Is Macbook Air M1 Good for Programing and Normal Use?

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I used a 2011 MacBook Air in 2016 to launch my first start up. The start up failed not because the engineering doesn’t work, we don’t have enough budget for marketing and didn’t get traction for people to get on our platform.

I also started a second project for a company using that same MacBook Air. The product is basically finished and at the last minute, the company decided to pull out from my venture.

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Steve Jobs used to say the computer is a bicycle for the mind. The MacBook Air M1 is a Harley Easy Rider for my mind: it can take your anywhere.

I’ve later upgraded my MacBook Air to a MacBook Pro and launched a photography business. That worked well and together with AirBnb side income and my website building business, the MacBook Pro already paid for itself.

So having a MacBook Air in 2020 is like having a hoverboard in Back to the Future II. It’s so advanced for people who came from 1985, you see so much potential in the device and yet, children are using it to go around.

The MacBook Air M1 is more than enough for normal and serious programming. It can help you build companies, start your creative / AV career, and even organize your life. Basically, the technology in that MacBook Air M1 is no longer a limiting factor of building your next great product or service. The challenge is having traction for people to use your services / stuff that will take you to the next level. Good luck!!

M1 MacBook Air might perform less better than their MacBook Pro and Mac Mini counterpart due to thermal throttling, but the fact that it can compete with a bigger, more powerful MacBook Pro 16-inch is astounding. Source: TechCrunch.


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