Apple M1 vs Intel Core i9 10th Gen

How would Apple's only and weakest entry into the Desktop CPU fights against Intel's best? Posted by erwinkarim on 10:35 PM, November 30, 2020 Last updated on 11:49 AM, March 24, 2021 Filed in: apple, m1, intel,

It will sound ridiculous, but it will be very interesting to see how a $699 system vs a $600 processor.

You can buy the microprocessor, just the Intel chip which is the Intel Core i9–10900k at Amazon for over $600. It comes with 10 cores, and has hyper threading to make it look like 20 cores. Remember, this is just the processor without hard drive, motherboard, memory, chassis, the power supply to make a base PC. Don’t forget to add Windows if you want to play games with.

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The contenders

Now here is a Mac Mini w/ M1 chip. You get the entire system for as low as $699. You have some storage, hard drive, chassis and power supply. You can get it all shipped from Amazon here.

The results

What’s crazy if the M1 on Cinebench on single-thread exceeds the Core i9. While in multi-threaded the Intel still beat the M1 because it has more high-performance core (Intel has 10-high performance cores while M1 has 4-high performance and 4-low performance), you have to remember, this is at Apple low end with 10W of TDP.

What’s even crazier is that GPU that is on the chip itself. Totally blow that i9 away.

And this not even testing some neural processing because Intel simply doesn’t have one.

And considering the price point is basically the same (with one you have a complete system while one is just the chip), it is mind blow how good the M1 is.

Please check out our sister article on the differences of the Apple M1 and the Intel Core i9. It is a deeper discussion on why both of the chips exists and how the designs differs from the one and the other and the outcome of those differences.

Apple M1 vs Intel 11th Gen Core i9

Intel has release its bad boy 11th Generation Core i9 chip. Can Intel finally beat the lowest performing Apple Silicon?

Note: Test conducted by CPU-monkey can be found here.


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