Are Apple Products Expensive?

Many people claimed that Apple products are overpriced and not worth their cost. We investigate the market to see if this is true. Posted by erwinkarim on 10:52 PM, February 14, 2021 Last updated on 9:27 AM, February 24, 2022 Filed in: apple, expensive, worth-it,

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Go ask anybody, a lot of people will agree that Apple products are expensive. Yet, we go down every place, there’s a lot of people using Apple products like AirPods, iPhone, Apple Watch (100 million people and counting) and iPhones (1 billion and counting). So naturally, we think to say Apple products are expensive is misleading because most people compare their products with lower quality products, which in turn costs less. If you look at products with similar build quality and polish, the prices are quite competitive.

Here are three Apple products from three different categories and we’ll see the other products in the same market which Apple is competing in.

Executive Summary:

  • Apple products have a reputation of being expensive, which they are
  • However, most Apple products are actually cost competitive when compared to specs and build quality
  • Some Apple products has no equivalent in the market, like the M1 MacBook Air
  • Despite the higher price, many people are willing to pay for the brand and the quality.

MacBook Air

Apple’s default laptop price staring at $999. 13″ Retina LCD display (2560 x 1600 pixels native resolution), all SSD, using M1 which makes it fanless but yet can take 4K video streams. Comes with 2 USB-C ports though.

dell xps 13

The closest thing to Macbook Air is Dell XPS 13 which is priced $999. Comes with a weaker graphic card, weaker CPU despite having active cooling and a screen that is not Retina. If you have UHD screen, you have to pay extra $400 as an option

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iphone 12 pro closeup

Apple ultimate expression of the super phone. Prices started at $1,099, comes with a 6.7″ display, triple camera setup, fastest mobile processor ever made and a lot of glass and stainless steel.

samsung galaxy s21 ultra

The biggest contender is the Samsung S21 Ultra. In the numbers game Samsung would win, but in real world usage, it is close and each beating at their own niches. And guess, what ‘s the price? You guessed it, it starts at $1,099.

Mac Pro

Some thinks that Mac Pro is overpriced with starting price at $4,999. For the normal consumer, yes it is. But for the enterprise that works at a movie studio, doing engineering and scientific research, this is a work investment.

hp z8 chassis

Go to HP and look for their workstation solution, and when you take a lot at what Mac Pro is offering, you’ll find the similar specked HP Z8 workstation will arrive at the same pricing.


You will find if you want something in the same league of Apple’s offering, you’ll find out that Apple prices are competitive. That being said, there are a few things that Apple overcharged, like those designer wheels for the Mac Pro or the fast charger for the iPhone. Other than that, most of their products are reasonably priced given the quality that you are paying for.

mac pro wheels
Now the wheels I have to agree are overpriced.


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