How Big Is Apple?

Apple is the fourth largest company in the USA and top 10 in the world. But how big is apple really? Posted by erwinkarim on 8:45 AM, February 4, 2021 Last updated on 12:20 PM, February 4, 2021 Filed in: apple, enterprise,

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In terms of revenue, Apple is the 4th largest company in the USA only trailed by Wal-Mart, Amazon and Exxon-Mobil. Such numbers is mind boggling huge. The problem with trying to figure out how big a large company like Apple is that they are everywhere. Maybe if they have private military, they would become countries on their own. So let’s go through the list how large they are:-

voc painting
If Apple has guns, it would be like the Dutch East India Company, has the ability to rule a large country. The modern day equivalent would be the Saudi Aramco Company.

First public company to hit 1 trillion dollars in market capitalization

apple stock valuation to 1 trillion dollars

First public company to hit $2 trillion.

apple stock to 2 trillion

If hitting $1 trillion is mind boggling, how about hitting $2 trillion dollars?? Apple is the first company to hit $2 trillion valuation on 19 August 2020[2], almost 2 years after hit the first trillion dollar mark.

If Apple products is a company, a few of them will be in Fortune 500.

logos of fortune 500 companies
A few of Apple divisions are larger than a few of these companies.

If one day Apple breaks up the company according to their product line, a few of them will be in the Fortune 500 list[3]. Here are a few of them:-

  • Key: Product (2019 Revenue) - Position in Fortune 500 2020
  • iPhone ($142 billion) - No 10 (larger than Google)
  • Services ($46 billion) - No 69 (Larger than American Airlines)
  • Mac ($25.7 billion) - No 117 (Larger than Macy’s)
  • Wearable like Apple Watch and AirPods ($24.4 billion) - No 126 (Larger than Qualcomm)
  • iPad ($21.3 billion) - No 155 (Larger than McDonald’s)

It is mind boggling that you have 5 divisions that is essentially Fortune 500 companies and one of them is in the top 10.

Apple is also an energy company … kinda of

solar panel on apple headquarters roof
Solar panel at Apple Park

Apple is so large that it has an energy company to plan its energy needs called Apple Energy LLC. One of Apple ambition is to have all their sites running on renewable energy and Apple not only created a company to manage that, it also sell its excess energy to the open market.

Apple has a large cash reserve

Some things Apple can buy in cash.

Apple has the largest cash reserve for any company. As of 2020, it has around $193 billion in cash[4]. With that amount of money, you can actually pay the entire production of Iraq for a year which is the 55th largest economy in the world.

Apple has the one of most expensive buildings in the world

aerial night photography of apple park
Apple Park at night.

Apple Park is 4th most expensive buildings in the world[5]. The biggest difference between this and the other buildings in the list is the others are state directed projects while this is a building that is built for a company. Valued at $5 billion dollars, the “spaceship” is something to behold.


Apple is a mind-blowing large company and has come a long way from the humble beginnings of a garage company with a few guys.


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