Durability in Electronics

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The question that i got is how Apple cannot make iPhone maintenance cost cheaper or less prone to damage in other words, more durable. Apple is making the iPhone more durable but in doing so, cost of replacing said item would be more expensive. And exchanging the iPhone has the added benefit of being recycled instead of ending up in a landfill.


Above is the video that launched Unbox Therapy. Lewis Hilsenteger bends the iPhone 6 Plus using his bare hands.

Now 6 years later, Lew tried to do the same test on the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max. The result is basically trying to bend a solid brick with your bare hands, no dice.

The new iPhone 12 also comes with ceramic shield on the front glass to make it more shatter resistant. The keyword here is resistant since there is no material that can be shatter proof at any force.

But using more durable material comes at a cost. Increase cost of manufacturing because more precise method are needed. They will last longer, but replacing a broken one does come at a cost. But in the long run, durable phones will last longer than cheap throwaway phones.

Also, new features are added every year in every new model, but it does not means that you, the consumer, has to upgrade it. Even Apple does not market it phones for people who buy their phones last year. They are targeting people who are on 3–4 year old phones.


E-waste is a real problem and recycling them is a noble cost. Since most of the iPhone components are made from glass and metals, they are easily recyclable. Li-ion battery in most electronics are recycleable, but need specialized method to do so.

Apple iPhone recycle robots. Break down the iPhone into individual parts and recycle the parts.

Apple does embark on a recycling program with the future goal of getting all their material without mining them. This is called close loop supply chain.


The phones and electronics in Apple devices are durable, so this causes less e-waste. Furthermore, the items are made from recycled materials and is recyclable.


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