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There’s a few ways that a lot of People can afford the Apple laptops despite commanding a premium price. And no, you do not need to sell your kidney to get any Apple products. You just have to be smart about it.

The Professional

video editing suite
Video Editing Suite

These are people who are earning money through their laptops. The videographer / film maker. The photographer. The writer. The business people. The Youtuber. For these kind of people, the Apple laptops and other Apple stuff is a business expanse. What is important is not how much those thing cost, is how fast you can get return on your investment. For some, it’s a 3-month job but the stuff can last at least 3 years before need to be upgraded. So, it’s a pretty much a no brainer.

The Rich Man

rich man instagram
The Macbook Pro completes the look.

These are the people who demands the best and care how things look. I can’t vouch for the performance when the MacBook Pro under load but these things are not important. This guy drivers a Mercedes S-class, wears Rolex watch and shoots using a Leica. You just need the best of the best and Apple laptop is the ‘best’

The Value Chaser

white polycarbonate macbook
Some people still running with these.

The people who don’t mind paying for an expensive laptop but will use it for an extended period of time. These are the people who are still driving their 20-year old Mercedes which they bought new. Because properly maintained, it could last forever. The Mac has a better value because it can last longer. In the olden days where you can upgrade the internals, you can replace the RAM and hard disk to SSD and squeeze more performance from the old machines. These are the people who pay more upfront but use that same laptop 4–5 years from now or even 7 like my sister in law.

The Bargain hunter

ipad pro 2018
iPad Pro 2018 can be had in used condition for around $500 and still very useable and relevant in 2021.

Due to Apple durability, even old, used Apple product in good condition is very useable purchase in 2021. Even a used iPhone or iPad commands a good value despite being on the market for 2-3 years, which is like 2-3 centuries in the computing world. So the bargain hunter is the person who don’t need to latest and greatest, but don’t mind having a ding or two in his purchase. These are the person who hunt ebay or the local pawn shop for the deal of the century.


So there you have it, Apple products fits a certain type of buyers and Apple has successfully address that market for decades. Don’t expect things will change in a few years since these kind of people will always be there. They were there before Apple existed and will be there long after Apple cease to exists.


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