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The iPhone 13 has just come out and the next thing you want to do after buying it is to accessorize your phone. Some might opt for a case and call it a day, but the iPhone can be more than just a smartphone. It can be your professional tool, an extension of you or your life recorder. Find out how to make the best of your brand new iPhone 13.

The case

While the iPhone 13 has become more durable with the use of Ceramic Glass (on both side of the phone now), however, like a famous YouTuber would say, “glass is glass and glass breaks”. Furthermore, a case is not just give protection to your phone like the clothes that you wear, it is a semi-permanent extension of you. A case can style your phone to match up with your personality or your self-image. Here are some suggestion on using the best case for your iPhone.

Item Beginner Intermediate Pro
Style i-Blason Cosmic Series - $21.99 Kate Spade - $24.95 Louis Vuitton Soft Trunk Phone Box - $1,400
Utility CordKing - $14.98 OtoFly - $16.98 Apple Silicone Case - $49.99
Durable AlCase - $13.99 SpiderCase - $20.99 PureGear DualTek - $34.99
Minimal Ringke Fusion - $11.99 SpiderCase - $14.99 totallee Thin - $39.00

The Videographer

Credit: micheal tobin on YouTube

When the first iPhone comes out, it was a smartphone with single lens camera that can take a 2MP picture. The first iPhone could not even take video. Fast forward to today, you can take 4K high dynamic range video at 60 fps, do time lapse or slow motion at 240 fps, a cinematic mode that recognize and track faces in real time and more than that, you can edit your video straight from the phone if you wish. As the adage goes, “the first iPhone is a smartphone with a camera, the iPhone 13 Pro is a camera that can take calls”.

The iPhone camera system is quite good that people are making feature length movies and music videos on it. OF course, the camera system is great, but the key to great camera work is the preparation like your lighting, and your rig. The tools and gadget will make the best use of your iPhone and ensure that the video that comes out from your phone is the best it could be.

Item Beginner Intermediate Pro
Gimbal Zhiyun Smooth-X - $39.99 Cinepeer Phone Gimbal - $59.99 DJI OM 5 Gimbal - $159.99
Rig Ulanzi U Rig - $19.95 KobraTech Rig - $39.99 DreamGrip Evo 2 Pro - $99.99
External Lighting Newmowa 60 - $20.99 Godox LR120 - $44.99
External Battery Anker Portable Charger 10Ah - $16.82 Pxwaxpy Portable Charger 30.8Ah - $25.95 Pxwaxpy Portable Charger 36.8Ah - $29.95
Mike Ttstar Lapel Mic - $21.89 Rode VideoMicro with Shock Mount - $56.83 Ride VideoMic - $159.00

The Photographer

There’s a saying in photography: The best camera is the one that you take it with you. And the iPhone which is designed to be in your pocket or messenger bag, and carried around with you at all time is one of the best smartphone camera ever made. The iPhone and the competition photo taking capabilities is so great that they have effectively killed the point-and-shoot camera market.

While the iPhone and its ilk without a doubt can take great pictures, but having the right tool can make your picture stand out and more interesting. Tools like a selfie stick will allow you to take pictures at a non-typical angle. Having a selfie stick makes taking a night photo a breeze. External flash helps with lighting, an important factor in photography. External batteries and storage will ensure your phone is charged and your photos are backed up safely. Here are some of the tools from our recommendation.

Item Beginner Intermediate Pro
Tripod / Rig UBeesize Phone Tripod - $15.99 Fugatek Tripod - $22.99 Manfrotto Tripod - $64.88 + Neewer U Rig $18.99
External Battery Anker Portable Charger 10Ah - $16.82 Pxwaxpy Portable Charger 30.8Ah - $25.95 Pxwaxpy Portable Charger 36.8Ah - $29.95
External Storage 256 USB Stick - $29.99 iDiskk 1TB storage - $105.00 Samsung T5 2TB Storage - $249.00
Flash Clip on flash - $18.99 Commlite Video light - $32.00 Anker iPhone LED Flash - $34.99

The Explorer

No, we won't suggest you to go to this extreme, but glad to know that you can.

The iPhone durability has been upgraded over the years. First with Gorilla glass to resist cracking, then being dust and water-proofed, and now ceramic has been added to the glass to make it even more durable. Even so, for all the active person out there, it pays to give your iPhone protection. And to record you active moments, these grips would help you record the moments that you felt that you were truly alive.

Item Beginner Intermediate Pro
Case Hucasok Case - $13.99 Donwell Case - $15.99 Raptic Shield Case - $29.95
External Battery Anker Portable Charger 10Ah - $16.82 Pxwaxpy Portable Charger 30.8Ah - $25.95 Pxwaxpy Portable Charger 36.8Ah - $29.95
Bike Grip Roam Universial Bike Grip - $16.99 Andobil Bike Mount - $29.99 VICSEED Bike Mount - $29.99
External Camera Akaso Brave 4 - $89.99 DJI Osmo Action - $199.99 GoPro HERO10 - $499.99

Apple Official

There's always the official Apple way.

The iPhone is not only a camera that can take call, it also an excellent tool to take with your adventure. Navigation, getting information and recording moments are some of the things that you can do with your iPhone. As people getting more active and emphasis on health, the iPhone is an indispensable tool to take you for you next adventure.

Item Silicon Leather Clear
MagSafe Silicon MagSafe Case - $49.99 Leather MagSafe Case - $59.99 Clear MagSafe Case - $49.99
Wallet - Leather Wallet - $59.99 -


So there you have it. All the accessories and tools to make your phone better than what Apple gives you. Not to say that the base is not solid, but adding those tools, will bring your phone, the amazing device, to the next level.

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