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For the WWDC 2023, Apple announced an update for their top-of-the-line desktop computer, the Mac Studio. As usual for Apple, there were no exterior changes, all the changes are done internally. And since moving to Apple Silicon, the changes are mostly at the heart of the computer, that is moving from M1 Ultra to M2 Ultra.

Just like the M1 Ultra, the M2 Ultra is two M2 Max chips stitched together via their unique architecture UltraFusion which makes those two M2 Max chips act as a single giant M2 Ultra chip. The result is one gargantuan of a chip: 24 compute cores, 96 graphic cores, 32 neural cores, support up to 192 GB of memory, and 8TB of storage.

What it is?

  • High-End Mac: Mac Studio is a high-end Mac that is slotted below the Mac Pro. Performance wise, the M2 Ultra Mac Studio will have identical performance figure as the new M2 Ultra Mac Pro.


  • Spec Bump: Most features are carry over from 1st generation Mac Studio. As usual, look like a taller Mac Mini, to account for all that cooling. It is heavier but for the power that it brings, the Mac Studio is very compact. It’s not every day that you can bring a supercomputer-level desktop in your backpack.
    The main star of the Mac Studio is the M2 Ultra. If you can afford it of course.
  • M2 Ultra: Just like the M1 Ultra, the M2 Ultra is two M2 Max chips joined like Siamese twins via the Ultra Fusion interconnector. The upper limit of the chip capabilities is also impressive: 192GB memory support, 24 compute cores, 96(!!) graphic cores, and 32 neural cores.
  • Ports Galore: The Mac Studio is designed for connectivity. 10GB ethernet ports, 4x Thunderbolt 4 ports (with USB-C connection), HDMI 2.1 for 8K display support, and 2x USB-A ports for legacy devices. Connect them to 4 Studio Display Pro XDR and you have even more connections. And these are at the back. In the front, you’ll have 2 USB-C ports (which are ThunderBolt 4s if you are on M2 Ultra) and an SD card slot.

  • Better Thermals: While the Apple Silicon uses far less power than their Intel counterparts, but heavy workload still means lots of heat generated. Half of the Mac Studio volume is dedicated to thermal management. The heat sink in the M2 Ultra are made from copper which have higher thermal connectivity, but weighs more.

Performance & Recommendations

Apple updated the Mac Pro along with the Mac Studio in WWDC '23. The Mac Pro have the M2 Ultra and basically configured the same but have PCIe expansion slots and costs $3,000 more.

As one can expect, the M2 Ultra is more powerful than the M2 Max. But consider this: for single-threaded applications, the M2 Ultra will perform the same as the M2 Max or even the normal M2. Where things make a difference is when some multiple applications or applications take advantage of multiple cores.

If your workflow is very graphic intensive, then the M2 Ultra is the one to get. Otherwise, the M2 Max is good enough for most tasks.


For most people, having the M2 Mac Mini is enough for the normal office drone. Most professionals can get away with the M2 Pro Mac Mini. But there are people out there like video editors, and 3D animators who would appreciate the M2 Max in the Mac Studio. But then, Apple has entered the VR game, and boy do we need all the computing power that we get.

The M2 Ultra is built to meet the needs of the future and according to Apple, the future is Spatial Computing.


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