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There’s a few ways that a lot of People can afford Apple laptops despite commanding a premium price. And no, you do not need to sell your kidney to get any Apple products. You just have to be smart about it.

Executive Summary:

  • Apple product are always on the premium side of things, but there is ways to own it without breaking the bank
  • The best way to own the latest and greatest Apple product is to use the Apple products as tools. The Mac Pro and Mac Studio are expensive, but if you are in the working environment where you use the them to earn a living, the Apple products is an investment which you can get back your returns in a matter of months
  • If you are looking for extra value, do not discount Apple products that are around 2-3 years old. With the typical computing power that is way above what people need in daily use, do not discount that iPhone 11, or the M1 MacBook Air. They are a good buy in the refurbished department.
  • Sometimes, broken things can be bought for the cheap and repaired as good as new. A headless MacBook Pro can be bought at $100 - $200 and all you need is a $100 monitor to be in a decent Mac Ecosystem.

The Professional

video editing suite
Video Editing Suite

A professional is a person who earns a living from doing a certain vocation. A professional photographer for example, earns his or her living through taking pictures of objects, people and events. The professional will charge a certain amount that will compensate not only for her work, but to cover the cost of equipment that is significantly more expensive than a normal consumer equipment.

For the consumers, the Mac Pro is a $5,000 toy which coincidentally is a very fast Mac. But for the professional, the Mac Pro is an essential tool for production that starts from $5,000 and goes all up to a price for a family sedan. And there’s also the accessories that allows the professional to complete the job and present a high-quality end product. So, the expensive MacBook Pro is not just a computer, it’s their meal ticket.

The Rich Man

rich man instagram
The Macbook Pro completes the look.

And there’s the guy who has everything. Yes, most people can make do with a MacBook Air to do day to day computing, but the rich person must have the best, so it will be either the highest-specced MacBook Pro or the Mac Pro as its daily driver. These people are not concerned with how things are cost, but how things look and feel and the higher end Macs are the best looking and feeling computers on the market.

The Value Chaser

white polycarbonate macbook
Some people still running with these.

So a MacBook Pro might set you back at least $2,000 ($1,800 if you are lucky) and if you want the basic laptop, the MacBook Air for around $1,000. Here is the thing about the Macs: they can last a very long time. Mac Minis are known to be in use for 5-6 years. And furthermore, there is the Apple Card option where you can pay for an Apple product in 12 months installment. So a basic $999 MacBook Air will only set you back for $84 / month. For people living in a $15 minimum wage state will only need to work 5.6 hours to pay for that, which is a good educational tool to apply yourself. Furthermore, that laptop is taken care of and can easily be put to work for the next 4-5 years.

The Bargain hunter

iPad Pro 2018 can be had in used condition for around $500 and still very useable and relevant in 2021.

Due to Apple durability, even old, used Apple products in good condition are very usable purchases in 2021. Even a used iPhone or iPad commands a good value despite being on the market for 2-3 years, which is like 2-3 centuries in the computing world. So the bargain hunter is the person who doesn’t need to be the latest and greatest, but doesn’t mind having a ding or two in his purchase. These are the people who hunt ebay or the local pawn shop for the deal of the century.


So there you have it, Apple products fit a certain type of buyers and Apple has successfully addressed that market for decades. Don’t expect things to change in a few years since these kinds of people will always be there. They were there before Apple existed and will be there long after Apple ceases to exist.


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