass counterpart. First gen products suffers from dirt that get trapped in the hinges. The problem still does not go away at gen 2. The screen is still made from plastic and not glass so it scratched more easily. Furthermore glass feels more expensive than plastic.

samsung galaxy fold phone
Samsung Galaxy Fold. One of the first on the market. Twice the price of Apple most expensive phone. It was a tech showcase but didn’t do well in terms of sale nor durability.

Apple can make a foldable iPhone today but it won’t be a good product that is cheap enough for everybody. It will be two steps forward and one step back. The product will be compromised but at a hefty cost. These kind of product that Apple just doesn’t make.


prototype apple foldable
One day but not in the near future. Maybe not ever either.

Apple is not focusing on a me-too product it focusing on being the best phone on the planet. When the tech matures you can bet Apple will release such product.


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