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This tracks Apple’s major movement and announcements in 2023. To view Apple’s movements in 2022, click here.


  • Apple managed to get a court order to temporary pause the ban that barred Apple from importing and selling Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. - The Verge
  • CNBC has an exclusive interview with head of silicon, Johny Sirouji, and VP of Hardware Engineering, John Ternus. It was recorded earlier in 1st December by come on Youtube on 24th December
  • Porsche and Aston Martin will have new “immersive” CarPlay display. Instead of changing the center display, this new system will redesign all displays from the speed gauge to the passenger side display. - The Verge
  • Due to a patent dispute with medical device maker Masimo over SpO2 (glucose) sensor, Apple Watch series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 received an import ban from the ITC in USA. In conclusion, Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 have been pulled from shelves in USA. - The Verge
  • Apple launched a limited edition Beats Studio. It’s a collabration work with designer Stussy. It’s available in and select Stussy stores.
  • Bloomberg reports that Apple is encouraging artists to create music with spatial audio in mind. This is a feature where using Apple’s product like AirPods, you have the illusion of having multiple speakers. - Bloomberg
  • Apple announce a few year end awards
  • CNBC has an exclusive on inside look of the Apple Silicon team
  • Apple pulls the plug on Goldman Credit Card partnership. According to WSJ, Goldman is reportedly not making money with this arrangement with Apple - Wall Street Journal


  • Apple pull ads from X (formerly Twitter) after Elon Musk, CEO has been found endorsing an antisemitic conspiracy theory - New York Times
  • Apple announced that by 2024, RCS will be available on Apple devices. Do note that iMessage will work alongside with RCS. Rich Communication Services(RSC) is a communication protocol that is aggressively pushed by Google for Apple to implement. - 9to5Mac
    • One of Apple’s ecosystem linchpin is having an exclusive messaging platform that somehow makes other people, especially teens, flock to the iPhone and by extension, the Apple ecosystem.
    • There are more reports that RCS messages will still be in green bubble.
  • Classical Music app is now available on iPad. Previously it’s an iPhone only app.
  • Apple announced that Emergency SOS via Satellite service will be free for another year.
  • Apple reported their 4th quarter results: $89.5 billion in revenue (down 1% yoy) with net income of $22.95 billion (up 10%). Product sales are down especiallay on the Macs (7.6b vs 11.5b), but services continues to grow for Apple ($22.3b vs $19.19b) - Apple

Chart: Macrumours


  • Apple in “Scary Fast” October event unveiled the new M3 family
    • New M3 family which built on 3nm manufacturing process, emphasis on graphics, and performance.
    • New MacBook Pro which features the M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max.
    • iMac finally updated to M3 chip.
  • Apple raises the prices for its subscription services. Below are for US terrorites, but expect international pricing will do the same - Arstechnica:
    • Apple TV+: $6.99 to $9.99
    • Apple Arcade: $4.99 to $6.99
    • Apple News+: $6.99 to $9.99
    • Apple One: $16.95 to $19.95 (individual), $22.95 to $25.95 (family), and $32.95 to $37.95 (Premier)
  • Apple send out new invitation Apple event on 30th October - 5pm PT. It hints of new Macs updates.

  • Jon Steward’s ‘The Problem’ is not returning for season 3 on Apple TV. It is reported the reason because some of the topics like AI and China has been prevented to discussed. - New York Times
  • Apple release a new Apple Pencil (USB-C). It has a sliding cap with a USB-C port for charging. It is priced at $79, the lowest price yet.
    • The new Apple Pencil works with any iPad that has USB-C. It charges with USB-C only but attached magnetically to the iPad.

  • Apple also updated the 10th generation iPad to support eSIM in mainland China.
  • In address to Apple employees, Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked that the Vision Pro that “customers will be able to experience the magic of this revolutionary device for the first time, beginning in the US — and when they do, it will shift the way they look at technology and its role in our lives.”
  • It is reported that Google paid Apple between $18 to $20 billion a year to have Google as the default search engine.
  • Tim Cook disposed 500k Apple shares which nets him around $41.5m - MacRumours
  • Apple has admitted that certain apps and software is causing iPhone 15 Pro to overheat as they are working on a fix - Apple


  • As a follow-up on Apple’s September Event:-
    • Demand for the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro has been high. It is reported that shipping dates in the USA extending into November. The iPhone 15 is expected to launched in 22 September in 40 countries and regions and further 20 countries and regions in 29 September.
    • 6TB and 12TB iCloud offering is officially launched. They are priced at $29.99/mo for 6TB and $59.99 for 12TB. Apple says they are aimed at photographers, content creators and advanced users.
    • Because of the internal redesign of the iPhone 15 Pro, costs for repairing the back glass has been reduced from $499/$549 for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to $169/$199 for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max.
  • France is pulling iPhone 12 from the market as they detected that the iPhone 12 is emitting more radiation than permitted. Apple responded that the iPhone 12 has been tested to comply with regulatory standards - Arstechnica
  • It’s Techtember and Apple updated their iPhone offerings. Here what happen in Apple’s September Event with the theme Wonderlust:-
    • iPhone 15 / iPhone 15 Plus - A16 Bionic, Dynamic Island, 2000 nits display, USB-C with USB 2 speed, new 48MP main sensor, 2x zoom, SOS roadside assistance via satellite, reverse charging, new glass back.
    • iPhone 15 Pro / iPhone 15 Pro Max - Basically everything the iPhone 15 can do and … A17 Pro (3nm SOC), Action Button, Titanium body, 4 colors, USB-C with USB 3 speed, larger 48MP main sensor, main focal length, 5x periscope lens for iPhone 15 Pro Max, Log video and Academy Color Coding, Spatial Video recording (to be used with Vision Pro)
    • Apple Watch Series 9 - S9 SiP (SOC), Ultra Wide Band, One hand gestures, better Siri dictation.
    • Apple Watch Ultra 2 - New Modular Watch Face.
    • AirPods with USB-C port
    • New 6TB and 12TB iCloud offerings
  • China bans iPhone use for Government Officials at work. And later extends to local government and state own companies. - WSJ
    • Apple stock dipped by $200 billion because of China’s announcement - CNN


  • Apple has announce September event. Theme is Wonderlust. It is set at September 12, 10am Pacific Time. The amination reminds me of the tapestry in Apple TV+ Foundation series. - Arstechnica

  • Apple is reportedly bought the entire TSMC’s production of 3nm chips. This should cover the production of upcoming A17 in iPhone Pro models, the next M3 SOC and derivatives - MacRumours

  • Apple release a video where 3D Pets, a company that specializing in making prosthetic for animals, uses the iPhone 14 TrueDepth sensor to create a 3D mapping of a the animal and in turn, create the prosthetic for that animal. The company was also highlighted by Youtuber MKBHD.

  • During the Lahaina wildfires, a family of five got trapped in a middle of it. With no cell signal and zero visibility because of the thick smoke, they manage to contact emergency services via Apple satellite SOS feature. With location given to the emergency services, they are eventually rescued.

  • Apple 3rd quarter results are in: $81.8b in revenue (down 1% yoy). Revenue from services is at all-time high at $21.2b with over 1 billion paid subscription. However, iPhones sales are down, partly because the iPhone 15 is expected to be unveiled in September. - Apple


  • Apple Vision Pro is now available to developers that wishes to create new apps for the visionOS. Slots are limited - Apple
    • It is reported that Apple’s Vision Pro labs is not drawing many attendees. - MacRumors
  • Unity - a popular 3D world engine that people use to make games - is rolling out their public beta version of their software that support visionOS - Arstechnica
  • Apple release a new ad ‘Swiped’ featuring ‘The Underdogs’ which talks about Apple security and services.
  • Apple TV+ received record 54 nominations across 13 Apple Original titles for the Emmy award. Those titles includes Ted Lasso, STILL: A Micheal J. Fox Movie, and Bad Sisters. - Apple


  • Apple become the first company in human history to have a market value of $3 trillion - Reuters
  • Apple releases visionOS SDK for developers to create apps on the Vision Pro - Apple
    • Apple also share visionOS design stencils in Figma which can be found here
  • Apple opens in London’s historic Battersea Power Station after a 7-year construction period. - Apple
    • And someone bought an original Macintosh running macOS Somona to the store.
  • WWDC 2023
    • The keynote for WWDC ‘23 was two hours long. There is a lot to unpack. Read our WWDC 2023 recap article for a more detailed read.
    • New: 15" MacBook Air: Basically the best selling laptop, the MacBook Air, but now with 15" of screen.
    • New: M2 Ultra - Just like the M1 Ultra, the M2 Ultra is two M2 Max stitched together via UltraFusion. 24 CPU cores, 76 graphic cores, 192GB memory support. 800GB/s memory bandwidth. Support upto six Pro Display XDR.
    • Updated: Mac Studio. Mac Studio has been updated to carry the M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips.
    • Updated: Mac Pro. Top of the line Mac now carries the M2 Ultra chip. Basically the same M2 Ultra that found in the Mac Studio and now with PCIe support. 3x faster than top of the line Intel Mac Pro, can support 22 streams of 8K ProRes footage.
    • Ecosystem Updates: Stickers in iMessage, NameDrop to share contact information between devices.
    • Software Updates: iOS 17, iPadOS 17, watchOS 10 and macOS Sonoma.
    • New: Apple has entered the VR game with Vision Pro. A $3,500 mixed reality headset. Apple used the term spatial computing for the device. Expect to be available for order in early 2024. The device runs on a new operating system called visionOS. Expect documentations to be released around WWDC ‘23 for developers to built apps for the new device.


  • More pre-WWDC 2023 announcements: Apple preview new accessibility features for the next version of macOS, iPadOS and iOS which includes Personal Voice: a feature that will allow you to create a voice that sounds like you in 15 minutes, in case you are in danger of losing your voice. - Apple
  • Apple announced the availablity of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro for the iPad begining 23 May, around 2 weeks before WWDC 2023. The Logic Pro requires an iPad with A12 chip or later while Final Cut Pro requires M1 chip or later to run. The apps costs $7/month or $49/year (with 1 month free trial). - Apple

  • Apple 2nd quarter results are out: Apple made $94.84 billion a slight contraction from last years’s $97.28 billion. Services continue to grow to a $20.91 billion business while products are slowing down - MacRumors / Apple


  • Apple App Store is consider’s one of 18 US’s very large online platform and search engine by the European Union which subjects them to the Digital Services Act - Tech Crunch
  • Epic Games loses appeal against Apple’s App Store rules - MacRumours
  • Tim Cook open India’s first Apple Store in Mumbai in front of a very enthusiastic crowd.
  • Apple announced a high-yield saving account with 4.15 percent APY, 10 times the US national average - Arstechnica
  • Apple announced their first official store opening in India, Apple BKC in Mumbai and Apple Saket in India. To celebrate, they release new wallpaper to commerate. - Apple / MacRumours
  • Apple annouced a $200 million expansion on their Restore Fund, which is designed to create nature-based carbon removal projects and restore “critical ecosystems”. Apple has put $200 million in the fund before - MacRumours
  • Mac sales are down 40% as post-pandemic slump continues. This follows an industry-wide slowdown - Arstechnica
  • A blogger found out that every modern macOS has a copy of the Bitcoin white-paper hidden in the macOS system folder - Arstechnica
    • You can run this code to open the white paper in Terminal app: open /System/Library/Image\ Capture/Devices/
  • Apple announced job cuts in the retail department - Bloomberg
  • It is reported that Apple pause the production of M2 chip for two months due to low demand - MacRumours


  • Apple announced that WWDC 2023 will be held at June 5, 2023 with online format during the week. Risking being speculative, the promo graphics does look like a fresnel lens that is usually used in VR headset - Apple
  • Apple Pay Later is now available in United States to allow users to split a purchase over four payments spread over six weeks. The feature is built right in the Wallet. For this feature to work, you will need the Apple Card. - Apple
  • For classical music lover, Apple launched Music Classical which give Apple One subscriber access to five million high-quality tracks - MacRumours
  • Apple released a slew of software updates
    • iOS 16.4 update - new emojis, Safari Web notification on iPhone and iPad, Focus support for web notifications. Support for Sony PS5 Edge DualSense Controller.
    • watchOS 9.4 update - AFib history tracking, cycle tracking is now supported in more countrires.
    • macOS Ventura 13.3 - Emojis and Bug fixes
    • HomePod 16.4 - stability and performance improvements
  • It is reported that Apple has previewed the Reality headset, which will be Apple new product in over a decade to their top 100 executives at the Steve Jobs theather. - Bloomberg
  • One of the founding fathers of Intel, the company that put the Silicon in Silicon Valley, Gordon E. Moore has died at 94. As with all tech titans, Tim Cook mourns the loss one of the own
  • After working since 2017, Apple finally got Apple Pay to work in South Korea. Apple faced regulatory challenges when they attempt to launch in 2017. - MacRumours
  • A report by Duke University stated that the Apple Watch could help treat vaso-occlusive crises (VOCs) or Sickle Cell disease symptoms. - MacRumours
  • With falling revenue, Apple expands hiring freeze and delay bonuses for some employees - MacRumours
  • It’s Oscar season and Apple won one for best animated short film - The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse. The short film is available for streaming in Apple TV+. To date, Apple Original films, documentaries and series have earned 345 awards including Best Picture from Oscar for the film CODA. - Apple
  • Apple added the yellow iPhone 14/iPhone 14 Plus as the mid-lifecycle refresh color.
  • Apple Cloud Chief steps down, replaced by Jeff Robbin, the creator of iTunes.
  • Apple is closing Charlotte, North Carolina store after multiple incidents of shooting. - MacRumours


  • Mark Gruman of Bloomberg reports that Apple has secret moonshot programs within the company and is expected to be close to have a no-prick glucose sensor that is slated to be put in an Apple Watch - Bloomberg
  • DigiTimes reported that Apple has ordered TSMC entire 3nm production line to be use with the upcoming M3 and A18 chip that will be put into new baseline Macs and iPhone 15 Pro (or Ultra) - MacRumours
  • The New York Times reports that Apple Watch latest feature which can call emergency services if the watch thinks the wearer is in an accident has too many false alarms that might cause emergency dispatch to be desensitized or misplace limited resources - New York Times
  • Windows 11 is official supported on Apple Silicon by Microsoft through the latest update of Parallels, a Virtual Machine app that runs exclusively on macOS.
  • Apple posted their first quarter results ending in 31-Dec-2023. Revenue is down 5 percent to $117.2 billion while net income is down to $30.0 billion. While product sales are down, Apple services increased to $20.8 billion. - Apple
  • With AI chatbot race is heating up with Microsoft integrating ChatGPT with their Bing search engine & Google showcasing Bard, Apple is expected to hold their annual AI summit (for employees only) this month at the Steve Jobs theater - 9to5Mac
  • Apple named its first ever Chief People Officer - Carol Surface
  • Apple is reported to test Apple Pay Later feature on their retail employees. It is reported this feature allow a purchase to be split into four installments over six weeks. - Bloomberg
  • YouTube channel neo publish a video about Apple’s circle headquarters in Cupertino
  • Apple release a new film that is shot on iPhone 14 Pro. This film is 30 minutes long.
  • As Apple’s VP of Industrial Design Evans Hankey departs Apple later this year, Apple decided not to look for a replacement. The core industrial design team that consist of around 20 or so people will report directly to COO Jeff Williams - Fast Company


  • Apple is sponsoring the Super Bowl LVII halftime show and featuring Rihanna as the star. To mark this occasion, Apple introduce exclusive content featuring Rihanna’s music in Spatial Audio, exclusively on Apple Music. - Apple
  • Apple reportedly stop their development of their in-house Wi-Fi chip module. - Ming Chi Kuo @ Medium
  • Apple finally start to sell the Kensington Locking Kit for the Mac Studio. Pricing is at $65 - Apple Store
  • With a lower pricing, bigger screen, new temperature and humidity sensor, the HomePod is back
    • A new update activates the hidden temperature and humidity sensor in the HomePod Mini.
  • In a video event, Apple launched the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, refreshed the Mac Mini and refreshed the MacBook Pro
    • The M2 Pro chip now has up to 12 CPU cores instead of 10, up to 19 GPU cores instead of 16 and supports up to 32 GB of memory
    • The M2 Max chip also has 12 CPU cores instead of 10, up to 38 GPU cores instead of 32 and supports up to whopping 64 GB of memory.
    • The Mac Mini now has M2 or M2 Pro chips with memory support up to 32 GB. Price for the base Mac Mini has dropped from $699 to $599. The M1 Pro version has 4 Thunderbolt 4 ports instead of 2 in the M2 version.
    • The MacBook Pro has M2 Pro or M2 Max chip, Mini-LED screens, matching MagSafe 3 cables, support up to 96 GB of memory and a battery life up to 22 hours streaming movies from Apple TV Plus.
  • For Martin Luther King day, Apple has updated their front page to dedicate the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King. Tim Cook also said a few words about MLK.
  • Under his direction, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO agree to take a paycut from his annual salary of $84 million in 2022 to $49 million in 2023. Signs of times for Apple and the US economy - The Verge
  • Intel announced the Core i9-13980HX processor, which Intel claims the world’s most powerful mobile processor - Intel
  • Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) has adapted Apple’s MagSafe as the new Qi2 standard - MacRumours
  • Dark Sky, a weather app that Apple acquired in 2020 will cease to be in the App Store starting 1-Jan-2023. Apple has mainly implemented Dark Sky features in their own Weather app - MacRumours

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