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Black and White will be the default choice for everyone getting any iPhone in the past, present and future. Why? Because black and white is the safest choice in choosing color.

Disclaimer: I don’t have first hand iPhone sales data and Apple never release them, so my answer is based on pure speculation.

iPhone now is a tool for business and businesses buy phones for their employees. What color does business like to choose? Black and White. Take for example like cars. Below is the color palette for Mercedes S-class and Lexus LS, both are business cars. Shades of black and white and grey. Colors is a rarity.

Mercedes S-class color palette. Shades of black, grey and white with dots of colors.

Lexus LS color palette. Again, shade of black, grey and white and dots of color.

Typical pre-built kitchen colors.

A mall in USA, black and white accents because it’s a safe color

Thousands of business buy millions of iPhone for their employees and what would they choose? Black or white because it’s a safe choice. Last thing you want is to have your employee hate the phone because the color is not right.

Extending beyond that, black and white is a default choice for anybody selling something because that is a safe choice for people. People might hate red, blue, yellow, green purple or blue, but nobody will complain if your choices are black and white. Silver or space grey.

I reckon this is the most popular colors because its the safest choice.

So I would conclude that the most popular iPhone or any smartphone in the world would be black or white phone. Because it’s a color that people evoke an emotional response.


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